Free WordPress Themes for NonProfits Clubs Organizations

Websites are not just used for promoting brands or offering information, products or services. Various non-profit charity organizations need websites to make people aware of the cause they are working on and convince them to support the cause.

Through a website, these organizations can establish communication with their audience, informing them about their various activities and also establish a secured payment option for collecting funds to carry out their work.

Besides, websites can also help in developing the credibility of an organization. In this regard, the following free WordPress themes for nonprofits are quite useful in developing websites for the same.

free WordPress themes for nonprofits

Best 18 Free WordPress Themes for NonProfits Charity Organizations

Activism Lite :

Activism lite

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SKT Green :

SKT Green

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SKT Association :

SKT Association

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Fundraiser Lite

fundraiser WordPress theme

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Fundraiser Lite is a responsive, popular theme used for developing websites for nonprofit organizations.

Similar to other free WordPress themes for nonprofits, the organizations use this theme to develop websites where they can keep their audience updated about their activities through their blogs, post, images and videos of events, etc.

As the number of mobile and tablet users have been growing, this theme was designed to be compatible with the AMP plugins, so that no matter the type of devices, one accesses these websites from, it will appear great.

With the help of various SMO plugins, the content on these websites could be shared on various social media platforms as well.

SKT Charity

SKT Charity Pro New

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SKT Charity is another of the free WordPress themes for nonprofits that organizations can customize as per their requirements and preference.

Its compatibility with various gallery plugins helps in uploading images related to their organization as well as the activities they carried out.

These images are effective in not only improving the appearance of the website but also hold the attention of viewers for a long time.

The theme is made translation ready due to the availability of POT files. The theme is also compatible with various multilingual plugins.

The five levels of the drop-down menu help in navigating the website pages smoothly. Standard pages such as 404, archives, etc are available with the theme.

Ele Nature Lite

ele nature

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Ele Nature Lite is one of the free WordPress themes for nonprofit websites compatible with SEO plugins which further helps in improving the search rankings of the website.

It is compatible with contact form plugins such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and others which can be utilized to create various forms as required.

With the help of WooCommerce plugins, the nonprofit organization can set up a secured payment gateway where visitors can make donations towards various charitable causes.

Besides, various call-to-action buttons can also be added on different sections of the website as required.

My Dog Lite

Dog Wordpress Theme

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My Dog Lite is free nonprofit WordPress themes that include a default comments template, where the viewers can leave their comments against various posts.

This is an effective form of communication between the audience and the site owners.

Various NGOs are working for animal rescue and this theme can be ideal for them to develop a suitable website.

Demo content is available with this theme which can be effectively used for the websites.

Owing to its compatibility with various page-builder plugins such as Divi, Visual Composer, Beaver, and others, NGOs can create a stylish content style for their blogs or website pages.

Shortcode plugins help in improving the functionality of the website.

Online Coach

online coach new

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This free nonprofit WordPress themes include a homepage with multiple sections including a welcome section.

These sections can be efficiently used to develop a suitable homepage that will encourage the viewers to check the other pages or sections of the website.

It is compatible with events calendar plugins which the organizations can use appropriately to keep their audience about their ongoing as well as upcoming events.

Various widgets can be added to the different sections of the website and it also includes basic social media icons. The cache plugins help in improving the website loading speed.

Ele Pet Lite

Many NGOs are involved in various Animal-related activities. They find Ele Pet Lite to be a suitable theme for developing their website.

This is the reason why this theme is considered among the best free nonprofit WordPress themes.

The theme is retina and HD ready and hence appears great on every type of screen resolutions. The color picker helps in changing the color scheme of the website.

The theme comes with documentation and a manual which helps in setting of the website easily. With the help of customizer, one can preview the changes from the backend, before finalizing them.

Wedding Lite

While many event planners prefer this theme for showcasing their works at various events including weddings, various non-profit organizations may also find this theme useful for their cause.

While many organizations carry out activities such as preventing wastage of food at weddings, some couples opt for donating their gift money to NGOs to support their cause.

Therefore, this theme is counted under the free WordPress themes for non-profit organizations list, as it helps in developing suitable websites for their organization.

The default slider contains five slides and the NextGEN gallery help in uploading images for their various events.

The organizations can also set up various forms for their website with the help of the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Yogi Lite

Many non-profit organizations include Yoga as part of their various programs. Hence, Yoga Lite can be an ideal choice for them in building their websites.

This nonprofit themes WordPress free comes with three content box and a welcome text on the homepage. It also includes other standard pages such as search, category, archives, etc.

A simple Google font is used throughout the theme. Widgets can be added to the sidebar and the color of the links and hover can be changed as per choice.

The theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Play School Lite

This free WordPress themes for nonprofit organizations is compatible with various SEO plugins which help in improving the rankings of the website on various search engines.

Various call-to-action button can be added to slider, header, footer and sidebar sections which can be used to encourage the audience to take further actions such as visiting particular links, subscribing for the newsletter, updates for new blog posts and others.

Page builder plugins are responsible for designing contents for various pages. PO Edit and Loco Translate can be used for editing and the theme is compatible with various multilingual plugins as well.

SKT Education Lite

Various non-profit organizations are involved in spreading education for underprivileged section. They might find this theme useful for developing websites for their organizations.

This free non-profit WordPress themes come with a default slider of three slides.

The functionality of the website could be improved with the help of shortcodes plugins and WooCommerce plugins are responsible for setting up the payment option for the audience who wishes to contribute to the causes of these organizations.

SMO plugins help them to share their content on multiple social media platforms, which further helps in increasing the organic traffic to the website.

SKT Strong

SKT Strong is WordPress nonprofit themes free that can be customized as per the requirements of the site owners.

The logo, color scheme, taglines can be changed and various call-to-action buttons can be added to the website.

The theme uses lesser scripts which further helps in faster loading of the website. The theme is also compatible with various RTL languages.

With the help of various security plugins, one can ensure the protection of their websites. It also supports various contact form and pricing plugins.

SKT Elastic

Among the various free WordPress nonprofit themes available, this theme includes almost more than 100 inbuilt shortcodes that are related to the different functionalities of the website.

The AMP plugins make it possible to access the websites from various devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, and others without any hassle.

It can also be accessed from different types of browsers easily as the theme follows a flat and material design approach. It is also compatible with various page builder plugins such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver, and others.

SKT Meditation

As mentioned earlier, meditation is a part of various campaign and programs organized by NGOs.

SKT Meditation is one of the best free WordPress themes for nonprofits that comes with a default template and commenting feature.

This feature allows the site owners to communicate with their audience. Site owners can include various multimedia files such as images, videos, and others, related to the blog posts to create engaging content for the visitors.

Widgets can be added to different sections of the website. This theme is also compatible with various multilingual plugins such as WPML, Lingotek translation, MultilingualPress, and others.

Natural Herbs Lite

This WordPress themes for nonprofits free is compatible with various RTL languages and multilingual plugins.

With the help of SMO plugins, the website content could be shared on various platforms. To create visually attractive content, images, slideshows, and other elements could be added to the blogs.

The WooCommerce plugins help to create secured payment methods through which viewers can contribute financially to the causes of the NGOs.

SKT Solar Energy

Many non-profit organizations are working continuously in terms of protecting the environment by making use of solar energy in various industries. In this regard, SKT Solar Energy is considered an ideal theme as one of the free WordPress themes for nonprofit websites.

The theme includes more than 1300+ Google Fonts and hence the site owners are left with plenty of options concerning typography.

All these themes are quite popular among NGOs for building ideal websites for their organization where they can connect with their audience and make them aware of their activities and events.

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