Fashion Blogger WordPress Themes and Templates with Live Demo

Every fashion blogger has an aim to built their blogging site very attractive and successful. They go on posting new blogs and trends due to which they believe that the blogging site will attain a peak in no time.

So they need a website which gives them the freedom and courage to put forward their ideas related to fashion and fashion upgrade which is going on all over the globe.

But sadly we are also in an age where there is a huge competition around the world in every piece of field available. And the same we are facing in the fashion blogging industry as well.

And in this era to give every Fashion blogger that freedom and choice, Fashion blogger WordPress themes are providing them a great help by creating exposure of different kind of themes which the aspiring bloggers can choose and make their website super gorgeous, informative and attractive at the same time.

These themes will help all those aspiring bloggers that dream change to build up their careers in digital media which is not at all easy.

Fashion media or digital industry is such a transparent medium where you can be fool any customers or readers of yours.

The readers of such blogs are well matured and educated because of which you can’t make a fool out of them by posting false updates and posts related to fashion trends.

The last few decades have been very mutating, the fashion trends from celebrities and models reached the normal lifestyles of common people who love to have a touch of fashion in their life.

Especially, as the rise of the online network started, it became way easier to communicate and commercialize the fashion ideas and products.

Fashion blogger WordPress Themes

This globalization in the fashion industry also let the section of a blogger called ‘fashion blogger’ attend a peak in their career as well.

But as the trend reached the common people through the online network media, the need for great visualization related to the products and fashion trends also arose rapidly.

Now the time has become so competitive and harsh that to read a blog of any blogger people will first visualize the website that how presentable and alluring is it depending upon which they will continue reading further.

But there are some savior as well in every problem in our lives, we just need to realize that they are nearby us and take help form those. The next section of this article will help you know about that boon which has helped young aspiring bloggers a lot.

Thankfully, as the competition is arising the technology and websites are also improving day by day. With the help of Fashion Blogger WordPress Themes, any amateur fashion blogger can also have a solid, competitive, and attractive website.

The bloggers just need to be consistent and keep themselves updated as per the current fashion trend going around the world, that’s it! so to help all those fashion bloggers who are desperately in need of their website update.

We have listed 17 fashion blogger WordPress themes which they can adapt and inculcate their ideas along with that to create an all-new and unique site to gain an aspiring profit that they always wanted.

Fashion WordPress Themes Every Fashion Bloggers

Are you thinking of starting fashion blogging? Or are you wondering about starting a website where you can sell all your fashion-related products easily to scale your eCommerce business? Then picking a compatible theme is going to do your job rightly.

A good theme for your website will help you create the accurate approach necessary for a fashion blogging site.

Here are some best WordPress themes for fashion blogs that you can pick to give your website a very intuitive professional approach. Hence let’s have a look:

SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro

demo-buttondownload button

The SKT Lingerie Pro is quite attractive and considered one of the best WordPress themes for fashion blogs. This theme is much suitable if you are thinking of starting a lingerie shop or a lingerie-related blogging website.

The template is straightforward to use for building a unique page for selling women-related stuff. This template is very flexible and comes as a much versatile one.

This theme is made with the page builders to ensure that it runs smoothly and loads faster. This template comes with the easy drag and drops feature that lets you create a fully widgetized website.

At the same time, this comes with the WooCommerce plugin integration, which offers you complete control and maintenance over all the sales.

This template is built with an Elementor page builder, which makes this theme highly responsive. Here are some of the features that you need to know about this theme:

  • This theme comes with the GPL license
  • This theme supports white label
  • It is coded as per the WordPress review team standards
  • The header area comes with customizer options, header widgets, header layouts, etc.
  • This theme comes with a very comprehensive documentation


Eye Care wordpress theme

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Are you thinking of starting a website or web store for Eyecare purpose or selling spectacles? Then this theme is an ideal suit for you. The Eye Care theme comes as a multipurpose online store website template that can easily be used for any type of industry.

This theme is simple to understand and comes with a straightforward backend. There is an animated homepage with CSS3, which ensures that your visitors are going to get a very nice view. This theme is simply very easy to use and comes with step-by-step documentation.

This color-changing theme comes with the color picker for each of the elements. This theme is Gutenberg compatible, and one can easily make any of the changes to it.

This theme also goes very compatible with the other page builders like Visual Composer, Divi, Live Composer, Elementor, etc. At the same time, this theme goes compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Here are the features it includes:

  • Compatible with lots of SEO plugins
  • 100% responsive and tested with various screen resolutions
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • It comes with 100+ shortcodes
  • There are unlimited numbers of fonts and typography choices

SKT Appliances Pro

home appliances

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The SKT Appliances PRO is one of the best WordPress themes for fashion blogs, which comes with attractive looks and features. This theme is based on Elementor.

It can be used to create any website for household appliances, malls, hardware stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, domestic equipment, kitchen appliances, home devices, etc.

This template comes with the default eCommerce functions, which help you to sell all your kitchen appliances. It goes compatible with cross browsers and cross devices.

With the various beautiful layouts, you can easily create several home appliances for selling on your website. It suits perfectly your kitchen item selling categories with a managed interface.

With this theme, people can work with the WP Bakery, SKT Builder, Gutenberg editor for better customization. Here are the features it offers:

  • The coding standard is done with the WordPress compatibility
  • The Home section area is totally animated
  • There are 5+ other slider which is tested with the template
  • The template supports RTL compatibility
  • Goes compatible with the SEO plugins



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For a fashionable blogging website, Shopzee is definitely one of the best and reliable themes that comes with a very attractive look and plenty of features.

This very much responsive eCommerce WordPress theme is tested with both the cross devices for handheld devices and with the cross-browser. Also, this theme is coded with the Elementor and works great with other page builder plugins. WooCommerce also works very fine with this theme.

This theme is a full color-changing one. At the same time, this theme comes as a translation-ready one with the POT file included in it with the multilingual ready qTranslate X plugin.

This theme is based on the WooCommerce shopping cart, which works as an efficient one and can easily be configured without any problems. This theme comes with a slider for showcasing all your featured products in the home page area. Here are the features it comes with:

  • Tested with up to 5 drop-down levels in the menu navigation area
  • SEO friendly and a very responsive one for mobile and tablet
  • Tested for unlimited pages and posts for managing the drop downs
  • Coding is done as per the codex standards
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3

School Uniform

school uniform

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The School Uniform comes as a very intuitive theme, making it one of the best WordPress themes for fashion blogs. This theme can also be used to create beautiful looking luxurious undergarment boutique.

This theme is compatible with the events, calendar, WPML, WooCommerce, and easy digital download plugins. This theme supports the latest software version for providing a better experience to the users. At the same time, this theme includes a demo feature.

There are blog layout options in the theme. It comes with a much-customized sidebar and widget option, which lets you manage the theme easily.

At the same time, this theme is brilliant as it goes compatible with the Revolution slider. Moreover, this theme comes as the WooCommerce ready one. Here are the features it offers:

  • It comes with unlimited font options
  • Easy to configure with the customizer tools
  • It comes with nice checkout and product page
  • The footer and header area is easy to personalize
  • It comes with some of the primary color options

SKT Laundry Pro


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The SKT Laundry Pro is an effective WordPress theme that works as a very useful one for creating a drying and laundry service-providing website. This theme comes with a good number of features which makes it highly working.

This theme is compliant with commercial services like washing and delivering. This theme goes completely compatible with the countdown timer, mega menus, pricing plans, online booking, etc.

The template comes as a complete readymade one based on dry-cleaning niche and comes with the inbuilt demo content to add more facilities to it.

It works as a multipurpose template for businesses related to dry cleaning shops, laundry owners, and washermen. Here are the features it includes:

  • It is a full supportive theme with the latest version of WordPress
  • Included with HTML5 and CSS3 along with PHP file
  • Easy to integrate with the other plugins for capturing more traffic
  • It comes with social media integration
  • Includes a very easy-to-use admin panel for WordPress

Fashion trends

This is the very first Fashion blogger WordPress Themes which has gained a very high response from the current viewers. This theme is popular because of the flexibility the theme provides to you.

Every fashion blogger has a fashionista in themselves, and to bring out the vision of that fashionista you need to have a flexible and responsive theme.

Moreover, the template is also very adaptable which means it can be converted into many other languages. So for your foreign admirers and readers, this theme will surely make them stick to your blogging site.


  • A great mobile-friendly theme that is super easy to use as well.
  • Flexible in third- party plugins as well which is very necessary for today’s era
  • the theme is pretty responsive.

Ele Fashion

We all know that how recognized and appreciate fashion lineup is in Ele Fashion. So if you are aware of all the sensations going around Ele fashion, you should go for this Fashion Blogger WordPress themes of Ele Fashion.

If you have high knowledge of the fashion industry and in blogging as well, this will be the perfect theme for you.

And if we talk something technical related to this theme then this theme has a combination of CSS3 styling with HTML element. This combination makes it more responsive, adaptive, and provides a combination of blog layouts and sliders as well.


  • Have an option of live customization according to your needs.
  • Diverse color options.
  • The theme is WooCommerce compatible as well


Modeling is such a Fashion Blogger WordPress Themes where you want to put forward your fashion as well as modeling idea. With this theme, you get the freedom to express your ideas blog with different experiences of top models.

A majority of youngsters do dream of this as their career and they lack guidance somewhere because of which they either quit the modeling career or don’t even get into that. So with this theme’s template, you can create an informative and professional website as well.


  • Flexible and versatile as you can mix and match your ideas with theme
  • More than 4 premade pages can be easily included
  • Compatible to other popular slides as well.


A good lifestyle doesn’t necessarily need a good sense of fashion but a good sense of fashion needs a good and disciplined lifestyle.

So this Fashion Blogger WordPress Theme helps you giving your readers an idea about how a person can intermingle their good lifestyle with a touch of fashion which is completely natural to them and not something every high-end thing.


  • Available in dark and light layouts as well.
  • You have the freedom of detailed documentation
  • The translation is easy.

Blog and Shop

Blog and Shop is yet another superb theme where you can give your viewers an idea about what they can shop and what would be great according to their personality.

This Fashion Blogger WordPress Theme is so famous and powerful that it is accepted worldwide that it can attract maximum users at a time. Combined with SKT, visual composer, eliminator, WPBakery has made this theme an effortlessly beautiful theme to work on.


  • Modern and clean design with no twist and turns
  • Performance is great with SEO optimization.
  • It has a header image with a banner option as well.

Minimal blog

Minimalism has become the new trend nowadays especially in outer countries where people a minimalist lifestyle. But the more simple it is sounding, the complex is it to lead a minimalist lifestyle.

With a less west of clothing and accessories, you need a piece of great knowledge and brain to twist and turn those things and accordingly plan for your next day.

So, this Fashion Blogger WordPress theme has given the freedom to all the bloggers to connect with their minimalist readers and give them some ideas that how they can include fashion in their minimalist lifestyle.

The theme is pretty engaging and has great social media reach and integration which also helps you to get a reach.


  • It has an advanced typography option.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • You can also include video content.

Ele Makeup

Ele makeup is one such theme that helps you share your beauty tips and makeup ideas with your viewers. Makeup is a form of art and those who love to wear makeup should never feel ashamed, rather the troller who keeps on babbling about the makeup should be taken into severe consideration.

This Fashion Blogger WordPress Themes has all element which can make a makeup based blogging site. super engaging with inbuilt shortcodes, a varied range of text color and theme color, flexibility in the selection of font style and colors.


  • Super responsive and attractive at the same time
  • It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Available in dark and light mode.

Girlie Pro

It’s not like that only girls have the affection in makeup and fashion but girls are more affectionate towards the fact that they like to keep themselves updated and well-maintained.

This Fashion Blogger WordPress Theme is attractive, alluring to all those smart and flexible women who love to excel in their particular field.

This theme requires great attraction because we are living in a visual world where the most attractive thing gets the attain. This theme is greatly engaging in social media because of which you get a high reach as well.


  • There are several header and footer options to choose from.
  • You can put forward an email advertisement as well.
  • It is also compatible with nextgen gallery


You can’t inculcate additional charm within you externally. It’s internal and inbuilt in every human being, you just need to enhance and shape it a bit.

The Fashion blogger WordPress Theme of Charm is one such theme that gives you and your audience an equal chance to get the correct and high-quality advice and response as well.

This theme has all those components which can make your blog site the perfect blog site for including character and charm to your readers.

The most important thing is that you should always keep your ride updated about what’s going on across the world and how you can educate your readers with good character, lifestyle, and charm.


  • It is super retina friendly.
  • Compatible to WordPress and other mediums as well.
  • You can translate into several languages that enable you to have a reach towards your western audience as well.

SKT White Pro

If you want to have a solid and crisp blogging site for your reader with diverse content then this Fashion Blogger WordPress Theme should be the perfect one for you.

SKT White Pro enables you to engage with several advanced and expansive theme options which can also help you get an expanding career ahead with great response from your audience as well.


  • Truly handy and user-friendly theme
  • Multiple color fonts option related to templates and fonts.
  • Attractive to its fullest, alluring to the retina.

Clean Pro

If you don’t want to take any help from professional web designers and don’t want to invest a ton of money paying them then you can choose this theme.

This Fashion blogger WordPress themes enables you to create a clean and crisp look which you can complement with your attractive blogging.

Give informative updates to your audience and with the help of this theme you can create a multi-topic blogging site. in such a site you can share your views and thoughts on every topic of fashion which is trending.


  • It is a WooCommerce ready theme
  • Super compatible with all the platforms and devices.
  • Engaging for almost every social media platform helping in increasing your reach to more audiences.

Ending thoughts:
Since we are living in a virtual world where the most alluring things get more views, the blogger also needs to keep themselves updated to the highest.

This list of Fashion blogger WordPress themes which helps you get some knowledge about how you can have an updated website without any additional help form all the web designers.

These are premade theme which you can intermingle and try out which theme is getting the most views and ultimately you can work and write accordingly that. Every theme which you have seen in this article is user-friendly, responsive, and well-constructed.

Also if you find any further issues related to any theme, then SKT also has a super-responsive team where they can help you out from any problem you are facing in the themes.

Hope all this information which we have provided to you in this article comes in true help to you and you can inculcate some of these themes into your website without investing tons of money on your single website.

So, if you are looking for themes that can offer you the best compatibility for your fashion blogs, opt for the one that rightly goes compatible with your requirements.

The above-mentioned best WordPress themes for fashion blogs are stuffed with features and has great workability from where you can easily pick the one that goes as per your choice.

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