Ride into the Future with These Electric Cars WordPress Themes

Electric cars are the future and the electric vehicle industry is booming. If you are thinking about launching a business in the EV industry then this is the right time. While the industry is booming, you need to have many resources to make it.

One of them is a well-organized website. A website can publish information about your cars, you can sell them online, and you can also publish information about charging stations. Of course for this, you will need to integrate your website with a map.

If you are thinking about developing a website for your electric car business, you can rely on a website. The reason is simple with WordPress you do not have to struggle a lot. It comes with a lot of themes that can be installed and then you can edit it to form the UI of your website. You can also add powerful plugins to your site.

While many electric cars WordPress themes exist not all are suitable for your business. The following are the best in the market:

1. SKT eAuto


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This theme is specifically designed for companies that provide electric auto vehicles. In the first section, you can highlight the services that you provide along with the car. It comes with an awesome banner of an electric vehicle. This makes it apparent that you sell electric cars.

A company without a mission statement is hollow that’s why you should highlight it on your homepage. This theme allows you to do that with the help of text and animated elements.

It comes with some great stock images that will create the desire for an amazing vehicle in the hearts of your potential customers.

Describe the benefits of your cars with the help of animated elements and text. One of the main benefits is sustainability. Overall, this theme works well to create a desire for electric cars in the mind of potential customers while educating them.

2. Mountain Biking

mountain biking

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This is another theme that is related to vehicles and adventure. Although it was originally decided for mountain biking enthusiasts it can be used by electric car companies with a little bit of tweaks.

You can explain why choosing an electric car of your company is right for your customers.

If you make products in different categories then it is important to highlight them in the home page. Thankfully, this theme has plenty of space for the categories.

You can add a newsletter option early on in this theme! The best thing about this theme is that it is HD video friendly. You don’t have to convince the prospects with words but you can display the greatness of your electric cars.

3. SKT RepairMan


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This theme has a technical background which makes it suitable for your business. You can add the location and working hours of your store in the first section. This provides your prospects with a strong call to action.

One thing that makes this theme a good option for your electric car business is the ability to upload HD videos. You can show different models of your cars on the home page only. If your business has made quantitative accomplishments then they need to be highlighted.

This theme allows you to do that while taking the minimum amount of space. You can add testimonials from happy customers on the homepage. Overall, this theme will work best after a little customization.

4. SKT Geyser

skt geyser

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The SKT Geyser has a color combination that can work well for your EV business. You can explain your USP with the help of a few animated elements. You can highlight all the cars that you sell and add their ratings too.

Your customers will be able to see the bestselling cars on the website itself. This is one of the electric cars WordPress themes that allows you to highlight the car’s features.

One of the best features of this theme is that it has an FAQ section. Buying an electric car is a big deal so your prospects will need to be convinced. That is where the FAQ section can help clear all their doubts.

5. Solar Energy Pro

Solar Energy WordPress theme

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This theme suits your electric cars business because it is for the green energy industry. You can take a lot of space to highlight how electric vehicles benefit the environment.

After all, your target audience cares about the environment which is why they are buying an electric car. You have a lot of space to explain your product offerings and services in detail. The background this theme uses is green and white which represents a sustainable way of doing business.

You can even add an infographic to provide the prospects with as much information as possible before they make a purchase. One of the best features of this theme is that they have a gallery section. You can add images of all the cars that you have available. The images will surely attract new customers to check out your stores.

6. PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes

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You can use this theme for your electric car business with a little bit of customization. In the first section, you can highlight your brand’s values.

If you are starting an EV business then it must be based on values like sustainability. You can highlight the services that your customers can expect after a sale is made.

From your inception till date, your company may have achieved milestones. It is important to share this success with your prospects. This will help your prospects trust you more and connect with your brand.

If you provide more than one product or service, then you have the space to highlight that. One of the most impressive things about this theme is that they have a blog section.

A strong content marketing game plan is needed to educate your audience about the benefits of using electric vehicles. If you keep posting educational content, the EV market will have an even stronger demand.

7. Electrician Pro

This theme was originally designed to be used by electricians that are providing services. However, it’s design and color combination makes it useful for your business too. Once again you can highlight your unique selling proposition in the first section of the theme.

Let your customers know how you can help them with the next section.
This way they will know when they can rely on your business for support.

The theme has space to highlight the customer testimonials as social proof. If your site is made of this theme then you will certainly win the trust of the visitors.

8. Maintenance Services Pro

This theme has a simplistic feel to it. You have a lot of space to add content like images, text, animated elements, and videos. The CTA now is in the banner itself.

After that, you have the USP section where you can provide the answer to the question of why your prospect should buy from you. If your customer is buying an EV for the first time they will have many doubts. You can explain how the product works with a step-by-step process. This should make the job of your sales associate easier.

9. Manufacturing Pro

This theme has a lot of technical elements and design which should help your business. All you have to do is customize it according to your brand and you have a live website!

It has a lot of technical animated elements which can be used to describe your business process, USP, products, etc. Other than that, this theme also provides you with wonderful stock images that can come in handy.

With the help of this theme, you can add the testimonials of your satisfied customers. If your EV company has a lot of experience then you can highlight that. This should certainly differentiate your business from competitors.

10. Factory Pro

This theme has an aesthetic appeal to people who love technical things. On one of the first sections of the site, you can directly write about the features of your car. Create an appeal for your product on the home page of your site with this amazing theme.

It is one of the best electric cars WordPress themes because of its ability to include HD videos. This theme aims to quench the customer’s curiosity. No question should remain unanswered and that is how they ensure customer satisfaction. You can add the key members of your team to the homepage by utilizing this theme.

11. Engineering Pro

This is a great theme for all the engineering geeks. It can be customized to be used by your EV business. You can provide information on how you assure amazing quality for your cars.

This level of transparency helps you win the trust of the customers. There is an entirely separate section where you can explain the features of your cars in detail.

You can display your testimonials and then highlight the USP. This theme provides a lot of information before talking about the USP. There is a chance that customers will already be swayed by the time they get a chance to look over your USP.

12. Bicycle Shop

This is a great minimalistic theme with a lot of space for HD images. You can add images and videos of your cars and let the customers be lured to your store.

There is also space to update you on new arrival products. This increases the chance to boost the sales of newly launched cars. Overall, this is a pretty solid theme to launch your electric car business.

13. SKT Solar Power

This theme is suitable for your business because it is made with a color combination of green and white. The green-colored theme makes sense because electric cars are better for the environment. It comes with a lot of animated elements that you can use without editing.

There is a lot of space for tons of HD images, you can add the images of your brand’s cars. This will attract the customers to make a purchase and for that, this theme has space for a CTA. One of the differentiating features of this theme is that they have a map. You can highlight the charging stations on the map.

14. SKT Handyman Pro

This theme has amazing animated visuals which encourage the visitor to take action and change their life. The first section provides you with a space to highlight your unique selling proposition. A lot of companies have now joined the EV space.

What makes you different? If you have a good USP, then you will not have trouble in maintaining a good flow of customers. If you work in the B2B sector of the EV industry, then this theme has the space to highlight your customers.

15. SKT Mechanics

This is one of the best themes for your brand because it has visuals for the EV sector while the color scheme also suits your industry. You can highlight your USP, services, and products in the first few sections.

Out of all the electric cars WordPress themes, this is one of the themes which gives you an opportunity to describe the advantages of choosing your car. You can easily add HD videos to your website by using this theme.

This makes the job of your sales associates extremely easy. Visitors will be in awe of what they see and that’s why it will be easier to convince them to make a purchase.

16. Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner is a minimalistic theme that will promote your cars that are good for the environment.

You start off by highlighting the things that make your business a good brand. Then you can provide a more detailed description of what type of services your customers can expect.

There is a lot of space to add images of your cars and animated elements that help communicate a message. This theme has an appealing and interesting color combination which ensures that the visitor’s eyes are glued to the screen.

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