Cool WordPress Themes for Making Cool Websites

Here are 7 pieces of cool WordPress themes for your reference.

These cool WordPress themes have been created and launched by the dedicated experts and developers at SKT Themes to be reviewed and used for any kind of online project, campaign or undertaking to be transformed into money – making business.

The answer to the question of whether or not you should spare no efforts of building a website from the ground up and keep it at the coolest level imaginable is a resounding “yes”. It doesn’t matter what you are engaged in and what your primary goals to be achieved are.

Your nice – looking and creative website will be another practical avenue for all your clients and customers, fans and supporters walk through and uncover your vocational skills or experience of many years, high – quality services and products and so on.

And since digital marketing channels in the form of websites are becoming more and more prevalent and beneficial on the one hand, and digital sectors are gradually incorporating into every life and lifestyle, we offer you the best collection of cool WordPress themes with cutting – edge technologies to review and use accordingly.

Even if you are a user with 0 previous WordPress or programming experience, each and every single theme presented here will obviously lead your way to success with drawbacks and irritation reduced to the minimum.

It is one of the progressive cool WordPress themes ready to allure all your visitors and keeping them coming back to your posts and pages for updates periodically.

The theme lets you organize and categorize the content your way instead of dealing with traditional or repeated ways.

Hence, you can classify your content and insert it into the convenient sections, give your contact details and provide with social media links via footer and header areas and pin your best offers with images on the slider area.


1. Play School:

education WordPress theme

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Play School with all its charm and enthusiasm, colorful design and user –friendly layout is uniquely fit for the office of school, preschool, kindergarten, development center or other kid – related or education – based website builder.

2. Photodock:


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Reveal all your leadership and management skills without any coding knowledge or fuss around complicated tasks with a seamless assistance of Photodock.

Run your photo studio services website, online shop and let your content be accessible in 24/7 format and with any digital device instead of going to any physical location or store.

The handy toolbox running at its core and simplified admin panel at your disposal will enable you to customize and control each and every single element of your digital profile, starting from color gamut of the theme, number of homepage sections, custom post types, etc.

3. SKT Cats:

skt cats

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Designed for strict precision and stability and powered with unlimited possibilities, SKT Cats is loaded as another sample of cool WordPress themes available for now. This wonderful template combines uniqueness and bold vision with custom – built architecture you will ever need to turn prospects into loyal customers and clients.

Based on general – purpose nature and equipped with tons of customization controls, Strong Pro can endure a niche – specific website of any kind, size and proficiency.

Get your sophisticated site with responsiveness, original timeline features for blog, widgetized footer, header and sidebar areas, e –commerce compliant – performance and much more up and running with one – time and cost – conscious price with SKT Cats theme.

4. Naturo:


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With Naturo every individual or businessman is to appreciate boundless benefits coming along a strong and presentable website exploitation.

The key concept of the theme is to generate elegance and luxury senses for visualization and dependable and flexible operational system for impeccable usage of the website by the admin from the backend and by the website viewer from the forefront.

What is more exciting about this cool and super – duper template is that your high – end content and high – resolution images will fit the entire window of any browser, whether your site is browsed from a PC or mobile desktop.

5. SKT Tutor:

SKT Tutor

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Meet SKT Tutor as one of the loveliest and challenging cool WordPress themes eliminating a great part of the worries surrounding diverse mobile and desktop browsers and how your website is going to be ranked via search engines. All the hard work has been processed by the authors of the theme.

Hence what is left to the web admin is to determine what the website is supposed to and stylize and manage it accordingly to achieve worldwide recognition and fame.

Reinforce your business identity and style with the coolest graphical and design solutions, manipulate your framework however you may think expedient and get professional support heading toward.

6. Nuptials:


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Based on clean codebase for going hand in hand with contemporary forceful digital systems, Nuptials is another working tool at your full command with its intuitive character and zealous potential.

The theme is specifically suited for personal or blogging usage to spot your specific content with the infinite chances of high profits in the nearest future.

From a more structural perspective, Nuptials is easy to use and understand interface, fast loading and error – free navigation levels, shortcode, slider, gallery, WooCommerce and qTranslate X plugin compatibility, 100% responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility etc for boosting profitable conversions.

7. HVAC and Cleaning:


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Any service – based industry or company can be best promoted with the help of HVAC and cleaning as another trustworthy and time – checked item of SKT production.

Your HVAC and cleaning, repair and renovation, construction and building company or organization will be effortlessly entered into new horizons of the digital market and will be ready to seize new marketing techniques.

This highly advisable template keeps insuperable correlation between all – inclusiveness, PO file inclusion for having multilingual support, 5 level dropdown navigation, SEO – optimization for boosting web traffic and visits.

On the one hand, smart and intelligent management features on the other for editing, adding and removing whatever seems to be needful at the given moment.

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