City Government WordPress Themes for Municipality Government Travel Tourism

If you want to make meaningful connection with the local people and customers, between city government and citizens, municipality portal and people belong to this or that geographical area, you are going to love our collection of city government WordPress themes.

Fully responsive and retina ready, time and quality checked, these templates are ideal for city and town, government and state related official and unofficial portals, city tour and city guide, travel and tourism.

City government and municipality, town press and city magazine, local fundraising and charitable program, politician or Mayor, township and local authority and other niche specific websites and blogs, portals and presentations.

Legal and political jurisdiction, community management and society resources, bathroom and utility services, cleaning and gardening as well as other topics and businesses, organizations and services cooperating with or subordinated to city or municipality can also be presented with these themes.

Starting something valuable and helpful without technical knowledge or brushing up on your little web development capacity with these city government WordPress themes is totally possible.

They are all simple and easy to learn, understand, manage and work with thanks to their admin centric and well developed nature.

The authors of these municipality and city government WordPress themes have done everything needed while crafting the best website templates and now you can get more value of uour time and energy with any of them.

City Government WordPress Themes

You are free to start with any of these simplified in usage, yet modern and well coded, functionally wonderfully reliable and robust city government WordPress themes, as well as customize and control them whenever needed without losing momentum.

Last, but not least, these templates are all cost effective and intended to meet the financial capacities of absolutely any kind of online venture, from small local projects to financed governmental websites and portals, city guide and travel profiles and much more.

Hence, you can get your head in the game without worrying about financial expenses or hard coding workload, and finally build up a website that will be visually captivating and functionally advanced meeting all the challenges of the modern digital world.

SKT Municipality

SKT Municipality


SKT Municipality is another level city government WordPress themes that can be used by a city government, society, social work, non-profit organization, NGO, governments, etc, to explore more information on good social cost.

You can take benefit of an amazing gallery plus you can add a gallery plugin on your website so that you can showcase some of the high-quality pictures of your organizations.

If we talk about sales, then you will be happy to hear that the template integrates well with the WooCommerce plugin. This will help you to set up an online store easier.

With your upcoming events, you can make your customers updated with it. Thus, the simplest and easiest code is used while creating the template so that it gives a high performance on top browsers and devices.

SKT Association

SKT Association


Municipal staff and the people involved with the association are experts in town management but they no zero or no technical expertise in web development and designing.

However, they always look for a solution that will help them to save so much effort and time. If you are one of them then SKT Association is for you.

One can use this template to create an online presence for policemen, fire department, police-fire department, firefighters, health care society, prison site, NGO, and nonprofit organizations websites.

It offers the most unique layout that can be catered to for any type of organization. However, it supports all popular third-party plugins and features.

SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is one of the serious and smart, visually nice and functionally precise city government WordPress themes to give you enough portion of motivation to chase your goal and build a website of your dreams.

People are constantly for the hunt of something unique and powerful, but simple and affordable before starting a new website or blog.

SKT Perfect is one of such successful unity ready to satisfy the expectations of the majority of the digital inhabitants and webmasters.

Clear and modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding, responsive and cross mobile compatible framework, navigation that is hassle free and user friendly for better user experience, plugin compatibility and SEO preparedness are all features characterizing SKT Perfect and proving its excellence as a WP website builder.

HR Management

Hr Management WordPress Theme


Whether it’s a big city or metropolitan to be showcased online or any public department, NGO or service provider to offer different events, projects and services, HR Management is there to help you do that as soon as possible and without unexpected financial losses.

The theme’s admin panel and Live Customizer based performance are where the real magic of the theme begins enabling you to change and edit the default template, mix colors, choose typography, add buttons, deploy sections, arrange menu items and homepage slides, add interesting information in widget ready areas and much more.

Moreover, the potential of the theme is not limited to its pre enabled functions and capacities, but extends to the compatibility with additional shortcodes and plugins to achieve more in the digital realm.

SKT Stone

Stone WordPress Theme


From job advertising and careers in government to presenting construction and renovation programs, drafts and projects, sharing profiles of leaders and officials, and everything in between, SKT Stone is the template to make the creation of any kind of thematic website a breeze.

This theme is one of the most reasonable mixtures of traditional strong web creation tools and modern web design standards making a fantastic unity ready to pick up even for startups and all those working on a tight budget.

Local Business Pro

local business pro


With Local Business Pro, any local undertaking, plan, initiative or business can be taken to the next level of performance, any public structure or organization can be taken closer to its audience, and any political candidate can use it as a self promotion profile to showcase its campaign program and win the attention of more citizens.

This well coded and wonderfully taken care of profile personalizes what the best city government WordPress themes usually share.

With practical admin dashboard and tons of management options, technical support and complete documentation, you can get all the right directions avoiding getting lost and guaranteeing the maximum productivity.




Whether you work as a solopreneur or a part of a huge web creation and development team, you are likely to enjoy your work with CoWorking.

This multipurpose and sophisticated, easy to navigate and surf through template can be used across multiple of city and government related websites and blogs, as it has to offer endless options, from blogging platform to the whole municipality management portal.

The theme is also well written in coding and well decorated in styling, shortcodes and fonts ready, and generally incorporates all the essential tools and elements you will ever need for succeeding with any online project.




The last template we recommend you to test and try if you want to get your city, city portal or government, charitable organization or donation program in front of the people’s eyeballs easily and quickly is called Donation.

This motivational and inspiringly beautiful template can be altered endlessly to wear the form and color gamut suiting this or that need, website direction or its content.

Hence, from colors and fonts to images and structure, page and post layouts, functional basis and visual appearance, everything within Donation is subject to management and customization without much of a hassle.

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