Call Center WordPress Themes for Call Centre & IT Companies

The best call center WordPress themes checked and trusted by telecommunication companies and telephone service providers, call centers and business process outsourcing activities, one call service and call center review and recommendation listings websites, as well as other relevant customer support undertakings online.

Stable and high quality communication with the consumer is one of the key tenets for the successful operation of any business related to the sales of products and services. Of course, it’s hard to images the work of any online store, Internet or telephone service provider, bank or, say, travel company and hotel without proper customer support. And the bigger your customer base, the higher the need of having a call center is.

If you are operating on a telecommunication or another service provision industry and own a call center to provide a great customer support, having a website that will let you save time and promote your services, engage investors and clients is a must.

Here is where any of call center WordPress themes highlighted in this article will make your work much lighter and will provide and alternative way for your clients to get in touch with you without wasting much time and waiting for your operator’s answer.

These call center WordPress themes are super easy in usage enabling your share your inbound and outbound, as well as automated call services, important links and phone numbers, packages and offers, etc.

Moreover, each of these call center WordPress themes is well prepared to be impeccably simple and affordable in installation, activation, customization and maintenance, thus, taking any kind of hard work out of your agenda.

1. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is one of the practical call center WordPress themes that will help you grow your relevant business by engaging new prospects and keeping the potential customers at the same time.

Is custom built to handle large volumes of web content, both textual and visual. It means that you have all the opportunities to arm your website with exclusive images and photos of your call center and its lovely staff, share tons of information about your available services and products, give contact details and more.

In addition to all the prebuilt features and capacities SKT Perfect grants you with, having access to additional tools and page building controls is as easy as a pie. For example, page builder and visual composer, commercial and SEO, SMO and translation plugins can be a true empowerment to your existing profile.


SEO WordPress theme


Generating creative ideas is easy. Their implementation can also be surprisingly easy if you give your preference to SKT SEO.

Starting the creation and styling your new website from scratch or bringing your old dated one back into gear will cost you only several minutes given the fact that this template is based on a durable and feature rich Customizer.

It will enable you to work from the backend of the theme and realize all your thoughts in terms of colors, fonts, images, content arrangement via sections, etc. In addition, homepage slider in contrast with the elegant aesthetics of the theme is an authentic way to showcase the best images catering to your company or call center, new products and services.

3. SKT Hosting

hosting WordPress theme


Another profy among call center WordPress themes you can find today is called SKT Hosting.

Whether you are going to use this system as a starting point of your long online journey or just as a comprehensive solution with slight changes, the final voice that counts is yours. Don’t be afraid to try the whole capacity and working directions of SKT Hosting with the admin panel, since step by step guidance with full documentation is at your disposal at any time.

Dominating both social media platforms and search engine realm will be possible with this SEO and SMO optimized product. In addition, it is also stunningly commercial ready as well as 100 % responsive so that your online shopping platform will be accessible across diverse portable devices as well.

4. SKT Tube

video WordPress theme


Meet our fresh and seriously developed WordPress powered website tool in the face of SKT Tube. This digital product is unbeatable when it comes to hosting as many video and audio materials as you need. Hence, you can produce dozens of videos about your services, company, offers, packages, as well as video tutorials with instructions so that your customers can find the answers to their questions and solve the issues themselves.

Homepage slider with 32 variations can be the best destination for top videos to be displayed to your website guests. However, other sliders can also be added to the theme since there are numerous slider plugins which are compatible with our theme.

5. Complete Pro



Are you looking for a completely versatile and elastic template to go hand in hand with all your requirements? Complete Pro is what you need in this case!

This template is really complete and comprehensive in all its aspects and facets and all you need to do is to iron out the default template to be easy to perceive, read and communicate for your target audience.

Since responsiveness and cross mobile optimization of the websites have long gone mainstream, this template could not lack those characteristics. The theme is also powered by first aid shortcodes, page and post controls, inner page layout and header variations, translation and shop friendly framework, etc.

6. IT Consultant

it consultant new


The last template suitable for call centers and their agents, IT consultants and digital service providers comes launched as IT Consultant.

From secure coding and data protection to SEO friendly layout with CCS3 support, commercial optimized environment and user friendly web touches, these are all important points when it comes to running a top rated business website. In this relation, IT Consultant shares all the above mentioned qualities, even more.

It also prioritizes smooth navigation with pixel perfect homepage slider, legible content with prebuilt fonts pack, social media targeting with SEO integration, etc.

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