7 Bodybuilding WordPress Themes for Gym Websites & Fitness Trainers

The bodybuilding WordPress themes you’ll find in this article are developed and launched for sports and gym, as well as bodybuilding industry and its representatives to get more eyeballs on their activities and make people trust in the power of being healthy and fit.

What is that beast called bodybuilding?

Today, having a healthy lifestyle has become widely popular, at the same time forcing others to strive for better body shapes and muscle lines.

Naturally, in order to start the process of body transformation and shaping, one need to turn to special fitness and bodybuilding programs and complex exercises, special nutrition and meals, and yet much more to come.

Fit body, fit mind. This is one of the stimuli every professional bodybuilder feels throughout the whole process of shaping his body proportionally to the maximum extent.

Bodybuilding WordPress Themes

No pain, no gain! This is absolutely true for anyone who has ever tried to spend more than an hour in gym or fitness center. But if you ever try initiating the creation of bodybuilding or fitness website for personal or business usage, you are not going to sweat hard!

We have collected the best of the bodybuilding WordPress themes you can test and try for fitness and gym, yoga and spa, bodybuilding and weight loss, diet and nutrition websites and blogs.

Visually and functionally powerful, all of them are never hesitant to provide you with an excellent working platform to unfold your creativity and create a profile worth special attention by the potential clients.

SKT Gym Pro :


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Different users can also take a benefits of Body Building WordPress Themes like Gym Fitness, Yoga & Personal Trainer, fitness centers, personal trainers, health experts, boot-camps, weight loss, clubs, physiotherapy, wellness, workout, and lifestyle.

The amazing feature of this theme are unique that one can make a sections like Classes, Schedules, Trainers, Blog, image gallery and shop pages for any fitness product.

also you can display services like Functional Training, Cardio Trainings, Personal Training, Crossfit, Musculation, Sport Nutrition, etc.

pricing plan plugins are compatible with this theme to show your pricing rates. more than 5 page templates can be accessed that you can choose any one of them.

SKT Fitness Pro:

skt fitness

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SKT Fitness Pro is one of the motivational bodybuilding WordPress themes designed for power and precision.

Whether you are a private bodybuilder and want to create an online profile to share your experience, programs and more, or a fitness center with the primary aim of finding new clients, SKT Fitness Pro is ready to satisfy all kind of needs and objectives.

Transform any new creative idea into life with this visually stunning and functionally cutting edge template while working from behind the scenes.

Tons of shortcodes are available for tabs, accordions, pricing tables and more to make your web content well laid out throughout your online profile. The theme is also plugin compatible for boosted performance as well as 100 % responsive to meet the needs of mobile and tablet consumers.

Gym Master:

gym master

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As a true incarnation of almighty human power, your fitness or bodybuilding website should breathe unique power and energy. Gym Master is the one to give a specifically attractive and magnetic appearance to your site to sweep your potential clients off their feet.

Gym Master is going to play a decisive role in bringing new clients and customers to your bodybuilding business since this ready made website template is unimaginably emphatic and results driven.

There is a plethora of essential features and controls at your fingertips to convert all your ideas into reality and make them a part of your profile. From colors and fonts to better functionality and plugin support, you are the one to give the template final touches.

Ele Fitness:

fitness club

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Ele Fitness is specialized in hassle-free performance no matter what kind of website is functioning on it.

Visually productive and functionally advanced, easy in usage and smooth in navigation, Perfect Fitness is never reluctant to showcase maximum flexibility when it comes to management and modifications.

Any gym or health club, bodybuilding or yoga center can highly benefit from this cross mobile and browser compatible template that is well optimized for any kind of mobile or tablet support.

This designer made one of the bodybuilding WordPress themes exercises a classy and fabulous design across the whole framework making the virtual journey of your web visitors more enjoyable.

In addition to beautiful design shades and graphical solutions, Ele Fitness also comes with content categorization zones and areas to showcase your valuable content, trainers and coaches, contact info, etc.

BeFit Pro:


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BeFit Pro is one of the cost effective solutions if you want to build and manage your bodybuilding website quickly and easily.

Convince your clients to be that you have something special to offer them when it comes to the right strategies and resources in muscle gaining and body shaping. Showcase the most efficient photos and images on the homepage slider so that they can easily grab the website viewer’s attention.

As one of the best bodybuilding WordPress themes available for now, BeFit Pro celebrates totally responsive and mobile friendly design and coded in compliance with SEO requirements.

It means that you don’t need to shell out extra money to get higher rankings in search engine inquiries and meet more clients at the right place.



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Every great site starts with a great theme. Whenever creating an online profile catering to bodybuilding or fitness and gym world, Zym is irreplaceable.

Boasting entirely intuitive design dotted with modern touches and solutions, Zym offers you a stunning mixture of form and function.

All in all, there are all the convenient content zones to keep your website up to date with fresh materials, blog area for daily updates, widget friendly framework for ads, banners, training, exercises and more.

Based on the modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling controls, Zym proudly meets all the modern requirements of WordPress Codex, as well as the latest version of WordPress.

Game Developer:

game developer banner 1 jpg

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Game Developer is one of the latest dynamic and zealous bodybuilding WordPress themes you can find in our collection.

Essentially, this template is multifunctional and can cater to absolutely any niche or topic since it is thoroughly customizable.

You can take it and steer to any direction you need, from digital marketing and game developing to fitness and yoga, bodybuilding or muscle gain.

Modify the applied color combinations and typography, make use of more than 100 shortcodes for any kind of content generation, arm the pre loaded homepage slider with effective transformation or before/after images and receive the attention and client engagement your business actually deserves.

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