7 Blue WordPress Themes are Designed to Create Blue Looking Websites

Blue WordPress themes

If you are new to the digital arena and are looking to set up your first professional business website – then all you need to do is to check out some of the top platforms and our collection of blue WordPress themes. Why bother checking out other platforms – so that you can see why some of the top companies have migrated their websites to WordPress on account of its simplicity, ease of use and above all, adaptability.

It is important that you spend some time on research, to scope out your competition and see what you are up against. What you need to realize that setting up a website on any platform is not necessarily hard or overwhelming; it all comes down to choosing the right theme to base your website on. The most important criteria that any theme has to meet is that it has to be fast and to that end, review our collection of themes.

Make sure that the theme you select comes with compatibility to third party plugins, since you can then install cache plugins on your website which should help improve its performance. Check out the various themes listed below, try them out and then select the one that seems to be the right fit for our company.

1. Underwater Pro :



If you like to enjoy water driving and look forward to sell service than you should absolutely make a use of blue WordPress themes i.e. Underwater Pro.
Underwater Pro is created with the blue and white color combination that will feel you like a underwater seen.
This theme supports WooCommerce functionality to make selling via online.

One can sell service like Surfing, Diving, Rafting, Swimming, Snorkelling, Aquarium, etc. also one can show some categories for the courses you can sell just like surfing vacation, family tours, trips, with perfect location and days.
Different types of plugins can be used to enhance the feel and functionality of the website as per your business need.

2. Crypto currency:

Crypto WordPress theme:


The ‘Crypto currency’ is one of the few themes that ranks quite well when it comes to Blue WordPress themes. For starters, it is fast and that’s saying a lot; more importantly, the overall design is professional with an elegant layout, and happens to be minimalist as well. And as it comes with intelligent navigation along with drop down menus, your users should be able to navigate your website with ease.

It comes with a responsive design, along with one that’s completely scalable – essentially your users can check out your website without any loss of functionality or resolution. More importantly, it is easy to use and even a novice should not have any issue in using this theme or even in installing or customizing the same.

The theme is completely customizable and comes with 100+ short codes with varying functionality – you can use the same to alter/ change/ modify any page element with ease. It also comes with compatibility to third party plugins and the theme has already been pre-tested against quite a few – you can now install cache plugins and offer your users a better, enhanced performance. As a result, your pages should load faster, and you can even use page builder plugins like Gutenberg, Visual composer, Beaver, Elementor, Divi, Live composer among others to custom develop your other pages.

This is the theme you need for a simplified yet effective approach to web design. It comes with a price tag of $39, with free installation and support.

3. SKT Golf:

skt golf


When it comes to ‘SKT Golf’ or for that matter any other theme, the functionality matters a lot more than mere aesthetics and to that end, this theme ranks among top twenty amongst the various Blue WordPress themes. It comes with an interesting design, an elegant layout which makes good use of drop down menus to help facilitate navigation.

It also features a default slider, gallery as well as the requisite header, footer, layout and sidebar options. Moreover, you can customize the inner header to include banner, slider, image or even a CTA to help make your website stand out. What makes this theme more attractive is the fact that it is both responsive and compatible with external plugins.

So, with this theme, you should be able to provide your customers with enhanced user experience as well as advanced functionality in the form of faster page loading time, social media login and the ability to share content to various social media platforms instantly. With this theme in place, you can count on better performance, user engagement and as a result, your SEO rankings should improve as well. It comes with a price tag of $39 which is quite reasonable, all things considered.

4. Psychology:



‘Psychology’ ranks among the best, when it comes to Blue WordPress themes – no surprises there, for it comes with all the requisite bells and whistles that make it stand out. For starters, it comes with a classic design with a minimalist appearance, drop down menus, intelligent navigation as well as the fact that it is a multi-purpose theme.

You can use this theme for setting up a professional psychologist website or for any medical or health and wellness related website. And of course, the theme is 100% responsive and happens to be compatible with external plugins which should enable you to improve its functionality. It also comes with a blog section with four layout variations as well as the requisite header, footer, sidebar and other layout options, so you get to exercise more control over how your website is displayed to others.

And as the theme is compatible with external plugins, you can set up advanced sliders on your website, upload high resolution video files and share the same with your customers instantaneously. On the whole, the theme is as good as it gets and moreover, it comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 only.

5. Décor:

Decor WordPress theme


Granted that you may find the process of selecting the right theme for your business a little overwhelming, but that’s not the case here. ‘Décor’, which incidentally ranks among the top ten where Blue WordPress themes are concerned, is 100% responsive and completely customizable. It also comes with complete documentation as well as built in short codes which you can use to tweak the appearance of your website. You can change and alter most page elements, from the color to the element in question.

It is that easy to customize the website with this theme that even a brand new novice should be able to handle it. The overall design is great and the layout good as well; it also comes with compatibility to woo commerce as well as external plugins. So you should be able to provide your users with more advanced functions in the form of analytics, calendar organizer, integrated payment gateway and much more.

It also comes with a blog section that updates the list displayed on your front page; this should help you to communicate with your prospective customers better and provide them with regular updates. The theme comes with a price tag of $39, which is quite reasonable, given all the advanced functionality and user centric widgets.

6. My Dog:

Dog WordPress Theme


‘My Dog’ gets the top billing where Blue WordPress themes are concerned. For starters, it is a multipurpose theme and one that can easily be repurposed for multiple domains. Moreover, it comes with a slightly dark background along with a minimalist appearance which should make it easy for you to direct your visitors’ attention to specific parts of your website. It also features drop down menus and comes with intuitive features as well as a comprehensive information architecture which should help enhance user experience on your website.

The theme also comes with heater with four layout options, an inner header that can be customized with sliders, images, CTAs as well as banners, footer with layout options and a blog that you can use for communicating with your user base. It also comes with a flat, structured website and is also 100% responsive which means that your users should be able to access your website even with old browsers, or any device, without loss of functionality or resolution.

The theme is also compatible with third party plugins which means that you can now install Analytics, maps, events, gallery, slideshow just to name a few and provide your users with better user experience. On the whole, the theme stands out for all the right reasons and so will your website. It comes with a price tag of $39, which is more than reasonable given the extra add-ons.

7. Horse riding:

Equestrian WordPress Theme


The ‘Horse riding’ theme comes with an interesting design along with an outstanding and a simplified layout. It also features a dark background but as the theme is customizable, you can easily change this with the help of built in codes. It also comes with a CSS3 animated homepage with all the features which should help make your website stand out. The home page also acts as a landing page and it already comes with a default slider with ten slides, animation and time control which should help you showcase your high resolution images, videos etc.

The theme is as good as it gets, if not better as it is responsive and also compatible with 3rd party plugins. Essentially, this means that you can optimize your website with the right plugin, install organizer, calendar and even set up a chat plugin for your users to use, to connect with you. Moreover, as it is also compatible with woo commerce, you can set up an integrated shopping cart, payment gateway and much more. It comes with a price tag of $39 which is quite reasonable, given all the advanced functionality.

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