15+ Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing Sites

A decade ago nobody could have expected the paramount growth of e-commerce websites like Amazon. Owing to the present online shopping trend, amazon affiliate WordPress themes are used widely for creating websites.

But what is so unique and different about this category? These themes enable owners to create product promotion websites through the affiliate scheme of the e-commerce site.

This means that apart from running a website that can be informative, service-based, solution-based, etc. one can generate additional revenue through affiliate plans.

When you start looking online for such niche-specific options it will not be an easy journey to find the most suitable one. Hence, here we have compiled some of the best options that you can explore and use.

When you are looking to indulge in e-commerce affiliate programs it will be great to have an e-commerce enabled site. Shopzee is one of the finest themes that you can use to create an online store.

It is strong, dynamic, responsive and WooCommerce enabled. This means that without any pressure or knowledge of coding you can conveniently create a stunning website.

All kinds of modifications in terms of templates, layout, structure, and other elements can be made as per the specific requirements.

It comes with inbuilt features like HD-ready templates and copyright-free images which helps in ensuring that the aesthetics are world-class.

You can make the most of other functionality like one-click demo import, translation readiness, RTL support, Google Fonts, etc. These functionalities will contribute to conveniently executing different tasks related to your site.

Moreover, you will also have your hands on comprehensive documentation related to Shopzee and developer support for tackling complex issues.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes




Ele Store

ele store


Ele Store is one of the widely preferred options from the compilation of amazon affiliate WordPress themes. This is a powerful, sleek, and elegant theme that ensures that all dedicated requirements can be fulfilled.

When you are looking to attract customers to explore and buy products it is essential for the site to be responsive. Ele Store has been tested for responsiveness across all kinds of devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

This ensures that your potential client can easily access it through any platform. With Ele Store one has full liberty to make all kinds of modifications to suffice the need of the project and customers.

Multiple features, impeccable performance, and out-of-the-box yet simple aesthetics make it the best.

You can definitely survive the toughest competitors with this powerful SEO-optimized option. Make the most of all the features and create your personalized e-commerce based site today.

Grocery Store

grocery store


Grocery Store is amongst the most popular themes in the compilation of amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

The availability of groceries online at the most competitive rates and with unbeatable quality has opened the doors to a new industry. Grocery has become an important segment of dealing for various e-commerce vendors.

When you are looking to pump up your revenue through the affiliate program, this is a perfect theme for your venture. It comes with a high-quality industry-related HD-ready template and stunning graphics.

This reduces your burden for working on the aesthetics. Most of the functionalities are well-sorted and after minor modifications, you can launch the site.

By default, it comes loaded with tons of features and any other required facilities can be added through plugins.

It also makes the personalization process easy, fun, and swift thanks to the page builder and customizer.
Why select something ordinary when you have the most advanced option for your venture?

Luxury Watch

Luxury WordPress theme


Offers, trust, and easy availability of products, have resulted in the merger of luxury products purchase in the online shopping sector. The most expensive lifestyle and personal use products of renowned brands are in the e-commerce space today.

Affiliate marketing of such products ensures handsome rewards and Luxury Watch is an ideal theme for one such venture. By using it you can conveniently add all the desired products in the best possible attractive manner.

Adding pictures, videos, and detailed description is also possible. Because this segment includes a separate base of customers you can also manage to dedicate a section or page for reviews.

Managing the modification of template, layout, and every other element does not require any technical knowledge.

You can easily do it the first time and swiftly manage the site updating process for adding new products. Integrating payment gateways is also possible if required.

SKT Coupon

skt coupon


SKT Coupon is a one of its kind multipurpose option included in the amazon affiliate WordPress themes collection. Given the fact that it is multipurpose, it can be conveniently molded for websites of any kind and related to any product.

Without any adequate knowledge of coding, you can easily carry out all modification and up-gradation tasks here. Adding product images, details, and other necessary information like reviews and technical specifications is possible.

The default template is HD-ready and can be personalized as per the demand of the venture. All kinds of plugins from external applications that are important for enhancing the experience can be added.

The one-click demo import feature helps in adding necessary information and the entire installation process is simple and quick.

Also, there are zero limitations to the number of sections or amount of data that one can add. Creating a personalized affiliate online space for your venture is no more a hectic task.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre


One of the most booming product categories in the e-commerce affiliate program space is electronics. For everyone who is looking to make a fortune through it, Home Theatre is the most recommended option.

Reliability and responsiveness are essential factors in all amazon affiliate WordPress themes. In this option, you get both along with tons of other features.

The user interface and navigation remain smoother than ever and the personalization process is the simplest of all. All small and big elements including the taskbars, widgets, templates, etc. can be personalized.

The images and graphics that are used by default are copyright-free and most suitable to the industry.

Additional perks include full support from developers for one year and access to comprehensive documentation related to the theme for a lifetime.

This ensures that you never remain stuck on any phase and that the queries are resolved immediately.

PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes is a special and unique inclusion in this collection of the best amazon affiliate WordPress themes. The e-commerce space is not limited to the B2C business domains and has expanded its reach to B2B and B2E domains as well.

This theme ensures that you can have a reliable and strong website that can address all requirements of each domain relating to affiliate marketing.

The best part is that adding, integrating, modifying, and updating products or information related to the same is convenient. No coding experience or technical skills is required for upgrading content or for modifying the layout.

Every element in the site can be personalized as required by the business. You will have full freedom to make the most of features like multiple menu options, multilingual support, and integration of Google Fonts. You can rely on shortcodes for adding other features or add them through third-party plugins.


The importance of surveillance has increased drastically with advancements in technology. Apart from improvised security, there are various other parameters and problems that this industry has addressed.

For serving clients with the best products relating to the same through an affiliate marketing model you need a terrific website.

CCTV is one of its kinds themes that is exclusively crafted, designed, and molded for addressing versatile requirements of this niche. All kinds of products along with their detailed description and images can be added swiftly.

Modifying a specific segment, default template, or any other segment is possible without any requirement of coding.

Setting up a checkout counter and adding analytical features to track and improvise the usage is also possible. For a period of one year, you can flexibly avail support from the developers regarding any kind of issues faced.

Google Fonts have been integrated by default and adding any other features through third-party plugins or inbuilt shortcodes is possible.


Bathware is another prominent and special inclusion in this collection of the best amazon affiliate WordPress themes. This theme enables you to create a website and feature the best products in a smooth and swift manner.

The overall functionality of the site is compatible with WooCommerce which ensures setting up an online store. Adding details related to your venture and satisfied customers is also manageable.

This will help in generating credibility about the products that you feature. Detailed product description along with photographs can be added.

All special offers and discounts can also be highlighted. In terms of user data security and handling, this is one of the most trusted options in the industry.

Additional features like Google Fonts integration and inbuilt shortcodes add a unique charm to your portfolio. Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility has been successfully tested which ensures 100% responsiveness.

SKT Appliances Pro

One of the widely preferred themes from the compilation of amazon affiliate WordPress themes is SKT Appliances Pro.

The reliability of purchasing the best appliances at the most affordable pricing is constantly increasing. Hence, an affiliate marketing venture targeting this sector needs a stunning and reliable website.

SKT Appliances Pro is one such ideal option to consider for such ventures given its responsiveness and flexibility.

Thanks to its responsiveness, irrespective of the medium or platform through which the users access your site it will be displayed perfectly.

It also comes with the possibilities of full customization hence specific requirements of products and users can be addressed.

You can easily integrate a payment gateway of your choice and also customize the checkout experience of your clients. Google Font is integrated by default which adds value to the kind of font display that you can setup.

Additional integration of other applications from external sources is possible to enhance the functions.

SKT Nutristore

Organic supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional-based products have been in high demand since the Covid-19 pandemic. A vast range of products is available which makes it essential to choose the best product wisely.

Hence, users often rely on affiliate marketed products which not only offer them a discount but also specific details about the product.

If you also intend to be in the same line and enhance the process, then create a strong website with SKT Nutristore.

The advantage of using it over other amazon affiliate WordPress themes is, the default template and graphics are in line with your niche.

Therefore, with minimum modification efforts and complete personalization, you can rule this niche-specific space.

There are no restrictions or minimum limit to the number of products or the overall data that you can add. You can also rely on external plugins or internal shortcodes for adding the required features.

SKT Herbal Pro

The affiliate model of marketing has widely opted in the Herbal product space. Herbal products have been in use for centuries but with technological add on and advancements, their impact is popular today.

SKT Herbal-Pro helps you in creating a stunning and responsive website that can keep you at the cutting edge of competition.

It not only ensures that you have all the elements and segments in a personalized manner but also keeps it SEO-optimized. There is no need for any kind of coding or other technical knowledge to create, launch, or manage the website.

The overall user interface and navigation have been simplified from the core for the best experience.

If required, you can also create a blog that is related to different herbal products and their use. Publishing reviews from previous clients or from industry experts is also possible and helps in boosting revenue.

CutsNStyle Pro

The most recent and widely popular inclusion in this collection of best amazon affiliate WordPress themes is CutsNStyle Pro. It is a unique multipurpose theme that has been powered by WooCommerce and is 100% responsive.

One can easily feature and use it for affiliate marketing of specialized cosmetics and personal grooming products. In this segment of the industry, the product range is versatile and the audience is looking for distinct and correct information.

You can create a website that not only features products and promotes discounts but also provides value to the clients. In this manner, with a dynamic user interface and facility, the repeat customer base also increases.

Modifications of all kinds including the default template, landing page, and other sections are possible without coding. The theme intends to offer the best launching, customization, and updating experience to the admins.

Air Conditioner

Electronic gadgets hold a majority of share when it comes to promoting products through the affiliate-based marketing model of e-commerce.

Air Conditioner is one of the most ideal options that you can choose from this best compilation of amazon affiliate WordPress themes. It has been distinctly crafted and designed to address the requirements of clients in the electronic medium.

Hence, starting from the template, landing page, layout, structure, to all other elements will suit the requirements of this niche.

Moreover, there will never be any demand for any kind of coding or technical knowledge to make changes.

The other features that can give you a cutting edge over your competitors include Google Font integration, multilingual supports, and versatile menu options.

Integrating social media handles or other plugins as required is possible to suffice every other need of the venture.

SKT Pottery

Pottery and pottery-related products have a unique customer base. Customers who are interested in such products believe in researching all aspects of arts and its pricing.

If you are looking to enter the affiliate promoting space with pottery products, then SKT Pottery is the best option for it. Starting from the basic design to the complete institutionalized structure of the theme revolves around this same niche.

This means that in all the small and big elements of the website you will find uniqueness related to the product. Modification and molding the site to your desired venture’s identity is easily possible.

All kinds of external or third-party applications can be added to ensure client satisfaction and service. It also offers dedicated developer support for one year along with comprehensive documentation related to the theme.

Ele Fashion

Fashion is one of the most common niches that is looked at by thousands of affiliate marketers. Ele Fashion is one of the most popular and preferred from the amazon affiliate WordPress themes compilations.

Fashion is dynamic and spontaneous and therefore needs a theme that is equally dynamic for representation.

In Ele Fashion all aspects are completely responsive and open to modification or up-gradation as required. Featuring different fashion products according to gender, demography, or designers becomes easily possible.

Adding photographs of the new outfits along with detailed information about the brand, fabric, and other peculiarities is also possible.

For the convenience of the user the navigation, user interface, and engagement methods have been kept simple.

You can easily add forms, tables, and pricing plugins to add more value to your presentation style. Setting up a blog along with the main site is possible to attract organic visitors and increase revenue.

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