10 Acupuncture WordPress Themes for Acupuncturists and Other Doctor Websites

Acupuncture WordPress themes discussed here for reference and listed out.

It’s an obvious fact, that mankind has considerably progressed in thousands of fields and areas, including both intellectual and technological advancements.

It resulted in unlimited possibilities to exercise while dealing with any specific spectrum, be it education, technology, construction, art, medicine or whatever it may be.

As for the latter, digital online network nourishes us with a steady and powerful flow of medical and medicine – related information of any kind.

So that every single individual on earth dealing with some health problem, needing any doctor consulting or wishing to follow his health state and keep it strong is granted with lots of easily accessible and manageable chances to take a review of the online health and healthcare information.

And find some relevant doctor, dentist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, neurologist, cardiologist or any other medical expert or clinic with just few clicks.

This being so, every prominent and remarkable medical hospital, clinic and centre should make efforts to provide its noteworthy place in the digital world and present his profile in the most professional and precise way.

So that its high – quality and reliable online presence in conjunction with valuable medical content will for sure attract the patients and guide them to find the required specialists and services.

In this connection, we offer you to consider some acupuncture WordPress themes for acupuncturists and other doctor websites, in case you have a clear intention to proceed with your health – centric web page manifestation in the global system of computer networks.

acupuncture WordPress themes

Round up of acupuncture WordPress themes for acupunturists

GB Doctor:

GB Doctor


SKT Pregnancy:

SKT Pregnancy


Reiki Pro:

Reiki WordPress theme


Reiki Pro is the most responsive template from the list of acupuncture WordPress themes. It comes with a light and soft design that makes visitors more overwhelmed.

The process of customization will make you feel smoother. You will be able to add a number of products related to your wellness centers.

To deal with the customization you don’t need to have expertise in coding. You can say that Reiki Pro is ready to use the product because it comes with demo content, one-click importer, easy installation, free installation, multilingual compatibility feature, and much more.

Reiki Pro also comes with free updates that will be installed automatically.


doctor WordPress theme


Handy as one of the best medical website creation and management solution is crafted to ensure the accurateness and intuitiveness of any doctor or acupuncturist related content to be a flexible and easy to use structure at the patient’s hand.

With this serious – looking and clean WordPress powered template you will avoid any technical or functional difficulty or discrepancy and will be able to arrange your information, images and other content accordingly.

Your website may be freely used by any previous or current patient practicing mobile or tablet and may include his testimonials about his experience and health state, which will considerably promote your website


chiropractor WordPress theme


The next doctor, health and healthcare WordPress theme featuring a powerful package of theme sections, areas, features and options to customize and present any relevant web content in the preferred way is Bony.

This smart and stable, intuitive and resourceful tool, which is in total conformity with all the major standards set and strongly required by the WordPress community, Bony comes with well – developed layout, which is also user and developer – friendly.

It is totally responsive and cross mobile and device compatible template for the perfect and flawless mobile usage, as well as perfect functionality with lots of modern, adaptable and dynamic plugins for commercial, SEO or other purposes.

Healing Touch:

Healing Touch Pro


Healing Touch is another highly recommended and premium quality acupuncture and chiropractor WordPress theme ready to cover any medical content under question.

By having this sophisticated and entirely adaptable template running on the basis of your website, you can be sure to make your online display pretty awesome and exceptional, standing out among many other competitive medical structures.

It will be easy for you to edit and modify every single item in your medical website and make it look and feel as you wish.

Moreover, Healing Touch comes well – optimized for mobile and device usage by adapting every post and page of your website to fit the proposed screen dimensions.

Massage Center:

massage center


If you are a nutritionist or dietitian, the fact that you have found an ideal WordPress theme for your future diet – related website is obvious.

Here is Massage Center with its deeply intuitive and smart structure and fresh and dynamic external appearance to motivate the website visitors and patients to change the quality of their lifestyles and live a healthy life.

Lots of fonts, icons and shortcodes are integrated within the theme to be practiced by you in the case of need, ready to use homepage sections are ready to display the most relevant services, products, diet programs or anything else.

Yogi Pro:



Yogi Pro is entirely cutting edge and technologically saturated, feature – rich and totally responsive WordPress related and medical – oriented product at your disposal to feature any yoga, fitness, gym, weight loss, diet or any health and healthcare activities and continually promote your business not only in real life, but also in virtual one.

The theme has been minutely and professionally planned and developed to release its future users from any kind of complicated processes and compulsory codings in order to alter the theme to match the essential needs and purposes of the website owner.

Hence every doctor or health and yoga specialist and trainer will have the potential to manipulate his web information accordingly.

SKT Spa:

Multipurpose and general –purpose, aesthetically designed and strongly coded, extremely convenient and comfortable.

SKT Spa is loaded with boundless possibilities to belong to almost any phenomenon or undertaking, be it gardening, landscaping and other nature – centric activities to medicine and medical – centric issues.

Hence, this dynamic and practical WordPress supported product integrates a very precise and neatly organized multiconcept structure personalize any doctor or medical representative’s online profile.

The theme is SEO and SMO optimized and ensures flawless compatibility with any mobile and device usage.

Meditation Pro:

Meditation Pro may be unmatched and incomparable for any health or fitness centre, clinic, hospital or doctor website, as this wonderfully tech – savvy and functional product balances between strong and motivational appearance.

And deeply customizable and controllable structure to implement any planned or unforeseen changes and modifications for the website better functionality and user – friendliness.

Just like all the previously – mentioned products, this theme looks and functions great on any mobile, tablet or any device, providing the website exceptional appearance in all cases.

Based on strong and stable HTML5 and CSS3 coding, Meditation Pro corresponds to all the standards and calls every theme must have in order to be compatible with the WordPress latest version.

Why consider these Acupuncture WordPress theme?

Acupuncturists require acupuncture WordPress theme to create nicer websites which they can use to showcase their skills and services.

They require it to showcase all the information about their website and themselves.

Years of experience might be shown along with the resume and profile details of the service provider.

Also these themes and templates are all local business related and hence they satisfy the needs and requirements of local businesses like call to actions which can get you calls and sales as well as leads.

Services overview and services are properly explained and some even have unlimited services addition areas.

All the templates allow translation as well as color changing hence one can have an unique acupuncture WordPress theme based website.

Sidebar consists of call to action contact form and is widget friendly as well.

Testimonials and reviews are very important in such kind of websites as they give a sense of trust among users and also showcase the previous case studies and happiness and satisfaction.

Hence all the requisite and required elements and features as well as functionality have been added in these themes and templates to satisfy the requirements of a acupuncturists website.

SEO friendly website with focus on social media gives an option for the users to be internet savvy and social media savvy.

Also custom color schemes, logo and page templates give the added juice on features to the customer.

Also website owner can avail several page builders for inner pages to make whatever kind of page layouts they need for inner pages with added functionality and display.

No coding skills as such are needed to manage these acupuncture WordPress themes from your end and full documentation and manual are provided with each of them.

Photo gallery is included in each of these templates and several other shortcodes 100+ in number are included to add great features.

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