WordPress Registration Plugins for User Registration and Login

If you are looking to establish a portal or set up a business website, then you know that you would need to check out some of the best WordPress registrations plugins before settling on one to use for your website.

The registration plugin that you select must come with all the advanced functionality that you need and more importantly, it needs to be easy to use as well. So you may want to check out the various WordPress registrations plugins, posted below.

Best WordPress Registration Plugins

Why you need a WordPress registration plugins?

One of the main reasons that you would want to install one of the top ranking WordPress registrations plugins is to make your website user friendly.

After all, you would want to make it easy for your prospective leads to be able to register and set up their profiles with ease.

There are quite a few WordPress registration plugins that you can choose from – basically, you are looking for some truly stunning registration plugins, which would allow your online users to be able to register and set up their profile easily.

Whether you are setting up an online eCommerce shop or want to set up a dating website, you would need to utilize a custom user registration plugin for your website. So go ahead and check out some of the top ranking registration plugins, posted below.

How do WordPress Registration Forms Help?

To work efficiently with WordPress, a registration form helps in various ways. An easy registration form comes with the easy creation of the User registration forms in WordPress. It allows you to create a large number of forms for all the necessary and required fields.

The WordPress Registration forms come with WordPress registration plugins, thus give you the ability to go for creating the various types of form ranging from the complex multi-page and multi-step ones to simple and easy form varieties. However, it comes with various benefits. Have a look:

Better organization: With the WordPress registration form, you can let your visitors create a WordPress account and help them to have their profile on your site. It helps you with the proper organization of data entry and the account details.

Proper customization: By creating the WordPress registration form, you can easily authorize the information that you need for creating a new account for your users. This leads to a customized experience.

Easy permissions: Using a WordPress registration form, you can easily grant permission to those users who are useful for your website. You can specify the level of access for your users who can complete the form.

Enhanced security: Providing a form for registration to your user thus ensures the proper security of your site. You can deal with only those users who are safe for your website.

Membership site creation: You can efficiently create a membership site using the WordPress registration form creation. This helps you to unleash the users who are ready to register with your website.

Contact form by WPForms :

wpforms lite

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This Contact form by WPFroms comes as efficient WordPress registration plugins. With the heaps of features, it unleashes better areas for easing out your customer experience on your site.

Whether it is start rating or it is file uploading, it enables you to do everything. You can also opt for the multi-page contact form creation with the progress bar.

The plugin lets you integrate all your contact forms with the email marketing service. You can also collect payment for booking and orders.

There is no need for any developing knowledge. The plugin lets you create surveys and polls, which gives better insight into customer preference. You can easily create both the simple contact forms and the form for the membership site.

Theme My Login:

Theme My Login

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Theme My Login is the efficient one with a large number of features. It lets the users log in from the front-end area of the site.

You can easily allow your users to have access from the front-end site. At the same time, this plugin enables your users to recover their passwords on your site.

Moreover, it offers the customized slugs required for login, password recovery, and registration on multiple pages.

You can easily allow your users to have a registration with their email only. At the same time, you can offer your customer to use the flexibility for both the application of password and email.

There are various add-on extensions that come with this plugin, which you can use to enhance the experience of your customer on your WordPress site.

Temporary Login Without Password:

Temporary Login Without Password

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This plugin proficiently works to help you with the creation of the self-expiring, automatic login links for your WordPress site.

The plugin seamlessly creates the self-expiring accounts for the users along with a special link and which they can use for logging in without any need of using a password or username.

You can easily decide when the login can expire and create a temporary account. Creating unlimited temporary login for any role thus gives your customer very smooth and stress-free access to your site. At the same time, the plugin comes with various expiry options that you can customize.

You can also see how many times your users are using that link to access your set up.

Login Lockdown:

Login Lockdown

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The Login Lockdown is quite useful in giving you the easy creation of registration forms using the IP address and the timestamp for the failed attempts for login.

The plugin helps you with easing out the situations for the certain attempt detection in a short period from a similar IP range.

The plugin efficiently disables the login function in such cases and disables the requests. It also prevents brute force passwords.

In such cases, the plugin serves a default 1-hour lock for an IP address when it attempts 3 fails to log in within the 5 minutes. Also, it enables you with the supreme control to release the locked IP addresses to give you better user access.

Nextend Social Login and Register:

Nextend Social Login and Register

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The Nextend Social login works as one of the professional WordPress registration plugins for creating the WordPress registration form, which is quite easy to use and comes free. It enables your user to register and login into your site using the social profiles.

The various features of this plugin include one-click registration and easy registration via social media. At the same time, users without social media accounts can also access through this plugin. It lets you define the custom redirect URL after registration.

It offers various customizable designs for your site at the same time displays various avatars for social sites.
The texts here are easy to edit and translate using the login button. At the same time, it offers a user-friendly user interface along with fast and helpful support.

Remember Me:

Remember Me

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The Remember Me is an easy plugin that lets the users do the proper administration through the and/ or user for the placement control. It lets you add the Remember Me check box on a regular WordPress login form.

This is useful for your users to reduce the stress of logging in every time. With Remember Me, they don’t have to enter their login details for two weeks.

It offers better control as it comes default for all kinds of logins from admin Panels or the public web pages of the Private Site. Also, you can easily disable it whenever you want. At the same time, you can decide how long you want to remember.

Custom Login page customizer:

Custom Login page customizer

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The Custom Login Page customizer works as a useful plugin for those who want to have an easy customization feature on their login page of WordPress. It lets you previous the custom login changes before you save them for your WordPress user registration form.

The seamless customization thus helps you to create a better user experience. Also, it comes with various themes, and that goes suitable for your site. At the same time, this plugin is quite simple to use.

WP Security Question:

These WordPress registration plugins come with a multitude of features that are necessary for customizing your user experience while they want to login to your site.

The plugin comes with security questions necessary for the registration, login, and password setting for the users. This is essential to protect your account from hackers.

The plugin lets you set up any number of questions with the backend. Show/Hide quotations are also added on the registration page.

Users can also set up the security answers for login. You can easily protect the login screen with better admin control. Also, the password screen comes with the show/ hide option.

Though the free version comes with a variety of features, you can also switch to the pro edition for more advanced security features on your registration form.

No Login by Email Address:

No Login by Email Address

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The No login by email address plugin is too efficient to enable the users to have very easy access without the frustrating registration. The plugin enables easy registration with the user’s email address without the username.

As you activate the plugin, it enables the login using the email address. The label of the input field also changes itself as soon as you activate it.

Prevent Concurrent Logins:

Prevent Concurrent Logins

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The Prevent Concurrent Plugin is much helpful for setting up the WordPress user registration form. This plugin works as open-source software. It helps you to deter the subscribers and members on your page while sharing the account with others.

The plugin is brilliant in functioning as it comes with better security features as it destroys the only sessions automatically.

At the same time, it prompts the old sessions so that your users can opt for another login whenever they try to continue. If you intend to create a membership site or a web application, then this plugin is a brilliant one to pick.

Ultimate LinkedIn Integration:

Ultimate LinkedIn Integration

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If you want to create an integration of your WordPress account using LinkedIn, then this plugin is the best one to pick. This plugin comes with various advanced features to integrate with eth LinkedIn API.

It lets you map the BuddyPress custom fields to the LinkedIn profile fields. Users can easily register with their LinkedIn account with one click only. It locks the contents and permits those users who opt to log in. You can easily enter the custom redirect URLs for sign-up and login.

Moreover, it also comes up with various additional features with one of these WordPress registrations plugins that you can use to allow your LinkedIn users to have easy access to your account.

Password Protected:

Password Protected

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If you are looking out for a plugin that can protect the password on your WordPress registration page, then this one is the ideal one. This plugin helps you to protect the WordPress generated contents.

The features it includes helps you with the protection of your account with a single password. It comes with the options for allowing access in the feed area.

At the same time, it offers options for the allowing of the administrator’s access without any passwords. Also, you can use this plugin to work with Login Logo and Uber Login Logo.

Idle User Logout:

The Idle User Logout plugin detects the idle users on your WordPress account and disables their actions, which are specified with the Admin End. The plugin works with efficiency to detect the activity of your users on your site from both the admin end and front end.

As it tracks the idle users, it executes their actions on your site. You can use this plugin for seamless behavior set up on your WordPress for determining the role of each of your users.

WP Last Login:

If you want to customize your WordPress account to make it more useful and user interactive, then this plugin is the best one to pick. It comes with the option to add an extra column to the users for overviewing the date of the last login for individual users.

You can easily sort your users by tracking their last login details. Moreover, the plugin comes with the option for translation in various languages.

UsersWP – User Profile & Registration:

UsersWP - User Profile & Registration

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This is the only lightweight user profile plugin for WordPress which comes with the feature for 100% customization of the registration design. The plugin is quite easy to use, which goes compatible with a large number of page builders.

You can easily manage your users on your WordPress account using the various features here in this one of the WordPress registration plugins.

It comes with a drag and drop form builder with the custom field for your user profile. There is the shortcode that is available for login, registration, a user directory, and a user profile.

Also, it provides a shortcode for password changing, password resetting, and Author box. There are custom menu items for login/ logout links for relevant pages. The shortcodes come in the form of widgets and blocks.

User registration :

user registration

download button

When it comes to WordPress registration plugins, user registration stands out for all the right reasons. For starters, it happens to be free, moreover, it comes with drag and drop functionality which makes it incredibly easy to use.

It comes with a nice, clean, professional looking user interface. Moreover, you can set it up with ease and integrate it with the rest of your website, without much hassle.

What makes this plugin stand out is that you can use the short code it comes with along with any post, and set up a feature rich customized registration form.

All you need to do is to download and install this plugin and you should be good to go. Incidentally, this plugin comes with stunning, responsive, registration forms which manage to snag your attention right away.

Ultimate member :

ultimate member

download button

This plugin certainly ranks as one among the best WordPress registration plugins; it comes loaded with all the functionality that you need and it is currently available both as a free and premium version. The plugin is simple, easy to use and comes with a stunning user dashboard.

It is basically a front end registration plugin that should enable your users to access registration forms, to register and set up their various profiles with ease.

All you need to do is to download and install the plugin and as you install it, it comes preloaded with 7 sample pages such as (account, login, logout and more).

And to create new forms, all you would have to do is to head over to the plugin settings and click on “add new”, that’s it.

Profile builder :

profile builder

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Profile builder is certainly a powerful plugin and comes packed with various features as well as a stunning user interface as well. It comes with a front end registration form through which your users register and build their requisite profiles.

It also comes with a front end login form through which users can login to their profiles once they have registered. It also happens to come with short codes with which you can widgetize this plugin.

It is well designed and extremely easy to use and if you feel that you need more functionality, then you can always upgrade to a premium account.

Profile press :

Profile press

download button

This handy plugin certainly manages to get your attention and it is no surprise that this plugin features among the top 5 where registration plugins are concerned.

It comes with a simple user interface so much so that your users should not have any issue in registering or in setting up their various profiles. With this plugin, you should be able to set up some well designed registration forms, which your users can use.

It comes loaded with registration forms, login pages; password reset forms and much more. As a free version, it comes with some limited features but you can always opt for one of those premium accounts later on, and access all the respective features of this handy plugin.

Registration magic :

Registration magic

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If you were on the lookout for a simple, easy to use registration plugin, then this may well be the one that you need – so check it out. For starters, it is currently available both as a free version and a premium one with the latter providing you with more functionalities.

The free version comes with 90+ powerful standard features with extended functionality as well as three extensions. It certainly comes packed in with all the functionality that you were looking for in a registration plugin.

It is super easy to download and install this plugin; it also comes with the requisite short codes as well as three sample registration forms. It happens to be well designed and comes with an easy to use interface as well.

What makes this plugin stand out is that it comes with Woo Commerce compatibility in the sense that you can accept payments with this handy plugin.

It also comes with a pop up button as well as powerful email notifications. It is well designed and the extended features along with advanced functionality help to make this plugin all the more attractive.

These are some of the best registration plugins, just check out the lot and see which one suit your website better. You may first want to go for a short demo as this should clue you in as to whether the plugin is indeed as good as it sounds.

It is essential that you select the right registration plugin, especially one which comes loaded with all the functionality that you require.

And with the right one in place, your prospective leads should not face any issue in registering on your website, or in setting up their various profiles.

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