5 WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website Performance in All Possible Mobile Screens

WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website Performance

Smartphones have become so ubiquitous that in most countries around the world, it is the number one device that people are using to consume content.

This change has only happened in recent years. Therefore some people who run web pages have been caught flat footed.

It is therefore important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, so that users can view a more properly formatted page regardless of the device they are using. Another reason for that is to ensure that your search engine rankings do not get lost.

Search engines like Google have in the last 5 years, consistently emphasized the importance of building a mobile friendly site. The following are plugins you can add to your WordPress site to make them more mobile friendly and increase load times.

WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website Performance

1. EWWW Image Optimizer


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If you have previously added a considerable number of images on your WordPress site, you may have noticed that it tends to become slower. If you find that your blog posts are full of images, you may want to consider using EWWW Image Optimizer.

EWWW Image Optimizer can work with WordPress sites that include other plugins such as FooGallery and NEXTGEN. This plugin reduces the sizes of your images, by changing the format to one that is smaller in size and easy to load.

The images are lossless, so the process doesn’t compromise the quality of the displayed images.

The WordPress plugins for boosting website calls the optimization algorithms directly. It is therefore fast enough to run all your images in a considerably short period of time.

It can change all types of image files into smaller fast loading lossless images, except images in the GIF format.

2. WP Touch


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If you’re looking for a plugin that will improve the performance of your website for all portable devices, then WP touch may be the solution. WP touch allows you to automatically transform your WordPress site to a mobile friendly site.

Whether your audiences are people with Android, Blackberry, iPhone or any of the popular phones, WP Touch will deliver properly formatted pages to these screens on these devices.

The other advantage of this site is that it makes the process very simple. With a few clicks you can create different versions of your site, so that it looks good to both portable devices, and fixed devices visitors of your site.

3. AMP for WP

amp for wp

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AMP for WP is another plugin that you can use to ensure that your site can be viewed from any type of screen, be it a standard mobile, a Smartphone, or a desktop computer.

WP mobile Detect offers greater flexibility and you can target virtually any mobile device and show an appropriate version of your website.

What AMP for WP essentially does is to provide easy to use short codes that will allow you to show or hide your site to various devices.

For example, if you have a big banner for your website, but it is not properly displayed on certain devices, AMP for WP simply provides a short code for it.

You can choose to use short code to tell WordPress what it can display to certain devices. You can also target operating systems like IOS, Windows Mobile, Android, for greater flexibility on what you can display, the plugin allows you to use a combination of both.

The codes have a similar format to HTML with corresponding closing and opening tags. For example, content placed between the tags [phone][/phone] will be displayed on mobile phones only, but not on tablets, laptops or desktop.

4. BJ Lazy Load


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This is a free plugin that increases load times by lazy loading images. This means that placeholders will be placed on the images and will only appear when the website visitor begins to scroll the page.

The advantage of lazy load is that it is simple to implement and therefore works on many different types of images unlike other optimizers such as EWWW Image Optimizer. The plugin also works with screen images for embedded videos like YouTube and Vimeo.

5. Any Mobile Theme Switcher


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This plugin will detect the mobile device you are using and will display the appropriate theme as you had set in the admin section of the site. You can set mobile themes for iPhone, iPod, Palm OS, Android, Windows Mobile, amongst others.

The plugin is free but there is a pro version which has more advanced features. These features include: ability to work with QR codes for mobile book marking, separate home pages for each type of mobile, and better mobile detection.

There are numerous WordPress plugins that you can choose from to improve the performance of your site. All these plugins have different features with varying capabilities.

You may want to consider factors such as quality, functionality, customizability, before making your final choice.

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Over the last couple of years, smartphones have become a staple way of accessing and visiting websites for most people out there. Almost everyone in this world now has a smartphone, which can access the internet.

So, if a website which is not at all mobile friendly, can be easily detected by users who visit the website via their smartphones.

Google Search Rankings also base the websites according to how much mobile friendly they are. Google has always emphasized on building mobile-friendly websites.

And that’s why you need WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website in order to boost your own website, and make it more mobile friendly as well.

A website, which has a lot of images in it, will ultimately become very slow, due to the high bandwidth, and thus you need something special to change that.

Various plugins such as Foo Gallery or Next-Gen will help your website to automatically restructure images, to the format and size, that it seems optimum when a person loads that website on a mobile device.

The images are obviously lossless structure, so the quality won’t take a hit. These optimizations will help the user to load the website in just a matter of seconds. And all this is possible with the help of these WordPress Plugins.

Apart from that, if you want to make a simple website both for mobile devices as well as for normal desktops, then you have that option too as well.

It will help you to transform your whole website, into a mobile-friendly site, that is very simple and effective, and users with their mobile phones, like the iPhone or Blackberry, can easily access it.

It will look good on any of these devices, and the best thing is that the process is very easy to carry out, as well.

If you want your website to display website content optimized separately for all kinds of portable devices, the option is there too as well.

In this way, the website content that will be shown exclusively for mobiles, will not be shown on tablets, desktops, etc. and vice versa. This optimization will help your website be more responsive on portable devices.

There are also other ways to optimize or boost your website, by only able to load images when the user starts to scroll the website.

The images will not be loaded beforehand, thus the website will be loaded barebones, very fast, and then scrolling through it will load the images. This feature will also work on YouTube and Vimeo embedded videos too.

These WordPress Plugins for boosting website also introduced nifty features like these. From setting each theme separately for each operating system out there, this takes optimization to the next level.

So, that each user of each different operating system, could easily benefit from their own ecosystem of websites, tailored made for their devices only.

WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website really helps in simplifying everything about optimizing websites.

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