List of All Suitable 11 WordPress Directory Plugins to Consider This Year

WordPress Directory Plugins helps us to create an online business. One can easily convert any simple site into a fully featured directory business website with the help of directory plugins. There are verities of WordPress directory Plugins options available in free and paid.

We have hand-picked some of the best WordPress directory Plugins to help you save some time.

Let’s have a look at each of these Plugins.
WordPress directory plugins

1. Posts Table Pro WordPress Directory Plugin

Posts Table Pro WordPress Directory Plugin

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Posts Table Pro is the perfect WordPress directory plugin because it’s flexible enough to use to create any type of directory in WordPress. Your directory listings are displayed in a sortable table layout or grid, complete with keyword search and filters. You have full control over the information to display in the directory, as well as how users can find the information they’re looking for. Users can either click from the directory to a separate page for each listing, or you can disable links and keep them on the main directory page.

Your Posts Table Pro directory can display any WordPress custom post type, as well as extra data such as all the standard WordPress fields plus custom fields and taxonomies. This lets you create a wide range of directories and make it unique to you.

For example, you can use Posts Table Pro to create a staff directory or telephone directory with contact details and profile photos. You can use it to create a multimedia directory, with embedded audio and video players embedded directly on the directory listings page. Lots of people use it to create a WordPress member directory, with filters to help users to find a member with particular skills or experience. Others use it to create a business directory.

To help you get started Barn2 Media, the UK company behind Posts Table Pro, have published in-depth tutorials about how to create different types of directory. This includes tutorials on creating a WordPress staff directory, member directory, audio library, and video directory.

Pricing Plans:-
Posts Table Pro is a premium WordPress directory plugin with a choice of 3 pricing options.

2. HivePress – Business Directory Plugin

hivepress directory plugin

HivePress is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage any type of directory or listing website. Whether you want to build a business directory, job board, or real estate directory – HivePress has got you covered.

The plugin already includes all the necessary features for starting your own directory website, such as front-end listing submission, location-based search, custom fields & search filters and so on.

With its intuitive interface and flexible options, HivePress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a directory or listing website with WordPress.

3. Directorist – Business Directory Plugin



As the name suggests, Directorist WordPress directory Plugin offers a simple and easier way for creating directories like the local directory, address books, Yellow Page-style business listings and much more. 

It comes with two templates for single listing and archive listing page. There is also a premium version of the plug-in which comes with some extra features. 

Pricing Plans:-

Directorist Directory Plugin is free WordPress directory Plugin.

4. Business Directory Plugin

business directory plugin


WordPress Business Directory plug-in is one of the best, free and most widely used Plugin for WordPress directory Plugins. Business directory plug-in has two levels of Google Maps support.

Basic and Extended. The Basic is included in each Pro version and will show a map of the business location on the business page. Extended is only supported once purchasing the Map Location plug-in.

Business Directory Plugins are Completely responsive, Fully customizable form fields, Supports reCAPTCHA,  Stripe and Pay Fast Gateway for accepting payments, It has built in CSV import and export, Full support for recurring payments. 

Pricing Plans:-

The plug-in is completely FREE for directory creation.

5. Connections Business Directory


Connections Business Directory is amongst the best WordPress directory Plugins available on the market today. A connection is a powerful directory Plugin for WordPress.

It makes it super easy to set up a business directory. It comes with a great set of custom fields that can be used to create almost any kind of web directory. 

Connections also come with template support, so you can choose a layout for your listings from pre-built templates.

Connections Business Directory Plugin can maintain Business Directory, Staff Directory, Member Directory, Link Directory and Simple Address Book. 

Pricing Plans:-

The basic Connections Business Directory Plugin is available for free with many paid extensions available from the Plugin website.

6. Staff Directory Plugin

staff directory

Staff Directory Plugin is the most beginner friendly plug-in to create an online business directory website for WordPress directory Plugins. It can be used in many ways such as create a survey, add user submitted content, quizzes, and many other things.  Staff Directory Plugin includes preset templates for Staff Profiles, Resumes, Job Board, Issue Tracker, Event Listings, and a lot more. It Displays entries only to the creator of the entries, the operation is entirely based on shortcodes. 

Pricing Plans:-

Staff Directory Plugin is a free add-on plug-in.

7. Geo Directory


As the name suggests Geo Directory allows you to create a location based business directory. For example Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, etc. It can hold millions of listings and, offer tonnes of customization options. It has an easy to use front-end interface allowing users to submit entries. GeoDirectory is complete compatibility with WordPress directory Plugins Multisite. With GeoDirectory one can export, import and re-import of data using CSV files. It also includes Google Analytics widget.

Pricing Plans:-

The Geodirectory Plugin is available for FREE, although it comes with paid extensions, it can be used to monetize your website by selling listings.

8. Web Directory Free

web directory free

Web Directory Free plugin has the ability to create a community driven local business directories such as Google+, YELP, and Yahoo. It’s one of the most popular and premium WordPress directory Plugins that enables you to create beautiful directories on your WordPress website. 

The plug-in is fully responsive and is comfortable to view on any devices. The filter form can easily be customized using a visual form editor in the backend. By using it one can Create multiple directories, It provides Multi-location support, It Display reviews, photos, and bookmarks by a user, It also comes with a variety of payment options including PayPal,, Stripe. 

Pricing Plans:-
Web Directory Free Plugin is available on premium charges. 

9. Name Directory

name directory

A name directory is a directory that contains entries with the following properties:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Submitter

Name Directory” is open source software. It is a simple yet effective WordPress directory Plugin that comes with an option to create multiple directories. Every directory can be embedded with a very simple shortcode which you can just copy-and-paste in your own pages and posts. The administration view of this plug-in has the familiar look of the WordPress Administration panel.

It’s WPML Compatible. 

10. Simple Link Directory

simple link directory

Simple Link Directory could be linked to a Swiss army knife for directory Plugins. It’s ideal and completely responsive for creating different types of listing such as yellow page, wedding site, real estate, classified ads, events, boats, bikes and more. It comes with the additional features like Frontend dashboard for regular users, Offers Sticky and featured listings options,

Has Order directory listings, Comes integrated with Google Maps, Lets your users perform locations to search in radius, Allows quick CSV import and Comes with invoices management. Simple Link Directory also empowers you to explore numerous income streams like

  • Charge customers to post and renew their listing
  • Create a featured listing for addition revenue
  • PayPal subscription available as standard, other payment options includes stripe the developer’s favorite.

Pricing Plans:-

Simple Link Directory Plugin has a license fee of $34. 

11. BePro Listings Plugin

Bepro listings

BePro is the most user-friendly WordPress directory Plugin. It enables the front-end submissions and builds a front-end and back-end directory.

With the help of  BePro Plugin, one can create websites for Real Estate, Business Directory, Product Catalogue, Portfolio, and Classifieds.

The plug-in offers a simple installation and configuration procedure that allows you to quickly build a directory for your business.

It allows users to search and filter by name, location, categories, price. 

Additional features of BePro plug-in are Accept Payments, Upload CSV, Clustered Google Maps and Responsive listing and detail pages with Custom posts and email notifications.

Pricing Plans:-
BePro Listing Plugin is Free.

We hope this list will help you find the best directory plug-in for your WordPress site. 

The websites that are created using the WordPress comes with many features. There are many functions which are included in the themes as is, this is the reason why WordPress is such a popular platform.

There are many sites in various different categories which are created using WordPress this is primarily because of the efforts WordPress makes in creating its themes and templates. The platform started as a blogging platform and created templates and themes suitable for blog, with the aim to grow and cater to larger audience WordPress has always stepped up and created a better game.

The WordPress ensures that with their free or premium websites it should be able to provide all inbuilt functionalities sand when it is not able to do so then there are many plug-ins that do the job.

WordPress creates these plug-ins to help the website owners to add the feature that they find missing on the site. These are all compatible with the templates and themes of WordPress and hence can easily be included on the website. The plug-ins can be added to the WordPress directory plugin which has a long list.

The WordPress users are free to choose these plug-ins and in most cases the requirements of them are different. The experts, however, have made an effort to hand-pick the WordPress directory plugin that will be best suited for almost all type of websites.

The list is long but in an effort to help the users here are a few of the best ones which are highly popular amongst the users.

Business directory plug-in: This is a great WordPress plug-in which is available to the users for free. This is used widely because of the ease and effectiveness. It has two level of Google map support. When the map is used it shows the location of the business and helps the users locate it in real time. The plug-in is highly responsive and has been tested for different web browsers and devices.

Since it is a WordPress plug-in it is definitely compatible with the themes and templates available on WordPress.

This is a platform which has reCaptcha support, can be customized fully to support the form fields and comes with many added features.

Connection Business Directory: This is the best plug-in which is known to be available in the market. It is simple to use and very easy to operate. There are a lot of customization options available which makes the plug-in suitable for various different sites.

There is a lot of support available for the plug-in and the layouts are many which can be used while creating the directory. These pre-built templates are useful for making great directory.
WordPress has most of the plug-ins available in two versions free and premium.

The users can find that the free versions come with decent features and are a great source of added functionality for the websites. Those who want to create a website with premium features might want to try the premium plug-ins.

The list is exhaustive and the users are free to make their pick.

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