WordPress Crowdfunding Plugins for Fundraisers Charity Donations

The best WordPress crowdfunding plugins were what we have been searching for recently and are going to share them with you today.

Charity is a social and cultural phenomenon bringing thousands of people over the same topic or issue and trying to make the world a better place to live and survive.

And while the traditional definition of crowdfunding or charitable activities used to be grounded on the idea of a good deed, the modern explanation is a bit wider and includes all the actions of a voluntary distribution of private and public resources to solve a long range of important social and other problems.

Well, any manifestation falling under such explanation can be called charity or crowdfunding in a modern society, from protection and patronage to sponsorship, voluntary donations, social investment and campaigns, etc.

With this diversity of relevant humanitarian and charitable services, as well as the efforts of special NGOs and social organizations to raise their voice in an effort to change and save lives, create better living and development conditions across the globe.

WordPress Crowdfunding Plugins

Creating useful and affordable tools for contributing to such activities has become one of the main concerns of the modern WordPress community and its members.

As a result, dozens of charity and crowdfunding templates and plugins have been projected, created and launched to be available for all kinds of WordPress users, from startup and small crowdfunding events to globally famous societies and NGOs, charitable funds and others.

Some of such reliable and results leading WordPress crowdfunding plugins are in the focus of our attention this time.

These simple tools can be the best add-ons to your website to make your digital operation more progressive and productive while enabling your followers to make their donations and participate in your programs online without additional difficulties.

All of these WordPress crowdfunding plugins are simple in usage, yet effective in supporting your sites functionality with new possibilities and working directions, payment systems integration and more.

The developers of these irreplaceable tools have united powerful platform, intuitive and flexible working space and dozens of essential controls in one place so that anyone of you can create happiness and deliver it to thousands of other people across the globe easily.

1. SKT Donation

skt donation

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SKT Donation is a popular WordPress donation plugin. This WordPress tool will help you to manage your donors and keep track of donation reports.

To sort all reports you can make use of payments, dates, and forms. The tool allows you to take donations online with different payment methods. You will be able to succeed in your donation campaign as it provides so many extended features.

It comes with customization options so that you can create a registration form on your website very easily. Different colors, fonts, and elements can be used to make your donation form suitable for your website look.

The plugin ensure that your donations are secure along with this you don’t need to worry about your donors information because it is safe as well.

2. Give

give plugin

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Growing your online charitable platform and crowdfunding campaign online will be possible with Give. Whether you represent a charitable fund or human protection organization or want to accept crowdfunding for your specific business promotion.

This awesome product as one of the top and best WordPress crowdfunding plugins is what you will need.

Several minutes will be taken from you when it comes to the installation of this premium quality plugin. Well processed and improved to meet all your crowdfunding and charity, support and fundraising requirements.

Give is totally free so that anyone can organize the simplest ways of receiving money online and keeping the track of the statistics with reports and complete overview details.

3. Donorbox


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Donorbox is a powerful WordPress donation plugin for nonprofits. This WordPress donation plugin helps nonprofits accept recurring as well as one-off donations seamlessly. Recurring donations include monthly, weekly & annual donations.

More features include auto-export donor data to CSV, World-class integration with Salesforce, Mailchimp & Zapier, collect custom data from donors such as address, employment details, etc. It accepts payments via cards, Apple Pay, low-fee ACH and SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and PayPal!

It’s ability to customize donation form, seamless corporate matching, and accepting donations in various currencies makes Donorbox’s WordPress plugin one of the most powerful for nonprofit fundraising.

4. Seamless Donations

seamless donations

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If you are looking for an advanced way for accepting automated crowdfunding from your supporters and never be charged extra fees or commissions from the financial means you receive, look no further than Seamless Donations.

The core plugin can be installed and activated without any payment, however there are premium add ons and extensions ready to make your crowdfunding system more integrated and challenging.

You can use your PayPal account and start receiving crowdfunding via it. On the whole, this plugin is super easy in management and customization to result in the seamless integration with your main website platform.

5. Charitable


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Charitable is exactly what makes a good solution to your WordPress based website. Easy to use and function, it is one of the most versatile and client centric WordPress crowdfunding plugins that will work impeccably with your digital profile of any kind.

The free version of the plugin supports PayPal payment gateway and lets your donors make their payments while online or offline with few simple clicks. As for additional payment ways, you need to make use of paid add ons.

From crowdfunding forms with required fields to emails with relevant notifications and payment instructions, everything is highly customizable.

6. PayPal Donations

paypal donations

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The global networking system has made it easier for people showing their support to this or that campaign, undertaking or company with donations and charities.

PayPal Donations is one of highly demanded donation integration tool among the best WordPress crowdfunding plugins to make it a standard practice for your website users to make regular donations via PayPal.

PayPal Donations quickly adds PayPal donation shortcode or sidebar widget to any WordPress hosted ecosystem and enables you to choose the donation button to be showcased to your audience.

By using the widget on your site’s sidebar areas, you can add some descriptive text above the button to encourage people to proceed with their donations.

7. Donation Thermometer

donation thermometer

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Showcasing and tracking your crowdfunding program progress online can be managed with Donation Thermometer.

Putting a donation thermometer on your site can have a wide range of benefits, from updating your fundraising details without touching the codes of the site to sharing them with your online audience.

This plugin offers a simple shortcode to create nice looking thermometers on your site that will display the state of your fundraising or crowdfunding programs and events.

Moreover, these thermometers are wonderfully customizable with colors and texts, currency and percentage, amount raised and more.

8. PayPal Donation

paypal donation

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All in one solution for crowdfunding related activities online is called PayPal Donation. This plugin goes well with absolutely any kind of HTML5 and CSS3 powered WordPress templates and makes a website admin workload easier with customizable crowdfunding system paired with his profile.

You are free to use standard PayPal donation option and direct users to the respective page to state the amount they want to donate.

You can even customize 3 buttons with certain amounts so that your website guests can choose any of them and send that amount with a single click.

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