WordPress Contact Forms: Why Do You Absolutely Need For Website

It’s hard to find a website that can make do without a contact form. Although contact form is not the first page of your website or the most important element of design, it still plays a crucial role in the interaction of the user with your site and, accordingly, with your business and you.

And whether you offer digital or physical products or services with your WordPress site, at least in 8 cases out of 10, someone will want to quickly get in touch with you. And this is exactly the point where WordPress contact forms have the maximum effect.

Contact form is an absolute necessity for every single website existing in the digital platform. Whether you are making first steps towards gaining a client base, want to increase client engagement.

Advertise your commercial store and its merchandise, display portfolio and gather more attention to it, contact form will act as a communication bridge between you and your website visitors.

As for WordPress contact forms, in particular, they considerably simplify the process of mutually beneficial connection between what you represent and its audience saving tons of time and providing accurate platform to send and receive messages.

WordPress Contact Forms

Get answers to questions, price quotations or whatever the end users are interested in. And while some of WordPress hosted template come prebuilt with default contact forms, other themes need additional tools and plugins in order to integrate contact forms.

If you have found yourself in the second situation, we are happy to share with you some of the best contact form WordPress plugins to get instant inquiries and questions, feedbacks and notices from clients through neatly arranged and easy to use contact forms.

Choose any of these contact form WordPress plugins and make sure your site’s contact form is presented in the best possible way.

1. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

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Contact Form 7 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful contact form WordPress plugins you can rely on.
Create and customize different contact forms and mail contents once this plugin is added to your WordPress site.

You will be able to get access to an additional “Contact” section in your WP Admin Dashboard for managing existing forms and customizing new ones.

And although dealing with this plugin may seem a bit tricky for non coders, be sure your efforts will be paid off with better user and client engagement and more effective communication.

2. Contact Form by WPForms – Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPress

wpforms lite

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If you are looking for a simple solution to your needs when it comes to arming your site with serviceable contact form, Contact Form by WPForms is what you need.

Creating valuable contact forms with this awesome plugin is possible even without any developer experience or knowledge. Based on drag and drop functionality, lite version of this plugin grants you with a handy toolbox to create and add contact, subscription and payment forms without sweating hard.

With Contact Form by WPForms you can rest assured that the contact form added to your site is going to be responsive and look well on all types of mobiles and portable devices.

3. Formidable Form Builder

formidable form builder

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Another must have tool deservedly included in our roundup of the best and the most versatile contact form WordPress plugins is Formidable Form Builder.

Fairly speaking, this plugin is wonderful in its simplified usage and management no matter whether you want to have one or more than one WordPress contact forms.

All you need to do is to activate the plugin and decide where you want contact form to be displayed. Just use the shortcode within the pages you want your contact form to appear on.
Additionally, you can adjust and customize fields, labels, messages, etc to give a final look to the form.

4. Ninja Forms: The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder

ninja forms

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Establish firm and reliable two way communication with your clients and customers, fans and web surfers with the help of Ninja Forms.

As one of the fully customizable and boundless in capacity contact form WordPress plugins available at present, Ninja Forms makes it possible for you to create as many forms and fields, emails and submissions as you find expedient to have in your profile.

You can even modify preferable form for repeated usages in future, send success messages or redirect users to another page once they complete filling in a contact form.

5. Caldera Forms

caldera WordPress forms

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Another highly productive in performance plugin that will take the pain out of association of WordPress contact forms with your site is known as Caldera Forms.

It is another convenient and free tool based on drag and drop editor and such makes the user’s life much easier with contact forms, anti spam protection, email notifications and database entry tracking.

Packed with smart interface and dozens of field types, such as file upload, dropdown select, calculation and more, Caldera Forms is also responsive and compatible with free yet useful add ons both for startup and experienced users.

Quick configuration options are also given for email notifications so that you won’t miss a single contact form submitted, as well as auto responders to send automatic emails.

6. Contact Form by WD

contact form maker

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Developed with care to meet all the modern digital challenges and WordPress requirements, Contact Form by WD is one more dependable plugin your WP website can really benefit from.

It’s an advanced yet intuitive forms and submissions management tool tried and test by thousands of active users. So you are highly recommended to join this lucky community of user.

Offered in free and premium versions, this plugin makes the creation of absolutely any kind of forms, from the simples to complex ones, fairly easy with this intuitive drag and drop form builder.

Pagination, section breaks, email messages both for users and admin, parameters for each field type are the features to be found even in the free version of plugin.

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