10 Best Free WordPress Button Plugins 2023

Usually, the traditional way of adding any button or style was coding through HTML/CSS. But what if a person willing to create a website but he doesn’t know the technical stuff. Then how he will apply some different and unique style to his website?

WordPress button plugins are the Best and effective solution to these questions. Different types of plugins are available in the market that allows you to customize the buttons as per your business requirement to make it unique and enhance the user experience.

Now, you can use WordPress button plugins to add a button to blog posts, pages, and sidebars. You can ultimately stimulate your user to get engaged with your website with the help of sign-up, buy now, read more, follow, and subscribe buttons. Thus, this will extremely help you to drive more traffic to your business.

Best Free WordPress Button Plugins

Best WordPress button plugins are listed below that replace the method of using shortcodes.

1. Call Now Button :

Call Now Button

Call Now Button is a WordPress Button Plugins. This button is visible to mobile users only. So that your user will able to call to a given number in a single mouse click. Call Now button in simple means click to call button.

2. AddToAny Share Buttons :

With the help of AddToAny share button plugin user will be able to share content posts, pages to their friends and colleagues with different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Google, and different social media sharing apps. Many of WordPress user make use of AddToAny Share button.

3. Simple Share Buttons Adder :

simple share buttons adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder is the most popular WordPress button plugins that permit you to create share buttons to share the posts and pages.

This plugin is fully customizable that you can create a share button and changes its icon, icon hovers color, etc. This can be done by using CSS based settings.

Also, if you wish to upload and add images to the share button then this is also possible.

4. MaxButtons :


MaxButtons Plugins are the first button plugin that was created for WordPress users. It is very easy to understand and handle. And available at free of cost. If you like the features and functionality of this plugin and willing for more features then you can go with paid one.

MaxButtons plugins are social share buttons and social icon plugins. You can create your own social share button on your website while using nice CSS3 properties in a minute. This plugin also has the feature of a live preview.

5. MashShare :

Mashshare plugin

MashShare is a social media sharing button that assists you to optimize your quality content. This plugin is fully customizable and developer-friendly, so you don’t need to write even a line of code.

Also, different Add-Ons are available to assigning social sharing images, titles, and descriptions. It is compatible with multilingual files like the PO file is supported by MashShare to help in translating the languages.

MashShare maintains the security level that it does not send any personal data or IP address to any third parties. Hence it is also available at free of cost.

6. Facebook Button by BestWebSoft :

Facebook Button by BestWebSoft

Facebook Button is also a social media plugin. It works as a Facebook extension that users can able to like, share, follow, comment on the posts, widgets, and pages.

You have full control to change the color scheme and Facebook App ID. Also, you can select the buttons positing to be added before content, below content, before and after content, custom position by using shortcodes.

Facebook Button is cooperative with the latest version of WordPress I.e. 5.1+ Hence, this plugin is multilingual in nature and RTL ready.

7. Buttons Shortcode and Widget :

Buttons Shortcodes and widget plugin behaves as a helping hand to create all different types of buttons on your WordPress website. You can insert different buttons anywhere on the website like you can insert button to page, post, editor, sidebars, templates, files, etc.

It strengthen your website user interface with no coding skill.

8. Float to Top Button :

Float to Top Button

Float to Top button plugin is very easy to use as it creates a sticky button on your WordPress website on the right-hand side.

Suppose, you are visiting the footer section of the website and you want to scroll the website to the header section, then instead of scrolling each and every section, Float to Top Button will take you quickly at the top in one click.

9. Add to Cart Button Custom Text :

Add to Cart Button Custom Text

Add to the car button custom Text is the best plugin that is widely used by WordPress users. It helps to heighten your user experience by adding a cart button to WooCommerce Functionality.

You can create the “Add to cart button” to each and every product you want to sell. So that users willing to buy a product can be added to their separate cart. ASCII Emoji are also supported by this plugin. Also available with Spanish and Catalan languages.

10. Jotform :


JotForm plugins are a feedback form button that enables your user to add feedback and reviews about their experience with your business website.

This will help to beautify your website performance as while leaving your website user will able to send queries messages directly to you.

These are the 10 Best Free WordPress Button Plugins 2022.

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