Web App Plugins for WordPress Website Providing Superb Web Experience

To extend the look and feel of your website you need a plugin. In the same way, to enhance the user experience for your clients and customers your website needs to be appealing and attractive.

For this, you will need to integrate some progressive web application plugin i.e. PWA. PWA plugin can be integrated on the WordPress website.

Most of the website developer or website owner has already integrated this plugin on their WordPress website because this plugin returns with a lot of benefits.

PWA plugin does not take much time to get load plus it will never slow down your website. So if you are thinking to use it then you can as it is trustworthy and reliable.

Your clients and customers will be able to interact with your website faster and quicker. You can expect smooth scrolling and animations.

Your website visitors will feel like a natural application while giving engaging and most appealing feeling to enhance the user experience.

Web App Plugins

Therefore Progressive web apps are more popular for enhancing the user experience so that you can generate more profit using any type of devices

More about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and the best 5 PWA plugins for your WordPress website

Why to integrate PWA plugins on your WordPress website

PWA is a WordPress plugin that intensifies the website experience by incorporating the features of websites and applications. Using this plugin you can increase your site’s visibility ten times better than the previous one.

If your WordPress website is integrated with the PWA plugin it means your website homepage will get load faster plus each and every feature that is visible on the browser will be visible on the mobile phone as well as desktop.

Even if your customers are away from the browser still the WebPages will be visible. Therefore PWAs plugins are considered to be the most robust and best performer for increasing site visibility.

These are the most highlighted features that you will get after integrating PWA on WordPress website

You will notice that you have started getting new visitors after some seconds you installed the plugin. You will never lose any visitors coming to your website because this plugin is very easy and faster to load. Because this plugin has offline capability feature your website pages will be viewable.

The top 5 web app plugins for WordPress websites

Some best plugins that can be incorporated on your WordPress website are listed below

1. PWA


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PWA is a progressive web app plugins. It has more than 30,000 active downloads. This plugin was updated recently around 2 weeks ago. It supports the 5.3 WordPress version and the higher.

It has been tested up to 5.4 WordPress version. PHP version 5.6 and higher is supported. PWA plugin is multilingual that is supported with 5 different languages such as English (Canada), English (UK), English (US), Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish (Spain).

This plugin is useful to provide support for some technologies such as web app manifest, HTTPS, services workers, etc. It is reliable, fast and engaging.

This plugin will never display the downasaur even if your internet connection is gone. You can find the documentation or a guideline for implementing this plugin on your WordPress website on GitHub Project Wiki. Google, XWP and Weston Ruter have contributed to this plugin.

2. PWA for WP & AMP

PWA for WP & AMP

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PWA for WP & AMP is a progressive web app plugins that is included for the solution such as service worker, UTM Tracking, Push Notifications, Full AMP support, Multisite support, Push Notification and more. This plugin supports the multilingual function but does not support the Marathi language.

This plugin is useful to enhance the user experience in a powerful way. It supports WordPress version 3.0 and above. You can easily set device orientation. This tool is tested with the Google Lighthouse.

With the premium plugin, one can expand the features such as access to the scroll progress bar, call to action, data analytics, loading icon library and more. Forum support is provided

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack

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WordPress Mobile Pack is a progressive web app plugins for mobile apps that are created by WPMobilePack.com. It does not support the Marathi language but supports the other two languages i.e. English (US) and French (France).

You will get the access to various mobile app themes that can be acquired while paying some amount for individual.

This plugin is also compatible with tablets, android smartphones, and iOS. It is supportive with all type of browsers such as native browser, safari, chrome, etc.

Some highlighted features are web push notifications, responsive UI, secured with HTTPS, web app installed, apps loads faster, multiple app themes, pages synchronized, post sync, customize appearance, etc.

4. Progressive WordPress

Progressive WordPress

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Progressive WordPress is a PWA created by Nico Martin. Progressive WordPress is very easy to add on your WordPress website it is compatible with AMP and OneSignal.

It was updated 2 months before. It supports WordPress version 4.7 and the higher, the 3 different languages supported are English (US), French (France), and German (Switzerland).

You have full control to display your website as you want. It works to see as the native app does. If your computer does not have proper internet connection then also this plugin will showcase the essential elements on the website from local storage.

You will never get to see no internet connection message. From the WP admin interface, you can send push notifications.

5. WP-AppKit – Mobile apps and PWA for WordPress


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WP-AppKit is a mobile app and a progressive mobile app for WordPress. This plugin is not useful for providing support to native iOS app.

You can provide easy, fast, reliable, trustworthy and great user experience for mobile users. You can create PWA and mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for your WordPress website.

Hence WP-AppKit is the best platform to enhance the user experience. The highlighted features and the support provided by this plugin are PhoneGap Build, Themes, Android support, Native support, Cordova, customizable feature, PWA support and more.

There are many more aspects that should be considered to enhance the look and feel of your WordPress website but the main important thing that should be considered is PWA plugins.

You will find that you have started getting more traffic and conversion rate due to progressive web app plugins that are listed above.

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