How to Transfer SEO Settings For A New WordPress Theme?

You now know the SEO like you didn’t earlier. You have spent hours on your current website theme on WordPress to optimize it for SEO or Google’s search engine optimization. And now you want to change your WordPress theme finally.

But does that mean you will lose everything you have for your website’s SEO?

Well, before you panic, know that the answer is no. You can very well integrate the current SEO settings onto the next theme of your WordPress website. And now, how is that done? Well, a great question to ask because it’s the answer for faster and easy transfer SEO settings is given below for your kind perusal:

Plugins To Tweak The SEO:

There are multiple SEO-related plugins available online on the WordPress website and other stores. You, the site owner or the developer can make the best use of these plugins to adjust the SEO of your website theme, which you have installed lately.

Some SEO plugins can be found on other stores apart from the WordPress official website. They might be compatible with a particular theme, some of which might be the ones you are using now for the better and more engaging interface of your site on WordPress.

How to Transfer SEO Settings For A New WordPress Theme

Plugins Supporting The Transfer SEO Settings From Other Plugins As Well:

Let’s know more about the latest SEO-rich plugins that help in transporting one theme’s SEO features to another for faster operations on the same website and unhindered traffic count:

SEO Framework

It has both SEO optimization and other tools that might be related to or else be supportive enough for a website’s overall on-the-page optimization.

SEO Framework

This plugin greatly supports other plugins like Jetpack and WooCommerce, along with the modifications made for importing or exporting the necessary data from one theme to another.

SEO Ultimate

This plugin is SEO-rich while also providing a platform to import the necessary data onto the website. Specific functionalities supported by this plugin are endless support to find the anchor text on your website and link the same with the address of your choice, customization of the footer links, avoidance of the over-optimization penalties, keeping an eye out for error pages and reducing the hindrance for the traffic.

SEO Ultimate

Yoast SEO

It is one of the best plugins for your SEO data transportation from one theme to another to date. It is an all-rounder plugin that helps to import and export data from one theme to another if you have been using it from the start.

Yoast SEO

Whereas, it also supports the functionalities of other plugins, just in case, you wish to switch back and forth with the better and improved themes.

As an example, data from plugins like HeadSpace2 SEO and All-in-One SEO is easily imported into the Yoast SEO plugin for further optimization for the latest website design.

In short, transfer SEO settings become easier, more comfortable, and quicker when you use Yoast SEO, even with only a little knowledge about SEO: on-the-page or off-the-page.

SEO Data Transporter

It helps to move the SEO settings from one theme to another. This is one of those plugins rich in using on-the-page SEO as it supports many themes that WordPress comes up with.

It also enables you, the developer or site owner, to analyze the overall responsiveness and compatibility of the website for various devices and operating systems, when changing one theme to another of your choice.

SEO Data Transporter

Once you can identify the data to be changed or transferred, you can click the convert or import settings in this plugin to begin the process of transferring SEO from your original theme to the latest one without any hiccups on the way.

Conduct A Self-Check For Your Current SEO Plugin:

Many of your current SEO plugins might already have the compatibility to promptly transfer SEO settings from one WordPress theme to another. In this case, you wouldn’t need to follow the above steps mentioned.

Thus, you don’t need to find another plugin unnecessarily; that will only be time-consuming for you. So, if you have selected a plugin similar to the list above, make sure that the one you are currently using has its own set of features and advantages.

These perks might be similar to the ones we have mentioned in this blog. For that, you need to take time and explore the SEO plugin already installed. If there are a lot of similarities between the plugins, then you can continue to use the one that you already have been using.

Meanwhile, you just have to know how can the current SEO plugin help you transport data from one place to another. Initially, it might take some time, but once you know the full features of your existing SEO, the steps will be easier ahead.

To get acquainted with your current SEO app on your website, try the point-and-click system or explore its settings. Then match it with other plugin settings and check if you are using a similar add-on.

Change The Internal Codes Of Your Website:

Often, advanced developers, which might also be you, write their SEO codes into HTML and other supported editors of WordPress. These codes can be narrated from one theme to another.

To do so, either you need to copy the codes that you have earlier written on the former WordPress theme to the latest one, or you can tweak the SEO coding as per the new requirements.

However, you have to make sure that you do not disturb other settings aligned with the same coding as well. Also, while copy-pasting the code snippets, double-check the lines you have copied. Some of the SEO chodes, to transfer SEO settings from one interface to another, might be attached with other snippets as well.

So, these snippets might not work with other templates because of the lack of compatibility defined by the latest theme you have chosen.

Check The SEO Settings By Theme’s Own Settings

Another easiest way to transfer SEO from one page to another can be dependent on the theme’s settings. Often a theme has its SEO settings. So, it can be possible that the two themes you are switching back and forth from have similar settings and options.

In such cases, you would not need to learn about new codes, plugins, or any other ways to import and export the necessary on-the-page search engine optimization features.

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