How to Set Up Podcast in a Website Using WordPress Podcasting Plugins

WordPress Podcast Plugins list and their details

WordPress, being one of the preferable content management systems, is a robust and efficient open source web publishing tool, which can be perfectly exercised for reaching any type of business or personal objectives online.

Podcasting, in its turn, is a gradually developing digital phenomenon, the popularity of which continues to increase and involve more people worldwide.

And as WordPress podcast plugins community suggests a powerful and well-developed foundation for a website of any direction or description, and which enables everyone, even without any basic programming skills, to take full control of his website or blog, naturally it became one of the most convenient and applicable podcasting tools to be accessed and utilize always to stay one jump ahead.

Furthermore, there are dozens of podcasting techniques in the name of WordPress podcasting plugins to set up and run podcast in a website to take it a step further towards perfection.

We have handpicked some of the most popular and well-crafted podcasting plugins compatible with WordPress websites so that you can find a valuable insight in our article.


1. Seriously Simple Podcast:


Seriously Simple Podcast is really simple and clear one of the WordPress podcasting plugins to install and run on your relevant website or blog.

This plugin will demonstrate the effectiveness of each online presentation as a significant podcasting tool as it comes with a limited number and settings, which are really of utmost importance and will speak to your favour.

Some of it basic features include user friendly layout, operation of several podcasts with their own RSS feed format from the same website, audio and video podcasting support, podcast episodes management.

As well as payable episodes availability, completely customizable RSS feed for all customers, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher among them, lots of shortcodes and widgets integration to display podcast episode lists or separate episodes on the website wherever required, full support documentation coming along the plugin and other key features.

2. Powerpress podcast


Blubrry Powerpress WordPress podcasting plugin is another popular podcasting solution with more than 50.000 active installs.

This awesome plugin can be acquired for free and can be used in the most expressive way for covering all the podcasting needs and other relevant requirements.

Powerpress podcast is loaded with over 100 handy features and elements. Some of them are complete iTune and Google Play support, HTML5 media players integration, package of subscription tools with the help of subscribe shortcode insertion and widgetized subscribe sidebar.

SEO podcasting availability, the possibility to import the podcast from several podcast RSS feed formats, including SoundCloud, PodBean, LibSyn and Squarespace, separate podcasts creation options.

Blubrry podcast hosting service integration, retina and hight resolution display-ready, mobile device optimization and complete responsive design and yet much more other advantages to reveal.

3. Liteweight Podcast

Liteweight podcast

The next developer and user-friendly and suitable online podcast publishing system is BuzzSprout Podcast. This significant tool is launched and developed to be fully compatible with the existing Buzzsprout accounts.

As well as with self hosted WordPress accounts and guarantees quick, safe and sound submission procedure to HTML5 and Flesh audio players, iTunes, Stitcher and other references.

Liteweight Podcast includes podcast migration tool to transfer and drop your feed URL in BuzzSprout, exercises Feedburner through which your RSS feed can run.

This plugin can also be praised for its easy installation and overall comfortable structure to work with. Add this one of the reliable WordPress podcasting plugins to your website and enjoy its functional and structural potential in the most profitable way.

4. Podcast Player

podcast player

If you have made up your mind to run a really successful podcasting business and establish your own online identity and community, here is the next convenient and adaptable solution that will turn your website into a powerful WordPress podcasting tool.

Podcast Player together with Seriously Simple Podcasting will add more functionality and configuration options to your website, at the same time, keeping the website’s initial easy-to use and manage foundation, without causing any inconveniency to you.

Podcast Player suggests advanced services to get involved in the podcast industry in the best way. Make use of all the reachable inbuilt options and controls to reach global market recognition.

Ensure episode redirect, feed redirect and other outstanding options to be operated within your podcast-directed website.

5. Podlove


Podlove Podcast Publisher is trustworthy, multi-checked and all-inclusive podcast plugin to be utilized in order for your WordPress supported website set up and functioning.

This advanced podcasting template is considered to be an ideal selection for any podcaster to publish and promote his podcasts in all the possible and operational ways.

With the great support of this super product, you will be able to manage numerous podcast feeds in one website, multi-format publishing, including modern and frequently used audio and video formats (.mp4 aac, .mp3, Opus, Vorbis, MP4 H.264, WebM, and Theora).

This smart and high-quality out of the WordPress podcasting plugins features Podlove Web Player plugin integration, which is well optimized for operating with HTML5 clean coding, chapter support for publishing information in the player, resourceful layout to showcase podcasts in the most effective way, by choosing their style and fashion whenever is needed.

6. Libsyn Podcast


Libsyn is among the most haunted and utilized podcast hosting services, suggested at present, and hence, Libsun Podcast plugin is also among the most popular and praised ones, offering you a perfect ground, on which you can create and run any podcasting activity website without experiencing any lack of control and management, or being stuck into boring and time-taking processes in relation to its set up and install, as well as further
configuration and management.

Together with its multiple built-in functional elements and key features, this plugin lets you link your Libsyn service to the corresponding WordPress website and upload the media from the website into Libsyn.

Libsyn Podcast will provide exclusive support in the whole process of episode creation, episode drafts generation and posts scheduling.

However, it should be noted, that this is one of the WordPress podcasting plugins is currently offered to the clients in beta testing to explore its defects and operational shortcoming.

There are many online trends which are here to stay and the podcast craze seems to be one of them. One should realize that the even when there are so many people who are just willing to record these podcast and they are even simple to stat with they demand certain features to actually cater to the larger audience. Most of them which are created without much thought are the ones which will not see popularity.

The WordPress podcasting plugins are also available which enhances the functionalities and make the podcast suitable for the wider audience. But we before we get into the complete use of plug-ins let us understand what the buzz is all about.

What is a podcast?

Podcast contains episodes which are in audio or video file format that the users have to download and listen to. Most of them are available to the users once they pay a subscription for it.

Most of the podcasts are created with on niche topics and the idea is to provide users with some useful content. It is not easy to attract the audience if the content is not worth hearing. The podcast in most cases are created in series of small episodes and then they are offered to the users.

The RSS Feed allows the users to locate the latest of them online. Before we jump to RSS feed and its use let’s see what is required to get a podcast in place.

To start a podcast you will require a high-quality microphone as the voice quality cannot suffer. The audio interface is the next thing which will help you convert your audio file into digital using computer system; these also allow you to actually plug-in in more than one microphone to the system and sync the audios.

Your computers then are used to actually record, edit and then upload the podcast on the platform. You will have to be very careful here as the quality of the recording is all decided at this level. One might need editing software to get the absolute perfection.

There is no dearth of quality software which are available online and the WordPress podcasting plugins at a later stage also support the quality of the work used and it is best that the same is maintained from the very beginning.

When you shared your podcast online then you should ideally use the RSS feed to make the life of the users easy. Without RSS the users will have to manually browse through the content and check for what is new.

What RSS does here simplifies the process and offers a summary of the new updates on the site for the visitors.

When you subscribe to RSS feed then the software will check the address provided for the updated content and then display the summary or content which is new on the platform.

If you wish to make your podcast popular you will have to be regular with posting quality content to the platform which is related to the niche and with which the visitors resonate.

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