7 Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins for websites to showcase client appreciation

Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins

Customer reviews and testimonials are one of the practical ways of measuring your quality services that is directly proportional to your client satisfaction.

Otherwise stated, client evidence is one of the major factors of influence as today millions of people are inclined to perceive it as a guiding principle for their decision – making whether to trust the website they are browsing or not.

Hence, ensuring a perfectly designed and flexible reviews and testimonials management system into your web presence will form an integral part of your future success with a clear cut thought for your future clients that your existing customers are seamlessly over the moon with your services or products.

testimonials WordPress plugins

SKT Testimonials

SKT Testimonials

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The easiest way to embedding reviews and testimonials area for your customers to showcase their satisfaction or appreciation is finding reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin for your WordPress – based product and run it in the simplest fashion.

Exactly for this purpose, we have sort out the best samples of such testimonials WordPress plugins to add reviews and testimonials as a trustworthy and convincing factors of your credibility. Enable your client reviews with those plugins and enjoy all the on-site ranking benefits coming along.

Real Testimonials


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Strong and full – featured while totally lightweight and fast – performing, Testimonial Free is one of the most convenient and affordable reviews and testimonials WordPress plugins that will provide you with out – of – the – box performance.

And while advantages of this product are endless even with its free version, some of the basic functions include readily responsive and cross mobile and browser compliant web design.

Precise and nice looking appearance, intuitive installation and configuration processes that will not take long, and finally, impeccable cooperation with each and every WordPress – based website of any size or description.

In case it doesn’t seem to be enough, you are enabled to upgrade to its premium version.

By showcasing the great client feedbacks on your website you predefine your first – time website visitor’s perception of your business to the great extent.

Under this necessity, Testimonial Rotator proves to be an ideal version for adding testimonials to the relevant WordPress – powered website or blog easily and effectively.

This plugin with thoroughly thought – out structure and schematic markup is totally free of charge and comes integrated with powerful features, including the possibility of changing rotator settings, add testimonials to diverse rotators, enable star ratings, custom templates availability, etc.

Strong Testimonials


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The next stable and resistant, time – proof and error – free reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin for an average WordPress user without any basic programming knowledge is Strong Testimonials with its lite and pro versions.

This testimonial system will let your categorize your testimonials for the avoidance of inordinate look and showcase them in multiple ways as the admin may think expedient.

Lite version also offers star ratings, manual and automatic excerpts, thumbnails inclusion, preloaded templates with diverse layouts, simple pagination system, and much more.

You can also choose to display your testimonials with a help of beautiful slideshows moving around your content, so that your website viewers will instantly catch them.

Easy Testimonials


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Easy Testimonials is another top – class and checked testimonial solution for your digital product. It’s a user – driven and easy to follow plugin, which is packed with premium quality features.

By the application of this amazing plugin one is capable of adding testimonials as a customized widget or embedding them to posts and pages with a shortcode insertion in a matter of seconds.

With Easy Testimonials it is also up to you to decide how your testimonials are going to be displayed, whether or not with image, rating or with Schema.org compatible markup.

Handsome Testimonials has been coded and launched to provide us with another credible phenomenon in the format of reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin.

Statistics show that it is another preferable way of arming your site with the nicely – fashioned and truly practical testimonial and review system and enjoying all its upsides in favor of your personal or corporate business online.

Based on the user and admin – driven and simplified installation and configuration processes, Handsome Testimonials is available in free and premium variants for the beginners and for pro users accordingly.

The plugin is also highly customizable so that you can edit it to match your website overall style and operational directions.

Testimonial Slider


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Making a stunning and nicely – formatted testimonial availability for any WordPress product has never been so easy and entertaining as it is with totally responsive and customization – ready plugin called just Testimonial.

Integrating social proof and positive client feedback to your web presence will be a joy with this system without any complex procedures and irritating configuration controls.

Add and showcase your slider – based best testimonials in a creative and original way, use awe – inspiring testimonial carousel, customize and change the colors of the slider, publish your testimonials in a categorized manner and be sure they’ll appear in the most responsive fashion.



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Create your inspiring and beautiful client appreciation system and drag new customers and followers to your business, give you a variety of channels to manage it as per your wishes and objectives with the great assistance of Testimonials.

This reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin will enable your existing clients to leave their feedback and persuade the potential ones that your business is worthy of dependence and loyalty.

Based on HTML5 design, the plugin is profoundly responsive and adaptable, has listing and slider layouts and an overall shortcode – driven blameless functionality. The same is true about its Pro version, naturally, with extended functional potential.

IG Testimonials


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One more highly – rated and originally – worked out testimonial inclusion method available as for present is called IG Testimonials letting you add testimonials to your WordPress – supported website or blog at a glance with a shortcode or widget.

This detail – oriented and easy to deal with plugin combines testimonial custom post type and category inclusion, responsiveness catering to testimonial slider and its carousel, carousel setting configuration options, as well as ability to adjust testimonial image sizes, etc.

In today’s world, all different business be it local or global across different industries use social media and online website for marketing purposes.

Making your presence on social media and online website is one of the cheapest and easiest methods to effectively reach your customers.

However, it is easy to assume that when a good amount of traffic is being generated on your website it automatically implies that the customers are happy with your product or business.

This is not necessarily true. For a business to grow consistently and to make more effective decisions, it is always important to obtain customer feedback through testimonials or reviews.

Many observations and market statistics state that on popular shopping websites, customers do not generally buy products with bad reviews.

Obtaining reviews and testimonials from customers is critical to boosting your business’ growth as well as to prove your credibility to the world. They allow you to compel a customer as to why they should buy from you.

Hence if you already have a website with a business up and running or planning to build a website to start up a business it is crucial that you add in the option of reviews and testimonials for your customers.

Our website hosts a wide range of WordPress Themes be it any industry or business field you are from. Along with it we also have Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins to add on to your website.

Testimonials plugins work by generally allowing you to add your testimonials to your website, and there are a variety of forms to exhibit them such as slideshows, widgets, full pages five-star ratings and much more.

Our plugins are simple and user-friendly easy to use without complicated configurations. You can also find various fonts, styling options and various customization options without having to know any technical details

With the help of our Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins you can now receive multiple positive and negative reviews that important in making the next big decision for your business.

A good word from your customers can really make it or break it for your business. It has the potential to turn your business into gaining amazing profits as reviews and testimonials, in turn, acts as a free marketing tool for your business.

There has been a widespread trend for customers to go and read a review before buying any product since many reviews and testimonials regarding products and businesses are easily available on the Internet.

If you already have a website up and running for your business and are failing to find improvement in the growth of business then you have your answer here.

Our modern and powerfully built plugins are sure to expand your customer base and also help you become a potential brand name in the market.

Hence don’t think twice, just choose the testimonials WordPress plugins you feel that will suit your business the best and order away from our website.

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