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Features of WordPress testimonial plugin

  • Shortcode format and hence can be pasted anywhere on the website
  • Very simple to use and can be used by first time users as well
  • Super easy and documentation also provided for the same
  • Use it anywhere on widget, post as well as page
  • Colors can be changed easily with the help of color pickers provided in setting of the WordPress testimonial plugin
  • Google Fonts 850+ integrated and thus one can easily change the typography like font style of the plugin
  • Posts can be easily used to showcase the shortcode based testimonial
  • Pages can also be used to showcase the all testimonials or only a part of it
  • Support is given for 1 year from the date of purchase of the plugin
  • Lots of attributes are provided which means
  • Columns can be chosen as to how many columns you need to showcase for your client testimonials
  • Slider testimonial option given which means one can have the slideshow of the latest client testimonials
  • Ordering of the client testimonials also can be done using any post type order plugin
  • Number of testimonials to show option is also given
  • Thumbnails rounded or square option is also provided
  • Background of the whole testimonial area can also be modified in terms of color
  • 3 types of Layout options are provided which are namely basic, thumbnail, grid, timeline
  • Text color can be changed easily
  • Color scheme of the entire testimonial area can be changed as per your liking
  • Images round or square can be used for the clients so that as per your website scheme you can select it
  • Responsive 100% and has been tested with various screen resolutions as well
  • List view or column view can be chosen from the shortcode or settings of the WordPress testimonial plugin
  • Slide timing for testimonial slider is also provided

WordPress testimonial plugin has been designed and developed to work nicely and has a shortcode generator which can help you generate the shortcode as per your liking.

3 types of shortcodes have been provided and 3 types of layout option for the WordPress testimonial plugin has been programmed and coded.

One can easily set up any number of testimonials using the show.

Out of the 3 types of layout options given for WordPress testimonial plugin one can notice that for the slider option you are given options like pause time to take care of the timings.

Google fonts integrated and hence unlimited possibilities due to 850+ Google fonts available and hence one can easily change the testimonial text, client headline/name font and color as well.

Color picker options are also given for background as well as text color options.

Thumbnails square or rounded options are also provided.

Very simple and easy to use one can manage everything from the WordPress testimonial plugin panel given in the admin section of the WordPress website.

List view and column view options are also provided.

WordPress testimonial plugin is very easy to use and is responsive and tested for Google mobile friendly as well as tested for mobile and tablet as well as desktop browsers for cross browser compatibility as well.

Since its material and flat design based and hence it is compatible with old browsers as well.

Cross platform like iOS, Mac, OS, Windows and Android have been tested and found working fine with this plugin.

Simple and easy to use one doesn’t need to know or have any knowledge of programming or coding to use the WordPress testimonial plugin.

Can be used anywhere on the whole website.

Since its shortcode based can be used in widget.

Can be used in pages as well as can be used in posts and custom post types as well.

WordPress testimonial plugin is priced relatively simple so that one can buy it and use it for listing their own client testimonials.

Clients review and client testimonials are always needed for any company to showcase how happy customers are using their services.

Always one another customer will be skeptical who hasn’t heard about your business before and would want to check your testimonials and previous client words and hence this plugin would serve like a fresh breath of air in understanding more about your business.

WordPress testimonial plugin is important because it showcases client testimonials and can make people understand how your business helped your customers and how they have been happy with the solutions and services provided.

Also Included with WordPress testimonial plugin

  1. Plugin FilesConsists of the zip containing the plugin and in read me file you have the documentation
  2. SupportYou will get login for support forum as well as you can email us for support of this theme

Change Log

  1. Updated September 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts