Responsive Free WordPress Timeline Plugins

If you are planning to set up a website for your business or for your personal blog, then you would definitely need to opt for WordPress since it happens to be the #1 among the various CMS platforms.

Apart from this, you would also need to install a good WordPress timeline plugins as it can provide your website with some of the essential basic functionality, which should enable your viewers to check out your updates by the timeline.

This should enable you to develop your brand and your website and gain more traction online as well. Here are some of the top ranking WordPress timeline plugins, which you need to, check out.

Responsive Free WordPress Timeline Plugins

1. Cool timeline :

cool timeline

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When it comes to WordPress timeline plugins, this particular plugin ranks right near the top, on account of its interesting design and the fact that it is quite easy to use.

It certainly comes loaded with all the timeline functionality that you were looking for and would be a great asset to your website as well.

It comes with a responsive design and moreover it enables you to create some outstanding vertical timelines as well.

With this handy plugin, you can customize your timeline and even add more functionality to this plugin with the help of effective short codes as well.

2. Timeline express :

Timeline express

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If you happen to be looking for an easy to use timeline plugin, with all the essential core functionality, then this is the plugin you need.

It certainly comes with a nice, responsive design and one that allows you to create some wonderful vertical timelines to your website.

But what makes this particular plugin stand out is that you can use it to showcase events, special dates for your customers and in the process help get your website more traction online as well. Incidentally, this plugin happens to be cross browser compatible as well.

3. Timeline and history slider :

timeline and history slider

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Timeline and history slider is an interesting WordPress timeline plugins in the sense it enables you to provide your website with both vertical and horizontal timeline.

You can add, modify, alter the timeline sliders on your website and in the process provide your users with a better user experience.

You can use the timeline slider menu to customize it accordingly as you would do with a normal post. This is one handy plugin that should help make your website stand out.

4. Post timeline :

post timeline

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When it comes to WordPress timeline plugins, this particular plugin stands out on account of its ease of use as well as its interesting interface.

With this plugin, you should be able to create a beautiful timeline for your website and moreover, with this particular plugin, you can create any number of vertical timelines for your site. What’s more, with this plugin you can create automatic scroll navigation based on date tags etc.

5. Booking calendar :


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Booking calendar is one useful WordPress plugin that displays important events and dates in the form of a calendar on your website.

What makes this plugin stand out is that it also comes with a special booking option which your users can use to book attendance for events on certain days. This plugin should indeed prove to be quite useful and it happens to be free as well.

6. Event timeline :

rich event timeline

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Event timeline is a WordPress timeline plugins that manages to snag your attention right away – especially given its ease of use. It can be used to seamlessly display the important events associated with your company/ organization.

Moreover, it happens to come with four different themes that you can choose from as well as opt for a vertical or horizontal timeline for your website.

What makes this plugin stand out is that it comes with a responsive design – one that should enable you to access the same from any device without loss of functionality or resolution.

You can also use this plugin to post single sided timeline as with a simple blog post or set up media files such as high resolution images, videos to display the timeline on your website. On the whole, the plugin sure stands out for the right reasons.

7. Blog designer :

Blog designer

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Even though this plugin may seem as if it has been developed for a personal blog, it is multipurpose in the sense that you can utilize the same for other niche oriented websites as well.

This plugin comes with a specific timeline but what makes it interesting is the fact you can use it to create some awesome timelines for your particular website.

8. Event calendar :

Event calendar

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This is yet another WordPress timeline plugin that stands out from the rest of the pack; even though it is focused on providing a well developed calendar for your website, you can still use the same to provide your website with some outstanding timelines.

It is easy to customize and comes with date picker options, as well as themes that you can choose from. The plugin is completely customizable as well, not to mention, responsive.

9. Timeline module :

timeline for beaver builder

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This is one handy pluign that can be installed with ease; it certainly enables you to create some outstanding timelines for your website.

It is also completely customizable and you can tweak and perfect it, so that it fits in with the rest of your website.

Moreover, it is responsive and comes with a nice interface, as well as animation effects, duration, display controls and more. It certainly packs in a lot – check it out.

10. Everest timeline lite :

Everest timeline lite

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If you are looking for a simple timeline plugin, then this is the one that you need to check out. It comes with a simple basic design along with four templates that you can choose from.

It also happens to come with 2 vertical timeline layouts as well as 2 one side layouts, and it happens to come with interesting styling options.

You can use settings to change the timeline posts and the order they are to be displayed in and more. What’s more, it comes with all the functionality and more including the fact that it is customizable and responsive as well.

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