How to Create and Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Blog?

In this article we are going to share some surefire tips to create and drive more traffic to your WordPress blog or website.

Traffic is oxygen or lifeblood of your website.

Whether you are a private entrepreneur, blogger, marketing specialist or a developer, inviting more traffic to your posts and pages is one of the best techniques to put more financial means into your wallet.

More and qualified traffic equals more client conversion and more possibilities.

If your run a website or blog, you can never neglect any source of traffic, be it a search engine platform, social media network or another engagement medium.

Since the advantages of getting more traffic flowing through your digital profile are boundless, in this article we are going to shed light on the best strategies to create and drive more traffic to your WordPress blog or website.

drive more traffic WordPress blog

1. Promote your post and other website content across the major social network.

Social networks are one of the actively used and densely populated online areas ready to bring more visitors and clients to your blog.

Hence, integrating social media platforms into your marketing efforts can be one of the results driven strategies for you and your future success.

In this relation, one of the reasonable actions you may undertake is to create business pages or personal profiles and use them to your advantage by sharing them your website posts, articles and updates.

Another practical way to follow is to find one of the reliable social plugins which are ready made to create a buzz around your web content easily.

Additionally, they will put attractive sharing buttons in your website and invite people to share your website or blog posts and pages on their social media profiles or pages.


One of the checked and confirmed social media solutions we can offer you is called Jetpack. It is one of the popular and world class WordPress plugins to help you create and drive more traffic to your WordPress blog or website.

There are tons of customization and management options at your disposal to play with and bring about a result you were looking for. As for the most valuable features, this plugin offers automatic sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and more.

As for the premium version of Jetpack, it also comes bundled with search engine optimization tools which are also necessary for maximizing your search engine visibility and the generation of the right traffic to your site.

Super Socializer:

super socializer
Super Socializer is another all inclusive and truly versatile plugin to bring social sharing, social login and social commenting functionality into your WordPress based website.

With this plugin you are also granted with icon customization controls to fix their shape, size, background color and more to meet the overall look of your site.

2. Create email list and use email marketing

email marketing campaign

Another productive and traffic generating campaign you can organize for your site or blog is via email lists and email marketing.

The truth is that not the whole traffic coming to your pages makes sense. There is an inappropriate type of it which is not going to do anything for you.

Additionally, not all the web visitors are going to come back to your profile after the first time.

Hence, no matter how high the numbers are, you need to thing about roundabout ways to reap the maximum profit from each web user.

Hence, directing all your efforts into keeping the interested web visitors informed and satisfied all the time, creating and keeping their email list is the wisest thing you can do.

Keeping their names and emails and sending them useful links and posts periodically is a way more effective and revenue generating that you might ever think.

On the whole, email marketing is more targeted and provides higher conversion rates than even social media.

Hence, it is one of the purposeful tactics to be used to create and drive more traffic to your WordPress blog or website.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters and Constant Contact are among the dependable email list creation and email marketing services you can use.

3. Make your website or blog search engine optimized.

We can never speak about boosted web or blog traffic without the intervention of search engine optimization.

It is one of the primary functionalities to take care of and enjoy increased traffic, better client engagement, increased site and blog visibility, and what is more important, trackable results without shelling out too much money.

By default, a certain number of WordPress templates is SEO friendly and is compatible with SEO plugins for better results and ROI.

Now, if you want to create and drive more traffic to your WordPress blog or website and affect its visibility to be ranked higher in search engine inquiries, here are some of the top rated plugins and tools to benefit from.

Yoast SEO:
install yoast seo
Yoast SEO plugin is the one to bring a whole new SEO philosophy to your online profile and not only. It’s a well functioning mechanism to provide you with new flows of the right website traffic.

We have already touched upon Yoast SEO plugin in a separate article and discussed all the nuances to pay attention to when installing, activating and configuring it. If you have missed it, we recommend you to follow /article 20/ to record higher SEO results for your site.

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All in One SEO Pack:
all in one seo pack
All in One SEO Pack is the next error free and multifunctional, user and developer friendly, as well as multilingual ready tool to generate a wonderful SEO pack for your WP website or blog.

This smart and feature rich plugin comes with XML Sitemap, Google AMP, Google Analytics supports and cooperates with Google and Bing perfectly while notifying them about your web changes all the time.

The free version of this plugin also provides search engine optimization for e commerce and online shopping sites.

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