How to Launch Your First Email Marketing Campaign and Get the Results You Want

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaign serves the highest ROI which probably no other marketing platforms can so viably do for businesses.

Emails are a supreme set of communication channels as such people keep on checking their emails multiple times a day either from their phones, tablets or desktops.

So, when you are really looking for marketing your business, launching the first email campaign will make your Company’s name known to thousands of users through their inboxes.

But how to get it started.

Just sending your promotional emails to thousands of users is not enough. Because every day the users are inundated with tons of emails and there is a high chance that your emails get deleted without even being read.

email marketing campaign

For this, you need to be very cautious to make your emails stand out in the crowd. Here’s how to get started.

Understand what a “campaign” means

Email Marketing campaign should be systematic and goal oriented.

Yes, these are the two words that you need to focus on while sending bulk emails to the list of subscribers in your contact list.

Knowing your purpose why you are sending emails is the most crucial part of email marketing. Your goals can be many, ranging from improving the sales drive to re-engaging sedentary subscribers to collecting customer information to boosting up social sharing, anything.

But whatever your goal is you should be focused from the very beginning.

Build a comprehensive contact list

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After you have determined your goal for the email marketing campaign, now it is time to build a comprehensive list of contacts to whom you will be sending your email campaigns.

You can build in this contact list in several ways.

Like if you want to re-establish your contact from the known customers you can import the old contact list and merge it with the email campaign tool.

Or otherwise, you can also start creating your new contact list from scratch.

Choose an email service provider

This is another most crucial part of the Email marketing campaign. After you have created the mailing list of contacts, now you need to choose the email service provider.

For sending bulk emails relying on Gmail or Outlook would not be wise options.

Once your contact list begins to grow the service providers begin showing errors if you are using your normal Gmail or Outlook accounts.

Selecting email service providers that are meant for sending bulk emails will relieve you from these troubles in sending bulk emails.

Selecting an email service provider will put your email campaign into motion.

It has certain advantages like managing your database of emails while sending them in bulk, default email templates and customizable management services pertaining to email campaigns.

Think about your target audience

target audience
Make sure you know your target audience by every nerve. Are they ready to wait for your emails to open or they will straightaway delete them without even opening if it takes too long to load?

Remember HTML does good to your content but using too many HTML links will slow down the loading of your email which can again create a negative impact on your business.

Select the campaign type

Depending on your goals, you have tons of options for sending an email marketing campaign to your subscribers. There are newsletters, marketing offers, announcements, and event invitations.

Newsletters target only a single event of interest and are generally sent to the existing subscribers just to keep in touch with them.

Market offers are generally meant for new customers to encourage the purchase of your products. It often includes direct call-to-action to drive the sales and revenue of the Company.

When launching a new product and educating the customers is your motto, then an announcement campaign can effectively serve your purpose. If your goal is to re-engage dormant subscribers then an event invitation will be the most ideal marketing campaign.

Structure the email content

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This is the most vital part of an email campaign. Researches show that the average attention span of an adult is approximately 8 seconds. With such an inherent attention span, you cannot expect your subscribers to read your emails line-by-line.

Instead, they scan through the entire email in just a few seconds to find out whether there is anything of interest or not. And if the email seems boring, they will straightaway delete the mails and may even block you for further interference.

Therefore, you need to structure the content of your emails in such a way that it seems engaging to the readers and urge them to finish reading till the end. A succinct headline with supporting contents is the key to build an eye-catching email that can help you to get a high click rate for your website.

Use visuals and images

Visuals, both images, and videos are more gripping than texts.

So, implementing visuals in your email content can deliver a thousand words without even using a single word. Studies show that individuals can retain up to 65% of the visual memories up to 3 days at a stretch and only 10% of the text memories.

Therefore, visual contents before they are washed out from the memories of your subscribers will undoubtedly create some positive effects which will help in driving the sales volume of your business.

It is also a well-researched axion that individuals can follow visual instructions more promptly than they can follow written instructions. Therefore, if you really want to direct your readers for following something given instructions that are in visuals to make them more effective.

Stay clear about your goals and strategize the email campaign tactfully so that you get the maximum response from your subscribers.

Starting off the email campaign may seem to be complicated at the beginning but then you will get used to about the rules that can bring in mammoth positive responses from the customers.

Start it simple, drive traffic to your website, collect email addresses and sent them periodic emails, success won’t be very far.

You would soon get huge web traffic diverted to your website.

FYI: Ways to do email blast have been given in this article as well.

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