WordPress Plugins That Can Turn Website Mobile Responsive

For a better prospect in the digital marketplace, it is outright necessary that every business should deploy the mobile responsive website as early as possible.

The WordPress Plugins for Mobile Responsive is a kind of website that can be accessed through varied mobile devices. Moreover, it delivers the consistent user-experience across all the devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The exposure of the internet through the mobile devices is increasing at a faster pace.

More and more users are accessing the websites through their mobiles but are frustrated due to low-key responsive design as well as slow load times (Ways to Increase Speed of Slow WordPress Blog Using These Tactics).


That drive them to approach alternative business. It is a responsibility for the business to provide the best experience and less hassles to their customers. And, the possible solution is deploying a responsive website.

According to present data, it has been found that more than 70 million websites are running on WordPress, which is accounted for around 18% of total business websites all around the world.

In order to help those million businesses convert their websites into responsive websites, this blog provides the list of the best plugins that enable the end-users to make the web page mobile responsive.

Have A Glimpse Below To Know More About WordPress Plugins for Mobile Responsive

Why should you choose WordPress plugins for mobile responsive site? If you need this answer then first tell me from where you are reading this article?

I think from mobile. Not only you are reading this article on the mobile, millions of people are using their mobile for reading articles or checking out the new updates. With the process of optimizing your WordPress site, mobile optimization is highly important.

By the year 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, 90% of the population found using their mobile phones. Not just because of coronavirus pandemic, this is also about giving your user a fantastic experience.

Besides, it represents the positive signal and you will get the search engine reach easily through Google, which means your site is organically ranking.

With the WordPress plugins for mobile responsive, you can create your website awesome with every mobile device. Here we have listed top-top-recommended plugins you should choose for your business site.



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Mobilook is our top picked WordPress plugins for mobile responsive. This plugin is an extension of Google DEVOTOOL.
It enables quick and starts representing your pages, articles, product pages and other different formats of your content with mobile-friendly structure, whether the user has Apple, Samsung or other devices. Once you install the Mobilook or mobile look it displays on each of your pages.

The feature you will receive with the installation of Mobilook Pro is it generates by WooCommerce that give instant shopping experience to the users, activate the additional formats to access the mobile tablet formats screen phones.
Also, it provides you with LinkedIn Post Inspector and generates up-to-date open graphs. The most important feature of Mobilook it allows the user to zoom your website within the mobile browser.



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WPtouch is yet another awesome WordPress plugins for mobile responsive that only add a simple and elegant mobile theme. This plugin is recommended by Google because it enabled the website to pass through the Google mobile-friendly test.

Further, it has achieved Google mobile-friendly status because of its comprehensive features. The administration panel and the WordPress customizer allow customize its appearance according to your website.

This is best to deliver fast, user friendly, and Stylish view to your site that usually interacts with the customers and helps you reach more visitors.

WPtouch offered the variety of enhanced theme for your blogs businesses and eCommerce channel is also provided web control features, catching and many more. This is also a trademarks of BraveNewCode Incorporation.

WP Super Cache

wp super cache

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WP Super Cache is the finest WordPress plugins for the mobile responsive site as to deliver dynamic look to your blog. This generates static HTML files for your website.

The HTML files will be generated with your web server. Approximately 99% of your visitor will be served with a static HTML file; it means one cache file can serve thousands of times to your visitors.

This plugin will allow the cache file in three ways such as expert, simple, and WP cache-caching. Describe income for the complete documentation, so if you are a developer then must look the developer documentation.

Before installing the plugin, you have to go through the recommended settings such as simple caching, WordPress pages, cache rebuild, CDN report, don’t catch pages for regular users, and extra homepage checks. With this, the toxic files get deleted and your website loading time becomes faster.

Auto Optimize


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Auto optimize is also one of the best plugins you can use for improving your website performance over the devices. It doesn’t matter you have a classic web hosting from the company like Godaddy or any other. Auto optimize is the best plugin that can improve your web upload speeds.

Further, it optimizes your databases, deletes toxic files, and aggregate scripts. It can reduce your site loading time and improved by 30%. This will take only less time to load your site and give your user a fantastic User experience.

According to the various Global Surveys, this plugin is free and easy to use, and also shows that your website has all the optimize features to satisfy your users.



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If you want to scan your website loading time and discover what are the problems you should fix down then hummingbird plugin is the best one to choose and discover your website In-depth. This allows the caching features that load the page faster with the tools.

Further, it has asset Optimization that compresses images and combines the files for top performance. The GZIP compression increase a JavaScript and style sheet transfer. Besides, this plugin can give faster loading pages and keep your visitors completely happy with your services.

Asset CleanUp- Page Speed Booster

Asset CleanUp- Page Speed Booster

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You know that the formula to keep increasing revenue is-faster page load is equal to happy customers is equal to more conversions and more revenue.

The Asset cleanup WordPress plugins for mobile responsive can generate the easy outcome for your customers. This often scans your pages and detects all the assets that are needed to clean up and load website quickly.

All you have to establish this plugin in your dashboard. This work as the best combinations and deliver decreased number of the HTTP request and loading time, preload CSS and JavaScript, minify CSS files, minify JavaScript files, combine the JavaScript files with script tags, remove the possible conflicts occur between the mobile and website, and improve the service assets.

With such benefits, Google will love your site as you are loading faster and delivering best User experience to the customers in search ranking.

Accelerated Mobile Pages for WP

Accelerated Mobile Pages for WP

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The accelerated mobile page is also abbreviated as AMP for WP. Buddha’s features check the various features like it provide Gutenberg support, improved CSS Optimization, Google fonts, infinite scroll support, photo gallery by 10 web support, GDP comparison and three inbuilt AMP layouts for your business website and landing pages.

Furthermore, it provides you contact form 7 supports, Graviary support, caldera form support, GitHub gist support, email subscription form support; comments form support, and Google tag manager support.

Besides, it has carousel support for a gallery, YouTube video embed support, Twitter embeds support, sexy design, and Facebook video embed support, RTL support and many more. In short, this is a complete application that increases your website Optimization.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

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Any mobile theme feature is a fantastic WordPress plugin for mobile responsive. It detects all the mobile Browsers and loads the mobile theme according to the mobile device such as iPod, Android, Android tab, Blackberry, Opera Mini, and another piece.

It has amazing features such as it works with W3 total cache, QR code for mobile bookmarking, best mobile detection, click to call phone numbers, serve separate homepage and also it comes up with the complete customer support for any issues.

Specific Content for mobile

Specific Content for mobile

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If website content takes time to load on mobile devices, specific content for mobile allows you to create specific content on pages that give mobile-friendly content. It is perfect for improving a couple of pages of your site and remove the fat content or different content from the site.

One of the best ways to use this WordPress plugin for mobile responsive is you have to add it on your dashboard.
This will detect the specific content of your site which is not mobile-friendly. If you want to create a mobile-friendly version of your page, you have to follow the suggestions given by this tool. This plugin will also allow loading your website on any browser without taking much time.

Mobile View for responsive web design optimization + mobile-friendly test


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Mobile view for responsive web design Optimization is also considered as mobile view WordPress plugins for mobile responsive.

This will give an instant boost to your website of farmers because it comes up with Pro features like it activates the plugin for your pages like WooCommerce and product pages. It adds additional formats that enable the website content to load faster on the screen phones.

Also, it gives you a proper mobile-friendly test tool that enables your website pages to pass a Google test. Further, it allows the user to zoom the website within their browser.

Definitely Allow Mobile zooming

Definitely Allow Mobile zooming

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Definitely Allow mobile zooming is a tiny plugin that adds a classic view to your website and allows the users to zoom your site within their Browser. If you want to add attractive features to a side than the standard plugin will add a tiny magic zooming appearance to your website.

Further, it keeps your website mobile-friendly that means it can load easily on any mobile device and user can you zoom within their Smartphone in your theme. This plugin does not collect any personal data.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack

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WordPress mobile pack is one of the best WordPress plugins for mobile responsive that helps to transform your website content into a responsive manner. It comes up with best mobile App themes that you can easily use as a bundle.

This will support various devices and Browsers and allow users to have the best User experience with your website. Further, it comes with a responsive user interface, mobile application themes, customized experience, comment sync, post sync, analytics, and home screen.

Photo Gallery by 10Web

photo gallery by 10web
Photo Gallery by 10Web Plugin is a brilliantly designed WordPress plugins for mobile responsive that comes with beautiful mobile-friendly themes.

Along with this, it comes with a capability to transform the website content into responsive features without affecting the look and feel. It empowers the users to control the menus, pages, and devices.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack comes packed with various functional elements that can pack the content inside the responsive theme to make sure that the mobile users can access the website on their devices.

This plugin supports cross-browser compatibility. It makes the content responsive to the varied screen sizes. Along with this, it enables the users to customize the theme.

WP Mobile Menu

wp mobile menu
WP Mobile Menu is a ready-to-go plugin that can help you deploy the mobile responsive website at the utmost ease. It is an extremely simple plugin that requires minimal configuration.

MobilePress has been designed to make the website compatible with almost all the browsers and operating systems. Moreover, it does not require regular updates.

WP Mobile Detector

specific conent for mobile
WP Mobile Detector is a smart mobile responsive plugin. This plugin has the capability to detect the features (platform, browser, and screen) of mobile device that is accessing the website.

According to the features, WP Mobile Detector displays the website content. Along with this, it makes the content touch-optimized and enables the users to add collapsible menu, dynamic page, and other functions.


Loaded with 33 amazing features, Jetpack is a powerful plugin that can not only transform your content into a responsive website but also optimize the website for varied mobile devices.

Along with this, it empowers the users to customize the website and integrate unique theme and functionality.

Mobile Detect

mobile detect
Mobile Detect delivers the uniform display experience of the business website content on all the devices, such as computer and mobile phones. This is a kind of ready-to-go plugin which can be installed with minimal configuration.

WP Mobile Edition is highly simple because it does not support any complex functions. It is good for those who just want to convert their desktop content to mobile-friendly.

Pronto – Mobile Site Convertor

Pronto – Mobile Site Convertor provides mobile responsive layouts for all kinds of websites, including, business, blogging and others.

This plugin is extremely easy to set up. The end-users just need to plug and play this plugin. Another exceptional features of this plugin are, social media, post slider, adverts, translation ready, and many more.


MobiLoud – WordPress Mobile Apps – Convert your WordPress Website to Native Mobile Apps is a superbly designed plugin that according to the device renders the website.

It comes with manual switcher that allows the visitors to switch between two views, including desktop and mobile. This plugin supports image trans-coding that can automatically rescale the image in the website content according to the display screen.


Androapp plugin is a brilliantly programmed plugin that eases the way for the end-users to create the mobile-friendly website.

This plugin comes with varied powerful features, such as Theme style manager, mobile starter themes, custom menus & navigation, and many others.

Responsive Menu – Create Mobile-Friendly Menu

Responsive Menu
As the name implies, this plugin comes with the capability to switch the website content theme display as per different mobile browsers. It has the functionality to display different themes on different mobile browsers.

The Final Thought
Mobile responsive website is the best approach for the business to gain attention of the mobile users and provide their service in a better way.

Even, Google search engine also gives preference to those websites that are mobile responsive. Thus, every business should deploy mobile-friendly website. This will not only benefit the customers, but also the business too.

Nowadays not just mobile responsive but AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is what Google has implemented to be the best along with mobile responsive and is required by websites to implement so that they get the benefit of higher ranking from Google search engine on websites.

AMP implemented websites are ranking higher and are appearing with AMP sign on Google mobile searches.

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