Should You Use Gutenberg on Existing WordPress Site and Blog?

Undoubtedly, WordPress has been widely popular and every year it brings changes to better their user’s experience. For the last few years, WordPress has not made some big changes, but yes WordPress has introduced the refreshing version of Gutenberg.

The motive behind this Gutenberg is only to make their user’s website more reliable and worthy.

The numbers of contributors and newbies are using this New Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site. May you think here why Gutenberg? To reduce the bounce rate and make content more engaging plus enjoyable.

Let us dive into it and find out why you should use Gutenberg on the existing website.

Gutenberg- An Introduction

Gutenberg is a new editor introduced by the Jonnaes Gutenberg. This has been introduced to change the way you post, create, and publish your content. This has arrived just after the version of WordPress 5.0 on 27 November 27, 2018.

Gutenberg on Existing WordPress Site

This is quite popular as a block editor, thus it requires a lot of shortcodes and HTML to make this work easier. This was introduced to make the word load easier for all newbies.

Remember, it is on testing time, so you can’t use this tool on production sites. In its current format, it is powered by the TinyMCE editor. This usually slow and hasn’t included core elements, as you can say it is outdated now. Apart from this, the good news is Gutenberg now released with full specifications.

But still, there is a misconception that is Gutenberg worthy to use on the existing site or not? Before considering yes or no that Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site great, there are some factors which one should know about.

While making your choice, read out the below points.

Benefits of Gutenberg

If you haven’t known about Gutenberg before this article then this might sounds as controversial. The numbers WordPress users have their opinions where some think this may give impressive changes whereas some are opposed to it.

If you are looking for a solution, this may be difficult because the debate is huge and we can’t come to an exact answer. Thus, we recommend you to use this and find this is perfect.

Must read out the following pros:

  • This will make your content easy, enjoyable, and more engaging.
  • You will see inside the content deeper as to how it will look after formatting.
  • Enjoy the great experience by separating the need to shortcodes.
  • You will get full customization of your content.
  • You will get rid of creating a new page builder.

How To Use Gutenberg In Your Site?

If you have an updated version of WordPress then you may have already seen the notification of Gutenberg. All you need to install and activate this plugin. Make sure you are updating this on a live site. If you have an existing site, try this for yourself to make the right choice.

Once you have completed the set up then you will reach to its same page, where you can see inside its action.

Gutenberg designed to make your content more speaking and engaging. Hence it separates your content in different blocks. This has several blocks to choose from. Select your best one and add content in blocks in the form of media and text or both. Also, you will see here the number of formatting options. Choose your suitable formatting and apply it.

Gutenberg Myths- Future of Your Content


If we talk about your existing content format that may be based on the old format with the same size, layouts, images and more. With the Gutenberg editor, you will manage your content under blocks. This might give you the interest to refresh your content with new features and formats that may better your site engagements.

By keeping these points in mind, we always recommend you to add Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site to see the changes. However, on the existing site, you have a lot of content to edit. With the Gutenberg, this will make easier to convert all the content in blocks automatically. You need to do fewer efforts.

Don’t worry about your content, Gutenberg will not harm and spoil your content. With its classic format, you will see your content under blocks that make the user more appealing.

Does Your Site Is Customized?

Without a doubt, when you have built your site, you have set the things and features in a classic format. Must keep in mind, if your site is already based on custom methods, then you might get issues while working with Gutenberg.

Sometimes Gutenberg breaks down the page builders and you have to restart your work with a new editor again. Even more, this might affect custom fields, so whether to choose Gutenberg or not is all up to you.

Thus we also assure you to test your site before adding Gutenberg to the site. Also, keep in mind that this is not for production sites.

Gutenberg Is A Learning Tool

It is an amazing tool that still has a lot more to come and learn for users. Gutenberg has Existing content curative and editor experts. If your site is based on Content only, then this may take a longer time to create rather than the usual tool.

For complete newbies, the creative team has created tutorial videos on how to create content and basics for better their user experience. Thus, you will need to wait for things to manage and reap the benefits.

Time To Do Change

With the implementation of Gutenberg, you might enjoy the creative content formation and display along with great features on the existing website. If your site is looking for a change that works positively as well, then this plugin can help.

This new tool is the future of WordPress and content marketing. This provides you change that quite impressive and educates you and your clients as well. This will allow you to see and enjoy the changes that will prepare your site for a better future.

Closing Thoughts

Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site sounds great for the future but is this perfect for today and your site, we can’t say. Thus we leave up to you. At this, we also recommend you to see inside this plugin and then make your right decision, who knows this change your site growth?

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