Deadly Web Design Mistakes to Keep In Your Mind

The core thing about web designing is that it should be useful to the users. Whether you are a beginner to an experienced person you must never neglect this fact.

An attractive website is a must to make the most out of your digital space. This is because almost all the potential audiences are visual and respond to aesthetics.

This does not mean that you ignore the page loading speed, functionality, and navigation along with other factors. Neglecting such factors will cost you financially and with your time.

The search engine rankings and mobile-friendliness of a site are directly affected by deadly web design mistakes.

More traffic to your site will only be possible through fantastic user experience and you must strive for it. This also enables you to grab an opportunity of generating leads and converting them into sales.

A poorly designed site can be easily detected. If certain basic parameters are not followed then you will notice poor performance through Google Analytics.

Web Design Mistakes

The conversion rate will be nil and the number of visitors will be declining. There are some extremely common but fatal mistakes in web designing that we have covered here. This will help you in correcting the situation and improvising your site.

Following Deadly Web Design Mistakes to Keep In Your Mind

Misunderstanding the Target Audience

It is extremely essential to understand the target audience before you set out to design your site. For example, if the desired users are aged people, you would require a minimal designed layout with light colors.

If it is a business site with corporate clients it is essential that the website reflects professionalism. A particular demographic used should convey to the audience that you are the right match for them.

A website is a direct representation of your brand and culture. It reflects who you are as an individual. This enables the target audience to draw sufficient references for dealing.

If your design is not convincing enough then it would be amongst the deadly web design mistakes.

User Experience

The layout, labeling, and instructions are things to look upon in user experience. The easiness of interaction with the infrastructure sign is considered an interactive design.

If users do not understand the content and navigation of a site they will never return. Hence, it should be easily understandable to ensure returning audience. If not the visitors will be quickly off.

The competition in the digital space is cutthroat. And all you get is a limited span of time to convert your visitor. Good design and an easy-to-use interface ensure that the user stays.

With the WordPress platform, you can easily integrate plugins to improvise functionality. If it is overdone it will play the negative part and retard the performance.

Always keep in mind that advanced features will demand updated hardware configurations and browsers. If that does not make sense for the end-user then substitute it immediately. Focus on the larger picture as it always helps in avoiding deadly web design mistakes.

Ignoring Page Layout

homepage layout in WordPress
Inconsistency with the pages is a major design flaw and is ignored by many. Factors like pixel width should be considered as they determine screen resolution, browser window, monitor size, and alignment of objects. Immediately upon landing on the homepage, users make an impression of your site.

Engagement with pages will be out of the question if the alignment is in haphazard. It is also recommended to avoid too much clutter. Efficient themes and templates online will help you in sorting the page layout issues.

Misuse of Motion Graphics

Depending upon the type of the target audience the use of motion graphics should be decided. Using motion graphics is a good idea for engaging youths and for sites relating to the entertainment industry. One has to be careful about the graphics when a website is meant for a more serious audience or industry.

For government bodies and civil authorities avoid the use of motion graphics or animation because it is not required. If you want to include graphics anyhow then ensure that they are relevant and not distracting.

Unfocused Coding

It is essential for every designer to live up to web design standards. In case of any deviations, the website becomes useless or non-performing.

Readability, functionality, layout, and other such factors are considered in the standards. Use online tools to detect coding errors so that you can avoid making deadly web design mistakes.

Neglecting the Homepage and Ignoring SEO

Having a good homepage is amongst the most curial web design tips. The relevant and attractive homepage has always managed to attract users. Cluttering the page or adding irrelevant content is overdoing it and hence should be avoided.

Inevitably add a call to action button and use the right key phrases. Using carrousels for adding value to the homepage is still doubtful. Your actual requirements can answer that question well. Using featured images or stacked slides will be a good substitute for it.

Unless you optimize your website for the search engines it will not find them. Remain focused on the keywords and use your blog effectively in pushing relevant content for the users.

Posting regularly is a must because without attracting an audience and maintaining a healthy SEO will be difficult. Integrate social media handles to your site and ensure that the content shared across all platforms.

If people like, comment, share, post, and tweet your content then it will improvise the search engine rankings. Therefore ignoring your SEO is one of the deadly web design mistakes to stay away from.

Use of low-quality images

Images are the pillars to break the monotony of textual content. It promotes the engagement of users with the site and pushes your search engine rankings. In addition to that, it is undoubtedly contributing to the attractiveness of the website. It is essential to ensure that the images are optimized for SEO.

It can be done by using high-quality images as much as possible in the entire site. Make sure that you avoid stock pictures as they are of no good. Adding an alt tag to the images and having relevant content also helps.

If the size of the image is considerably large and you upload hundreds of pictures it will affect the loading speed. The file type also has an impact on the loading speed of a site. JPG, PNG, and GIF are the most common types but affect site performance in a unique way.

Whenever you are using an image from the web make sure that you are not violating any copyrights. You can find millions of free images but there are some that require permission or purchase before you can use them. Lastly, it is necessary to have a decent and appropriate caption for each picture.

Selecting a web-hosting provider

hosting panel
For the proper functioning of your site, it is necessary to have a web host provider. You would end up facing constant issues of downtimes and slow loading pages when not careful with the selection. There are certain essential factors that you must consider which are as follows.

They must provide sufficient storage and bandwidth. You will need improvised functionality as the site grows hence they must be able to provide you with scalability whenever required. It is great to have excellent customer support that can be reached out on multiple mediums like chat, email, and phone.

The pricing is equally important against the services offered. You will also fin service providers that are free but with limited functionality and benefits.

People often end up buying a free one but have a rigorous functionality requirement which is not available. Such a case, in the long run, proves to be amongst the deadly web design mistakes.

Research the kind of security they offer and also ensure if they are dependable. Get in touch with their customers and read the negative reviews thoroughly.

Slow loading pages will be the most embarrassing issue with the wrong web host providers. All it takes is just five seconds for you to lose a potential customer if the loading speed is low. The number of new visitors will decrease and the bounce rate will increase.

Make sure that before reaching a conclusion you verify other factors responsible for the slow speed of loading. Some of those factors include the type and size of images, videos, and animations.

Absence of Mobile phone compatibility

WordPress Site Mobile Friendly
The interaction with the digital space for more than the majority of the users is through their mobile devices. Hence, accessing and ease-of-use through mobile is a crucial aspect of web designing.

Irrespective of the access screen the visitors should a pleasant experience and ease of navigation. This becomes difficult when the design is done only from the point of view of desktop access. Some experts even recommend that first design the website for mobile-screens and then accordingly for desktops.

Access to the internet is becoming constantly faster with mobile phones. Hence using laptops and desktops for simple tasks makes no sense.

Please ensure that you have enabled the zoom functionality in the mobile devices for your site. This is one of the deadly web design mistakes that designers make and suffer.

Missing a proper medium for communication

One of the most dominating deadly web design mistakes includes leaving no contact information. An unclear call to action button is similar to having no button at all because it fails to do the job.

Visitors must be impressed with you genuinely and contact information on the home page helps. A separate ‘contact us’ should be inevitably included with proper information.

Provide multiple mediums of communication for your visitors like email, phone, and registered company address. Set up a chatbot to improvise and address common queries. Add social media address in the contact section so that they can review your profile.

Sometimes some visitors require a little push to take action. Hence, the key consideration in those cases will be a strategically designed call to action button.

If it is delivered persuasively then the command can do wonders for you. Prompting to take particular actions by the visitors with suitable keywords and punch lines is essential.

Improper utilization of Analytics Data

Analytics are crucial for any web strategy to gain success. It can help you improvise your content and discovering elements, strategies, and campaigns that work for you.

Google Analytics is one of the best examples to monitor and track the performance. With proper focus on analytics data, you can make urgent changes, develop new strategies, and execute better campaigns.

The analysis gives you an exact idea of the performance but it is not taken seriously by many. Despite making the best efforts and spending a considerable amount you will not receive the desirable results. Improper utilization of Analytics data even today falls on the list of deadly web design mistakes.

Optimization, user-friendliness, compatibility, SEO, page tests, analysis, and other common but crucial mistakes are included above. See to it that you avoid them for a building better web design.

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