How to Fix Common Web Design Portfolio Mistakes

Having a strong portfolio for your web page is essential as it creates the first impression before your clients. However, while maintaining the other important stuff concerning the website, most of you do not give a notice to its portfolio.

As a result, the chances of indulging in web design portfolio mistakes like outdated content, pitiable social confirmation elements, etc. tend to get high.

Why the web design portfolio is important?

Before questioning on the purpose or necessary of fixing the web design portfolio, you must know about its role and necessity for your webpage. An efficient web design portfolio is a sample of your service.

It assists you in earning more genuine traffic and clients resulting in a larger profit. It can improve the fundamental branding and can even work as a calling card.

However, several intense mistakes can halt all these facilities and allow your company to meet some unwanted troubles. Therefore, to prevent the fearful circumstances, you ought to find out the web design portfolio mistakes and solve them right away.

web design portfolio mistakes

5 common mistakes of the web design portfolio and their solution

When talking about the mistakes of web design portfolio, you can hardly end up counting them. However, in the vast list of the port folio mistakes, the 5 most common ones along with the method of solving them are enlisting below.

Take a glance at those and make sure to avoid them to prevent the further inconveniences.

1. Missing to keep the content up to the date

As mentioned at the very beginning of the article, the first and utmost web design portfolio mistakes involve the presence of outdated and irrelevant content. When your website highlights the outdated samples, the prospects presume several negative ideas about your website.

Old, outdated and irrelevant samples make your visitors assume that your company does not deal with the advanced services and products.

Moreover, it seems that your company does not deal with the current projects. Even when your age old clients visit your profile and discover the same old stuff, they leave the uninterestedly. All these attributes undoubtedly affect negatively on your business.
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How to solve the issue?

The most excellent way of solving it is having a glance at your website’s portfolio every 2 to 3 months. With just an hour of effort is enough in sorting out the irrelevant and useless samples.

After that, your next task is to replace those stuff with fresh contents. Along with that, checking out the recently done project is also advisable. If they are appropriate, it is well and fine, if not make sure to substitute them with the newer one.

Alongside this, do not forget to keep your eyes on your competitive sites to have a clear knowledge of how they are designing their service-related contents.

2. Not including the ‘About us’ section in your website

Online business is very different from the physical store. Here, you do not get the opportunity of dealing with your customers in person. Hence, you fail to put forward the important detail and information about you, your service and your goods.

Unless you can convey the message about your availability, your products towards the prospects, they will fail to get the perfect image of your website. If you miss to include the texts and images while describing about the business is one of the severe web design portfolio mistakes.

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How to solve the problem?

To solve the problem, you can take on two different steps. The first is to frame a reliable paragraph within 250 words to describe every single detail about your company.

For instance, you can add information about your company’s policy, how long it is serving the customers, how much important your customers are to you, etc.

The next step is adding your formal photograph nearby the about section. When you attach your photo to your website, your prospects can know you better and have a faith on you. To get clicked a perfect photograph, you can seek the assistance of a professional photographer.

3. Adding little variety while designing the portfolio

The maximum numbers of website holders do not care about including the highly popular web design tools like sliders, etc. To say more precisely, you only opt for the designing element that you like whereas your sole motive is to satisfy your customers.

If you do not give priority to your customer’s choice, they might leave your site at the first preference.

How to solve the problem?

The only way of solving this is by understanding your client’s requirements and the type of service you deliver. Keeping these two traits in mind, choose the favorable designing element. This will help you to make your samples more reliable and diverse.

4. Forgetting to mention the success proof

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Among all, one of the commonly undertaken web design portfolio mistakes is missing out mentioning the success proof of your company. Well adding the positive reviews of your service and website is essential to gain more visitors.

Moreover, kit would enable in promoting your service and show case your website’s potentiality. If you forget to add it, your website can savor a great loss.

How to solve the problem?

If you are wondering how to start up with inculcating the social proof, you can conveniently seek the assistance of either case studies or testimonials. Both the tools will enable your prospects to know about the positive feedbacks of your company and also provide a glimpse of your favorable service and attention towards the customers.

5. Presence of the broken navigation

Along with the non-technical aspect, there are some technical web design portfolio mistakes to recover as well. One of the prime among them is the broken navigation. If your visitors come across the links of 404 leagues under the sea, they will flock away instantly.

How to solve the problem?

To solve the error, you need to seek the service of the broken link checker plugin every month. It will detect the problem so that you cure it in no time. As a result, you can provide your customer with wonderful user experience and gain their appreciation.

A weak portfolio secretly decreases your company’s revenue. Therefore, check out the above mentioned problems and their solution to improve the portfolio of your webpage immediately.

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