Woocommerce SEO : Guide to Optimize WooCommerce Store

As we all know from the past few years, the whole world had shifted from offline to online shopping, and yet to increase the sales every website owner nowadays is expecting more and more traffic on their website.

Most people are engaging in fields like digital marketing so that they can earn just simply by doing an SEO of a website because today everyone is demanding search engine optimization for their website.

SEO is a technique by which people can attract the audience to one’s website just by targeting their keywords on Google and making them rank in the top 10.

SEO is the most interesting function for your E-Commerce sites. When it comes to E-Commerce sites, always people take the first name of SEO.

If you simply want to rank higher and higher and want people to reach your site then you just need to optimize your site with some basic updates and changes.

The simple way of SEO working is by focusing and targeting keywords that will increase your sales as well as your site reach. So let’s have a look at some basic and some pro SEO tips which can help your WooCommerce site to rank higher.

Woocommerce SEO


Rank Math is a type of search engine optimization plugin for WordPress, which makes it easier to optimize one’s a website and content to a full extension. Rank math is relatively suitable for WooCommerce SEO.

It is an easy SEO plugin that can customize and page index flexibly. It is the only plugin that can be all its competitors and is leading from the front. Apart from using Rank Math, there are few more tips that you can use to boost SEO of your WooCommerce site.

Let’s have a look:


Optimizing your page titles is as important as you are eating your meal a day. Page titles should always be detailed one and they should have everything to convey to the audience and search keywords that what your page is about and what all information it contains.

For most E-Commerce sites, you will surely have a category of pages and product pages. Category pages are a good thing which not only helps the shoppers but also prevents persons’ product pages from completing them with other SEO results.

You can also optimize the category page to rank for a long and wide term and can use product pages independently. It can work for the improvement of WooCommerce SEO. The category page signifies the particular product and the specific things related to that product.

It makes it easier for the customer to easily find the thing they are looking for, that is the reason people like the website because sometimes an extra overloaded website is difficult to handle by both the holder and by the shoppers.

Also, you can tweet your SEO titles for a good search ranking because most of the time SEO titles and page titles are common things only.

You should be using your keywords in your page titles and SEO titles so that they can have a great effect on your site as well as on your customers.


Surely, you will keep in mind that the visitors should never get bored and frustrated on your site and for that, you have to make the site navigation easy. Very simple and basic navigation can help your website to work in a very materialistic way.

If the visitors are spending more time on your website then it is sure that your site will have a great ranking. So try to keep the site navigation easy and better.


The page description is another important factor that should always keep in mind while detailing the product description. Well-crafted and perfect content is something that can help you to get a small and descriptive product description.


Always try to keep the URL short every time. People who are using WooCommerce should always keep the URL short so that it can have some effect on your SEO and your site too. Permalinks always allow you to use keywords in your URL rather than in the product ID.

If you are not using permalinks with WooCoomerce then it will not show you great effect on your site for sure.


Never try to plagiarize or copy content from any other website. Always make your content and stick to it until or unless you get something good.

If you having difficulty in making your content then you can research and can have a look at some other content but then make that content into your own words, which will help your site to attract an audience more and more by your content.


As told keywords are the most important facts you should note on your website. Without keywords, a good website cannot be maintained. Keywords are the major factors that attract the number audience to your website.

Finding effective and right keywords is now also difficult but for one who can perform hard work, for them it’s not difficult. Keywords are the basic things that help in improving your WooCommerce SEO website.


Every person will not want a heavy website, but leveraging Google ads is not a bad task it’s an excellent thing to do. Many people harm some ads, banners, and promotions so it is good to let the ads run sparingly which is a safe option.


If you are using an E-Commerce website, then it’s sure that your website images should be clear and of good quality.

Optimizing both large and small images are important so that people can have a good impact on your website. It’s important to improve image size as if your site will load slowly then your search ranking will let your site down.


If you are selling products online on an E-Commerce site then definitely, your prices should be affordable and reasonable. As there will be other E-Commerce websites too which will offer reasonable products to make their website more attractive. Try to keep prices cheap only.


The use of SEO plugins can have a great impact to rank your E-Commerce website higher. SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO and other good plugins can help to make your site more attractive and to rank it on Google easily.

A solid page optimization plugin should also be used, to maintain respect for your website always.

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