How Can You Supercharge Higher Education Email Marketing?

Methods of how to supercharge and increase conversions using higher education email marketing to have better click through rates and open rates have been explained in this article.

All colleges as well as higher institutions need a regular supply of students, if they are to survive which is why most of them have taken to social media to attract interested students and to interact more with them.

Supercharge Higher Education Email Marketing

But social media marketing is not exactly free and its bound to cause the university in question, some overheads as well.

It makes sense that colleges and universities try to target students via social media since nearly every student is active on one social media platform or the other.

But what most of them forget is the fact that email marketing is cheap, and one that still happens to rank #1 when it comes to marketing. So, if these educational institutions want to market their various degree programs, then, they may want to re-think their current format and opt for email marketing.

supercharge higher education email marketing

Here are a few reasons as to why colleges and universities should consider email marketing:

  • Cheap: When it comes to higher education email marketing, most colleges are bound to find that email marketing happens to be one of the least expensive and yet most effective marketing channel.

    It allows you to target the key demographic with little or no overhead and in the process, it should help save a bundle for the university in question.

  • Convenient communications: A recent study underlined the fact that most online users prefer to receive news via email. And given this, it makes more sense to opt for email marketing as a way to reach out to their target demographic instantly.
  • Used for different purposes: One of the best aspects of higher education email marketing is that it can be easily used for various purposes.

    You could use it to reach out to students about the various changes in student policy, your admissions program, your scholarship program, the dance and the list goes on.

Tips for starting your email campaign:

Now that you have decided to opt for higher education email marketing, as a way to reach the students, it may be time for you to check out the various tips on how to help make your emails much more effective.

  • Define your goals: When it comes to higher education email marketing, the first thing that you need to do is to define your goals.

    You may need to develop an email, promoting your university and the various degree programs and underline the fact that the student chooses to benefit from the same by enrolling in.

    Or your goal could be about increasing admissions rate in your school or informing new entrants about the various changes in your current policy. The point is that unless you define your goals clearly,

  • Develop a buyer persona: Before you send out the email, it is important that you realize that you are going all out to attract the top talent to your university.

    And that means that you cannot communicate with them, the same way you do with others. Furthermore, you may want to do some background check s on the student as this can help you personalize that email.

  • Create a recruitment funnel: When it comes to higher educational email marketing, you may want to create a recruitment funnel where the process starts with your act of reaching out to the student in question.

    You need to reach out to the student and explain about the various programs that are being conducted across the campus, talk about the student, teacher ratio and even list out the various extracurricular activities that the student can participate in.

    This should help engage his interest and as you can see, making the first contact is indeed important.

  • Segmented email lists: You may want to avoid sending out the same email to all students. It is important that you remember to personalize each mail and send out the mails from the email list as part of a segment list. You also need to try and keep each mail unique for obvious reasons. If the email in question is thought to be unique then, the student in question is more than likely to respond to your email.
  • Automation: when it comes to higher education email marketing, you may want to consider automating part of the process as it should help make you more productive and enable you to send out more emails.

    Since part of the process consists of repetitive tasks, you may want to automate the same. And if you have to make an important announcement to the student body, you may well want to send out automated emails with all the details being clearly listed in the same.

    For example, if a class test schedule is being changed, then you may well want to reach out the student body with the help of these automated emails.

  • Email provider: There are several vendors who provide you with cost effective email marketing solutions that you can use to help promote your university and its various degree programs.

    And before you select the first email provider that you come across, you may want to check out a few more. Find out about their core functionality, what they are supposed to do and more importantly, the overall cost.

    Apart from this, you may also want to check out the online reviews posted against each email vendor as this should help clue you in as to whether the company is as good as they claim to be. Soon, you should be able to select the right email provider and in the process, be able to target the students more effectively.

These are some of the ways by which you can amp up your email marketing methods, and increase the admission numbers as well. It is equally important that you enroll at the right university and these emails should help list out the various degree programs that they have in place.

These methods have been proven to work and with it, you should be able to touch base with several students.

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