How Email Marketing can Boost Startup Companies

Email Marketing

The potential of startup businesses is tested during its initial years. It is during those few years startups struggle to build their consumer base as also to keep their profit margins high. To achieve these goals, startups resort to various business strategies and email marketing is one of them.

If this tactic is adopted by the startup Companies from the initial stages then it is highly unlikely that the business cannot survive in the competitive market.

Email market campaigns need the help of various ESPs or email service providers to reap the benefits of email campaigns. There are myriads of ESPs available and choosing the most appropriate one for your startup business demands a sheer understanding of digital marketing.

A digital marketer may help you choose the most appropriate ESP for your business.
But how does email market campaigning boost up startups? All your queries would be answered here.

Email Marketing

Attract potential customers

potential customers
When you send bulk emails to the list of subscribers, you are actually landing your launches to multiple email inboxes all at once. Modern users keep on checking their emails every alternate second and if your email has something exciting to do with, then it will definitely get noticed.

Email marketing helps you to get exposure not only in your country but all across the world with the help of just a few clicks and a little digital marketing sense. You will be able to diversify your consumer base and also drive more web traffic to your website.

During the initial years when you hardly have connections with your customers and investors, this marketing strategy is a breeze of fresh air to all your struggles.

Subscribers count

When a startup Company resorts to ESPs, they are rest assured that the strategies of email marketing would be formulated by the ESPs themselves.

They just need to seal the contract the get the campaign going. The company decides the total number of subscribers they need, and then the digital marketers with the help of ESPs create the targeted subscribers’ list that they think would positively respond to the Company mails.

The subscribers are the targeted customers to whom the Company sends the bulk emails in the hope that the emails would be reciprocated from their ends as well. But startup companies should make sure that the content of the emails ensure high readability and should have the capacity to engage the subscribers.

The content should be short and simple without any word jargons, otherwise, it may be reported as spam by the subscribers and they even block your Company from sending them further emails.

Gripping template designs

Website Content and Design
Email campaigns are sent in well-designed templates provides by the ESPs. These default templates have the power to attract the subscribers’ attention as to drive the web traffic to your webpage.

Startup companies need to present themselves in an interesting manner so as to grab the attention of the investors and customers.

Email marketing is a way to boost up the startup business by delivering interesting contents. When startup Companies look got ESPs, they also get additional benefits like DIY templates.

So, as a digital marketer and web developer, if you are keen to design your own email template, you can do that as well. There are drag and drop options available wherein you can add images and videos to enhance the visual appeal of the emails.

Finding the target audience

target audience
For startup Companies email campaigning is just a trial and error method, wherein there are 50-50 chances of hit and miss. Some subscribers will click and some will just delete your emails not even looking at it.

It helps the business to categorize the list of subscribers into various groups depending on certain benchmarks. Then sending the bulk emails to only those groups who will positively respond to the emails. Not every email has the same importance to everyone. Categorizing saves both time and energy of the startup Companies.

So, knowing your target audience is very crucial during the initial phase of doing business. Email campaigns help the Startup Companies to know the audience in the best possible way.

It helps them to know about their tastes and preferences, the problems they are facing, the means they are looking forward to improving their experiences, etc. Once your Company has all this information, it can formulate plans that can effectively cater to the needs of the customers.

Retaining existing customers or build a new customer base

Every Company should share a cordial relationship with its customers. This is true in case of startup companies as well. Once the startups have survived one or two years striving along with its tough competitors, it means it has somehow created a customer base, does not matter how big it is.

But now it is high time to retain those customers no matter what. For this purpose, startup businesses resort to email campaigns in a great way.

Companies may send regular newsletters every morning with the names of the customers printed on them so as to show the customers how special they are to the Company. Or the Company may send event invitations for some product launches or new arrivals to please the customers. This way the existing customer base can be retained.

The company also in many cases create the new subscriber’s list for scratch. For this, it needs to collect relevant information about the customers which is again not possible without email campaigning.

Email marketing is a part of online marketing but its essence in marketing is still not prevalent among marketers due to various reasons. With a little or no investment at all, this form of digital marketing, the yields are manifold.

From generating leads to connecting with investors to improving user experiences, it does them all. It is a marketing tool that is infused into the business strategies of the startup Companies to drive the sales and revenue of the business as also to bolster the position of the business to strive in the competition.

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