How to Automatically Post Images and Posts/Pages on Facebook?

Harnessing your website with social media integration is one of the best marketing tools for any website or blog.

As for the Facebook as one of the dynamic and overpopulates social media platforms, it can never be overcome if you want to make your site and its content social friendly and social optimised.

A colossal audience with more than one billion daily users, Facebook has long become a hotspot of personal and business interactions leading to new ties and beneficial cooperation.

While advantages of this network are endless, it is more than compulsory for every modern website to use this powerful marketing form in all the possible ways.

In this relation, one of the practical ways to boost social integration and grow your business through Facebook, you have to take care of channels to post your web images, posts and pages on Facebook.

Along with other strategies to be used for your website to find its visitors, posting your web content on Facebook is a low – cost method and requires little endeavour.

The thing is that sharing your WordPress based profile, basic information, pictures and images of your site with Facebook audience can be easily done through a number of practical ways.

post images on Facebook

Hence, if you clearly understand the huge potential of Facebook as one of the biggest sources of traffic and new leads, this article will help you in comprehending how to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

At the very beginning, let’s clarify why you need to share your content with Facebook. Integrating Facebook with your WordPress website has much to do with growing audience, boosted traffic and the overall socialisation of your website.

And while you are not able to automate the engagement of your web visitors, you can at least automate the process of adding relevant posts and pages on Facebook.

Now let’s see what you can do when it comes to sharing your website or blog content with social audience on Facebook. Generally speaking, there are several ways around this topic which we are going to discuss one after another.

1. Circleboom Publish to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook

For automatically posting images and texts on Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, Circleboom Publish, the most comprehensive, the most trusted, and the most affordable, is the best tool and our favorite choice.

On Circleboom, you can connect and manage your multiple Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups quickly and effectively. You can auto-share your images, texts, blog articles, and other content with Circleboom’s Facebook Auto Poster in a few seconds.

You can take advantage of fantastic content design and curation tools on Circleboom Publish. The built-in tools Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy, help you create and design your Facebook content with unique, ready-to-use Facebook post templates, handy photos, filters, effects, fonts, backgrounds, and many other kinds of design elements. You don’t worry about Facebook post sizes anymore because Circleboom provides users with the best and ready ones.

After you create, design, or upload your Facebook content, you can post them immediately or schedule them for a later, planned time. You can batch your posts and automate your Facebook images and texts on your Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

Additionally, you can use Queue Scheduling on Circleboom Publish. You can automatically post your Facebook content by setting time intervals and adding them to the queue. Then, you can send them continuously.

The best part comes now! You can connect multiple RSS Feeds to your multiple Facebook accounts. You can automatically post to Facebook from Blogger, WordPress, or other sources quickly. You can keep your Facebook accounts always fresh and posting while you are sleeping.


Last but not least, thanks to its “Discover Articles” feature, you can automatically post articles to Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. You can find excellent articles from globally famous magazines and auto-share them with your Facebook audience.

Circleboom Publish also supports Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. You can create, design, and automatically post to all these platforms on Circleboom.

2. The application of IFTTT to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

IFTTT is an abbreviation that stands for “If this then that”. It is a free online web based tool that lets you achieve more with your server. Here you are welcome to create applets which are triggered by the updates in different platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This method will bring multiple ways of connecting your WordPress site with Facebook to automatically share new WP posts on Facebook pages, to post new blogs appearing in WordPress also on Facebook page with images and more.

For the beginning, you need to go to and create an account, create New Applet /can be found in the upper right corner of the page/.

Then click on +this link to activate the wizard and choose service as WordPress to continue. After pressing Connect button a form will appear to be filled with relevant information about your site. Next comes the selection of triggers you can use.

Choose Any new post to go on. Click on +that link to choose the action service as Facebook. Select to post either in your personal profile or page, connect your FB account to IFTTT when FB asks for permission and choose the required action from the given boxes /Create a status message, Create a link post, upload a photo from URL/.

The last step is to create an action and that’s it.

3. The application of Hootsuite to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

Hootsuite is one of the sophisticated ways to auto share your WP content on social media networks, including, of course, Facebook.

It’s a truly convenient method not only to share your multimedia content, posts and pages, but also schedule their posting time throughout the day.

Visit and create your account. In order to connect your site with this system, you need to install the plugin called Post to Social Media – WordPress to Hootsuite
post to social media

Activate and configure this plugin /Settings, Hootsuite authentication, Access Token.

You’ll find a callback URL below Access Token field. Copy this URL since you are going to fill it together with other details when visiting developers to create an app.

Simply click the button Create an app and the relevant form will appear to be filled. After creating an application, Hootsuite will create an app for you and provide you with API keys and access token. Copy and paste this token to your WP plugin settings page and save.

Now your WP website is connected to Hootsuite. All you need to do is to configure settings the way you wish your WP posts to be shared on FB. Click on the available Facebook account in the provided posts or page tabs and use Enable account option.

Furthermore, you are free to play with more options to automatically add post title, description and image on Facebook.

4. The application of WordPress plugins to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

In case you feel that both methods described below will be time consuming or beyond your strengths, the third method to add your site images and posts on FB via plugins will be more comfortable for you.

There is an avalanche of relevant social plugins ready to make auto sharing of your web content. All you need to do is to dig into the library of WordPress plugins and find the one matching your needs.

In order to help you get your head around what is offered, we can enumerate some of the top rated plugins available for now. Among them are:

Facebook Auto Publish

WP2Social Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Post

Social Auto Poster

Jetpack Publicize

Social Networks Auto Poster

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