You Should Learn About Approved Practices in Software Development

Irrespective of anything we will always have a positive aura about good things from the beginning. Just like everything else this also applies to management in software. The difference here is that the lifecycle phases of each program have to be effectively managed.

In its own way, every stage is unique and also essential. Hence, for the best practices in software development, it is vital to select a management system that is effective in the entire process.

When it comes to development with software there are various functions of SLDC phases like the cost involved, identifying the objectives, timeframe, and goals.  Hence, to achieve the desired objectives we will discuss some prominent practices.

Leading to new technological innovations the process of development is upgraded every year. It started way back in the 1950s and since then significant changes are constantly made to make the process more convenient.

To summarize this entire process in brief it can be said that to achieve defined goals a development process is undertaken. This process includes assigning tasks, operating different departments, and objectives in respective departments.

In order to get a positive outcome, we have complied with some of the best methods to embrace in this short read.

Practices in Software Development


When the targeted users are involved in the entire operation as much as possible then it is termed as intense or extreme programming. When any project is experiencing any kind of instabilities then this is the most used and effective method. This enabled the developers to receive maximum feedback from all the related teams along with the customers.

This entire system includes a lot of communication from the customers on how to make the product better. This contributes to making the product one of the best in terms of quality.

There are a large number of teams involved in the entire operation which also contributes to different tasks. Sometimes as a major drawback it can happen that incompetent teams are more in numbers and that degrades all working stages.


System models are usually vibrant or dynamic when it comes to implementing the best practices in software development. A defined timeframe and allocated budget is the core of any system model. The method of execution involved stipulated rules. Quality products are produced through implanting the rules in such a way that it does not exceed a certain amount.

It is also a strictly followed deadline-based project for the product. To ensure that the timeline is maintained frequent communication is an integral part here. Here also the developers rely on the feedback from the users because technically the product is made to facilitate their requirements.

For any team that contributes to their best and promotes communication inevitably obtains good results. The major disadvantage here is the cost involved which is huge. Due to this factor, it might not be a great idea to use this for micro and small establishments.


There are various kinds of projects according to the requirements and type of target audience. Depending upon the same the impactful practices in software development are determined. This development type is used practically in those projects which require making modifications frequently.

The desired results can be easily achieved and the entire system is also easy to follow. The basis of Scrum Development is sprints. A defined task is allocated to every sprint which needs to accomplish. If executed with a strategy and plan it has a track record of not disappointing the audience.

This method has the necessary space for making the required changes according to the feedback from the users. The major advantage that comes with this method is a regular update. Due to regular updates, the work becomes easy for all the teams associated in sync.

Now the cost factor associated with this method is technically unpredictable because it constantly undergoes change. Hence, for big establishments, it can be a long term issue. The execution of this method demands professionals because hiring freshers can be a big risk.


The satisfaction of the client is at the core of objectives when executing this method which is essential with practices in software development. The client is the sole focus in this method and any strongly recommended change is improvised immediately.

It also makes constant efforts in minimizing the costs involved. Hence, to cut-off unnecessary costs, a thorough analysis is conducted during the inception. This strategy is helpful in the later stages of the process.

It does not come with any limitation of time and is cost-effective. This can be a major advantage as well as a disadvantage for the project. If proper monitoring is absent the overall function of all teams is independent and the freedom can lead to poor results.


The entire focus of this method is decided to depend upon the product of the project. Hence, it will apt to say that it relies on the target audience to make it an efficient product.  The work here is divided into phases and it does not come with a fixed timeframe. A perfect product is only produced because it enables quick feedback which is extremely helpful.

This method guarantees high-quality products as the problems are usually dealt with before the inception of the project. But it also requires frequent amendments by the developers’ team. Hence, if the team loses track the outcome will be compromised.


This is the last method in the list of best practices in Software Development. There are three parameters that contribute to the success of this method i.e. designers, audiences, and developers. To boost the process of development it involves a setup session. In this session observers, mediators, experts, customers, designers, and facilitators present their views.

Usually, after considering all views and opinions the final decision is taken. This ensures that errors are eliminated in the early stage and hence it is cost-effective. It can also be concluded that this method saves a considerable sum of money.

Achieving quality products in a short span of time in a pocket-friendly budget is the major advantage of this type. But to speed up the process highly-skilled and qualified individuals are required.

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