How to Improve Your Score on WordPress Yoast Readability Metric?

Yoast readability metric

Due to the SEO issues, the rules of writing on online platforms tend to alter a lot frequently. For example, the regulations of the Yoast readability metric have changed quite a lot since its inception.

Therefore, it has become quite tough for many writers, mainly for those who have started their writing careers.

As the software has been made on the basis of user experience, it generally follows the style that the general audience wishes to read. Hence, to pass on the readability metric of Yoast, you would have to write in a proper and specific way.

However, if you do follow Yoast, then you will surely be able to experience positive outcomes. Hence, here, we have accumulated a few tips and tricks for you to get some help with it. Here is what you need to know about them.

1. Add More Transitional Word

If you want to boost the score on the Yoast readability metric, then you would have to use a lot of transitional words on your blogs. These words can make the flow of your writing look a lot more conversational and natural.

Moreover, it can also help the readers to read and understand your topic a lot more quickly, which, as a writer, is an excellent achievement.

However, if you do not use the transition words, then your blog post would look somewhat mechanical and boring to read. Hence, while writing any SEO content, make sure to use words like ‘then’, ‘nevertheless’, ‘however’, therefore’, ‘still’, etc as much as possible.

Yoast Readability Metric

Nevertheless, If you use too many transition words on your blog, then it will almost look like an instructional book. Hence, while implementing these on your writing, make sure to use them in a balanced manner, and blend them in your content appropriately.

2. Make Sure to Check the Quotation Marks Thoroughly

Sometimes, you might see that even if you are writing short sentences, the Yoast readability metric is still remarking them as longer ones. It might be happening because of the wrong usage of quotation marks.

If you use a quotation mark after employing a full stop, then it will make the period invisible. So, while writing, make sure to check the usage of the quotations as thoroughly as possible. Doing this becomes even more important if you have used a lot of quotes in your writing.

3. Add As Many Subheadings as Possible

Dense or longer paragraphs looks quite tedious and tiresome to read. Moreover, those people who do not have much knowledge about English would also find it somewhat intimidating to understand them correctly. So, what can you do to reverse this situation?

The answer to this question is quite simple. All you need to do is to add a few subheads in your content. It would help the writing to look quite fresh and make it a lot easier to read.

Furthermore, with only one glance at your writing, the readers will be able to understand what the topic is all about.

4. Follow the Writing Style of Ernest Hemingway

If you are an affectionate reader, then you probably have heard the name of Ernest Hemingway. Widely considered as one of the best American writers, he was mainly popular among the book lovers due to his simplistic yet informative writing style.

Thus, if you want to make the most of the Yoast readability metric, then you would have to learn about writing like Earnest Hemingway first. Besides writing shorter sentences, you would also have to make sure that they are correctly structured and have a proper meaning.

It would help you to make your content look a lot more readable, which, in turn, would help you to acquire more readers without any difficulties.
WordPress SEO by Yoast

5. Employ the Periods Carefully

To avoid the readability issues, along with the semicolons, you would also have to use a period as frequently as possible. By using them correctly, you would be able to make your sentences look shorter and more organized.

Also, do not forget to use a period whenever you are thinking about writing a new sentence or using a different noun in one sentence.

6. Use Semicolons as Efficiently as Possible

As mentioned before, if you use a lot of long sentences in your blog, then acquiring higher marks Yoast readability metric would be almost impossible for you.

So, to make your content look more organized and easier to read, you would have to use semicolons in sentences that have more than 20 words.

Besides that, you should also use the semicolons whenever you are using two independent clauses in a sentence. However, while writing or implementing them, make sure to do it as properly as possible.

Moreover, you should also never use it in the place of a colon or comma. Otherwise, your content would look somewhat wordy and difficult to read.

7. Do Not Use Keywords Frequently

Keywords are excellent for a web blog. They can help to boost the web traffic of your website by improving its ranking on the search engine. However, if you use the keywords too frequently, then it will be difficult for the search engines to analyze it in a proper manner.

So, while writing your content, make sure to employ the keywords only once in a single paragraph. It would help Google to evaluate your blogs perfectly and enhance your website’s SEO ranking quite effectively.

8.Learn to Compromise with Metrics

No matter how much you try, you will not be able to get a green mark on every possible metric of Yoast. So, make sure not to think much about it and learn to compromise with the Yoast readability metric.

While checking your content on the tool, you should always, first, look at the grammatical mistakes and readability score. If they seem alright, then you can move on to the next sections, which are paragraph length, wordy sentences, passive voice issues, and usage of transition words.

Hence, these are a few things that you should keep in mind if you want to improve the readability of your content.

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