Top 20 WordPress Women You Should Follow

WordPress Women You Should Follow

The role of women in the digital world is often underestimated. But if we try to analyze the virtual arena and WordPress society, in particular, we’ll find many WordPress women you should follow as soon as possible to get more inspiration and get infected with feminine enthusiasm if you are somehow interested in WordPress CMS and its products.

Although the modern technological world is male dominant, it’s a rapidly changing environment where the role of women, her aesthetic touch and inspirational spirit, focus on details and responsibility at work are still significant.

Today more and more female representatives express interest in pursuing digital technologies and engineering, web development and design industry and definitely don’t lag behind men in their qualification, results and proficiency.

There is always something you can learn from experienced women specialists and business ladies who are present online and give you a chance to follow and get in touch with them through different social and other communication networks and means.

WordPress Women You Should Follow Below we have tried to bring together top 20 WordPress women you should follow right now. Let’s discover who they are and what mainly they are specialized in.

WordPress Women

1. Sarah Gooding:
Sarah Gooding

Sarah Gooding is one of the most influential WordPress women you should follow on Twitter. Starting her career as a WordPress content writing Evangelist, now Sarah is a partner at Untame and WP journalist at WPTavern.

2. Lisa Sabin Wilson:
Lisa Sabin Wilson

Lisa Sabin Wilson is now the co founder and COO of web design and development agency called WebDevStudios, as well as the author of the books WordPress for Dummies, BuddyPress for Dummies, WordPress All in One for Dummies and WordPress Web Design for Dummies.

3. Siobhan Mckeown:
Siobham Mckeown

Siobham Mckeown is another well known member of WordPress. She has tried her capacities in writing, editing, event organizing, public speaking, and, naturally, free software contributing and advocating. She is also the author of a book presenting the history of the WordPress free software project.

4. Helen Hou Sandi:
Helen Hou Sandi

We cannot help but include Helen Hou Sandi in our list of top 20 WordPress women you should follow. Helen is a typical example of a multitasking woman successfully combining career with the important role of a wife and “Bad Asian mother”, as she represents herself. She is a WordPress lead developers and have managed to author several plugins.

5. Suzette Franck:
Suzette Franck

Suzette Franck is a web hosting specialist as well as WordPress educator making the process of web creation fun for many people. Besides her vocational skills, she is a real muse with her useful advices and inspirations.

6. Mika Ariela Epstein:

Meet Mika, an author of two ebooks, co founder of LezWatch TV, pro quality coder and open source technology specialist, full stack WP developer trying to make the digital ream a more convenient and pleasant place for everyone.

7. Jen Mylo:
Jen Mylo

Jen Mylo is also among the most popular WordPress women you should follow just because she does her best to motivate other women within the scope of WordPress community, programming and beyond that.

8. Tammie Lister:
Tammie Lister

Tammie Lister is the next passionate WP community member who is absolutely passionate for what she does. Currently she is an Experience Designer at Automattic and, unsurprisingly, runs her own blog with valuable articles and guidance, portfolio and works.

9. Christine Rondeau:
Christine Rondeau

Christine Rondeau is an active participant of WordCamps and international events, experienced WordPress developer and owner of Bluelime Media bringing talented people together and thus making the creation of an awesome websites real.

10. Lisa Work:
Lisa Work

If you are searching for the best tips and advices on WordPress, marketing and branding, web design and more, Lisa Work and her blog is what we recommend you to follow quickly.

11. Kathy Drewien:
Kathy Drewien

If you are looking someone in our roundup of top 20 WordPress women you should follow, who will prove that working with WordPress need not necessarily be a daunting task, but, on the contrary, can be a real joy, Kathy Drewien is who you need to follow regularly.

12. Sara Rosso:
Sara Rosso

Sara Rosso is another easy to notice face among WordPress women. She is the one who perfectly knows all the ins and outs of WordPress, is well aware of current digital marketing tools and strategies, is engaged with writing on a variety of topics and photography.

13. Carrie Dils:
Carrie Dils

Carrie Dils is the next active member of modern WordPress community who has established, run her own blog giving advices on how to “freelance” successfully, WordPress and other relevant niches.

14. Megan Jones:
Megan Jones

Freelance writer, blogger and copywriter, coffee addict and London resident WordPress expert, Megan Jones will make your communication easier with the chaotic digital arena and its trends, working principles and the ways to win.

15. Kim Doyal:
Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal is an expert in different fields, from business planning to coaching, web design and podcasting, trying to involve more and more women in technical world and business in general.

16. Brenda Barron:
Brenda Barron

Brenda Barron is the next celebrity woman in the world of WordPress, technology and progress who manages to skillfully combine the best qualities of a freelance WP craftsmaster and a caring wife.

17. Andrea Badgley:
Andrea Badgley

Writing has been Andrea’s preferable pastime before it led her to getting closer to WordPress. Now this happy mom, wife and writer is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, active participant of WordCamps and also an interesting personality to follow on Twitter.

18. Ana Segota:
Ana Segota

Fashion and design addicted, Ana Segota tried her efforts in WordPress as well and succeeded in it. And since 2012, she uses WordPress to live and work wherever she wants.

19. Claire Botherton:
Claire Botherton

Claire Botherton is a talented WordPress guru sharing simple solutions on WordPress website building, web design, client engagement, effective advertising on social media, etc.

20. Josepha Haden:
Josepha Haden

Josepha Haden is another member at Automattic, mainly a Community Wrangler forming a part of WordPress since 2010.

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