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WordPress Resources

When you intend to use WordPress and begin the installation, it comes with a readme file. This file is mandatorily included with the download of the platform.

This is because it has been skillfully and deliberately drafted that ensures that each beginner understands it. Necessary steps for installing it and other related tasks after installation is also covered in it.

It may sound surprising to you, but usually, the important part of the document is missed by most users. This neglected part actually endures importance along their entire journey with the platform. The introduction document in general highlights official WordPress resources which are genuinely helpful for users.

If you have skipped it or missed reading it at the start then there is no need to reinstall it. In this short read, we have compiled a brief overview of each of the resources for you. Go through each of them and try to implement and use it as much as you can to hone your skills.

WordPress Official Resources

WordPress Codex

wordpress codex
You can consider this codex as an official guide for the content management system. The pages linked to the codex can be seen everywhere that helps in explaining and discussing the platform. It can be said that it is official documentation or an online manual for everything that is related to WordPress.

When you start with the main page you will find all the important listings. You will see useful categories that consist of listings of all organized subpages.

No matter how simple the task it has it all. Some of them include building themes & plugins, learning the basics, development, and giving back to the software.

Help and Support Forums

wordpress support
The next in the list of essential WordPress resources is Help and Support Forums. This can be considered as one of the most used and reliable places to get answers for WordPress related queries.

Everyone who is associated like developers, owners, users, audiences, and others use it. You can post a question and expect a trusted answer quickly thanks to the official support forum.

For various issues, this is the best ‘go-to’ place for resolutions. It can be for templates, themes, plugins, installations, hack, and other advanced issues as well.

It is not recommended to post a question directly. First, search the forum if anyone has already asked the question that you have in the past.

In most cases, you will find that there is already a question regarding your problem. This is because of the popularity and number of users that the platform has across the globe. But, just in case you don’t find one then do not hesitate to post your queries.

It should be noted that this is one of the official WordPress resources. Hence, only post questions about applications, plugins, and themes that are listed on

For other premium tools that you use there is already a separate helpline and support desk by the developers. Therefore it is highly not recommended to discuss those on the official forum.


wordpres blog
WordPress is a platform that powers the blogs of millions of its users. And undoubtedly it has a personal blog. You can choose to follow the official blog of the platform as a developer, follower, or as an enthusiast.

It keeps the audience posted and updated relating to various applications and tools. Every news and information relating to WordPress can be found on it.

Usually, it covers the most recent release of the software including security updates. Some of the new categories also consist of areas like community, events, development, testing, documentation, meta, releases, WordCamp, general, and others. When you go to your admin dashboard then these updates are featured there by default.

IRC Channel

irt channel
This is one of the important and another medium to obtain support for your queries. There are two methods through which it can be accessed by the users. One is through the live chat where you can straight away ask for help. And the second is the conventional method of joining the conversation with other users.

The first method is similar to instant messaging and is being used for quite a long time. But, one of the key things is that it has been presently replaced with Slack as the primary medium for real-time communications.


wordpress tv
This is amongst the most crucial WordPress resources available for the platform. Just as the name suggests, it is the official video library of this content management system.

It publishes videos related to interviews, tutorials, WordCamp, and others. For making the most out of this platform watch several tips and tutorials. WordCamps is one of the most happening gatherings of users around the world and everything related to it is covered here.

Now it is also possible to access the videos in different languages and filter them by specific events or dates.

Make WordPress Core

wordpress core
Are you into the development area of this platform? If yes, then this is an important segment for you. We highly recommended you to subscribe to the official blog of the core development team. These are specifically devoted to the developers.

One can find weekly updates, chart agendas, status reports, summaries, and other updates on the blog. For working on the core software these updates can prove to be extremely essential.

Slack Channel

As discussed above this has replaced the IRC channel and Skype for real-time communications of the platform. Hence, this is also amongst the essential WordPress resources.

It has powerful, modern, and friendly features that have made it popular. For the facilitation of communications for various groups, it comes with dozens of pre-loaded individual channels.

All you have to do is visit the site and conveniently join the channel of your interest. Just like the previous one, it is not intended to provide support for the users.

WordPress Planet

wordpres planet
This is a one of its kind aggregator of selected WordPress blogs. It also includes other discussions regarding the platform from around the world.

Popular blogs like WPTavern, PostStatus, and also the blog of the co-founder of the platform Matt Mullenweg is included in it. The updates on this segment can be found on the news widget from the admin dashboard.

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