Why EVERY WordPress Post Should End With a Call to Action

Maybe you have heard thousands of times that every WordPress post on every platform be it a blog post or Facebook post should end with a call to action and if you don’t get you desired results maybe you are doing something wrong.

Today, we are going to explore why every post should end with a call to action so that you can drive your digital profiles in the right direction.

The call to action is a key point to any effective marketing campaigns and programs.

No matter you have a website, a blog or have your articles published somewhere that platform has Call to action or as also known CTA which is an appeal to users, inviting their response or reaction.

No marketing campaign and especially successful marketing campaign can be made and promoted without a successful CTA.

The success of the post or ad conversions, revenue, business and profit all depend on the rightly chosen and mighty call to action.

Conversion is simply getting someone to respond to some kind of a call to action. A successful CTA always results in a conversion.

And this is why every post should end with a call to action.

Most of the time, it involves a click or tap on a button. Good call to action must, first of all, make you can’t help but click.

In other words, your call-to-action needs to be “an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response.” 

How to make a really effective CTA.

Using a verb or action word in your CTA button text is a must in most cases.

The CTA button is there to encourage visitors to convert. If you use a verb you will tell directly what you want from the visitor.

A verb on your button text can provide direction and guidance to your visitors.

Some best CTAs include the following words:

  • Start – Maybe the easiest way to tell your followers or readers that whatever they wish is just one click away or
  • Stop – whatever they wish to stop is just one click away.
  • Build (grow) – Shows your readiness to help the reader n creating something.
  • Join – as with Build this shows that you are going to help with not only creation but you also have experience in helping many others.
  • Learn – The most important thing in 21st century is information. This word gives impression that the reader does not have to spend time on research and you have done that for them and you are ready to share that.
  • Discover – You are telling a visitor how they are going to find out how to do something when they click.

Not always negative words bring negative feedback. Sometimes just vice versa.

Using negative words seem unique and curious.

  • Sick –Nothing helps someone do something better than motivation. So if you are really fed up with something you are going to know how to get rid of it.
  • Worried – When you feel uneasy or unclear about a situation you better make it clear for you. This is how this words works in CTA buttons.
  • Confused – Confusion is one of the worst things asnd people want to get rid of it as soon as they can. So you can work on this emotions.

Personalize call to actions

Another reason why every post should end with a call to action is that you visitors are more likely react to your post the way you wish them when they feel something personal.

How to make someone feel that? Use personalized call to actions.

Yes, imperative tone is not desired but when set right it might make your business for you without any effort.

  • You/Your – This can help make a visitor feel like you care about them and not just about your own business. You want to help them. It also helps to feel that you are doing something for your visitors.
  • Me/My – These words give the reader the feeling of possession. It makes it so that the visitor is getting what they need. “Get my %product% by tomorrow!”

There are three main features to a CTA:


There is a myth saying one page should have only one CTA. No and again no. If set and organized right up to 6 CTAs are ok on a single page. Try to have them on every page and make them prominent. Place your CTAs strategically, so that they receive maximum attention and visual focus.


Well-Defined is the most important design characteristic of a CTA button.
It should also be striking. Your CTA must stand out; it should call out to the user.

3.What it says (Copy or Text)

This is one of the few cases where text is much important than design.

Plugins for Call to Action:

cta plugin

WordPress Calls to Action a well known plugin created just for the purpose.

This plugin creates calls to action for your WordPress site. It gives site owners the ability to monitor and track conversion rates, run a/b or multivariate split tests on calls to action, and most importantly increase lead flow.

The testing part is extremely important here as you can easily try different option and understand which one works for you.

The calls to action plugin was specifically designed with inbound marketing best practices in mind and will help you drive & convert more leads on your site.
Calls to action are an ideal way to convert more of your passive website visitors into active leads or email list subscribers.

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box:



Scroll triggered box has consistently increased conversions rate by several times. Newsletter sign-up, Facebook like button, social bookmarking or something else you want to draw attention to after people have engaged with your website.

Scroll triggered box will increase the conversion rate many times over

The box is designed to get the attention of the visitors who have engaged with your site. The box triggers on certain event you specify, such as percentage of scroll, reaching an end of the post or comments.

This verifies that visitors are engaged with the content and presenting them with a call-to-action. For up to date information about future plans check our plugin page at dreamgrow.com.

Alternatively, you are free to use Boxzilla:


or Contact Form and Calls to Action plugin by vCita:

contact form builder

which are all highly productive.

Basically, here are the most important things that will help you see the importance of why every post should end with a call to action. Happy blogging then!

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