Welcoming Wordpress Guest Posts

Guest posting is a new thing nowadays. We are also starting to allowing WordPress guest post on our blog. Hence welcoming all bloggers for submitting guest post on our blog.

However there are a few rules:

1. Copyright: We will be surely checking your content on copyscape.

2. Words: Content has to be minimum of 600 words.

3. Wordpress related: Content needs to hold info related to Wordpress only. It may talk about anything related to WordPress. Hence we kept the name Wordpress guest post.

4. Refrain from advertisement: Your content cannot speak promote directly any product, ad or service. Kindly refrain from promotions.

5. Plagarism: We are also going to check your content on plag tracker so probably spinning a same article with only few words changed isn’t a good idea. Plus its not google friendly for you as well.

6. Clear Title: Please submit with a good title and not all Caps. Write related Title to the content.

7. Not too many bolds: Obviously users don’t like to read all in Caps neither everything in bold. Hence use bolded words wisely.

8. Last but not the least for WordPress guest posts you are allowed to add 1 link for articles of about 600 words. For articles with more than 750 words we allow upto 2 links. One can even submit his author bio with link and we will place it at the end of the article.

Kindly submit your entries to us at: [email protected].

After carefully reviewing we submit your post onto our blog and send you a link back of the published blog post.

Happy guest posting!!!

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