22+ Most Popular Best WordPress Blogs To Follow Right Now in 2023

If you are planning to start your own WordPress based website, then there are a few things that you may have to do, starting with checking out the various themes, and the plugins and widgets that you will need to improve your website’s functionality.

WordPress offers you a dynamic platform to build your website on and it comes with all the advanced functionality that you would ever need and you should be able to provide more user centric features.

But it is also a good idea for you to check out some of the top ranking blogs – from finding out the latest about WordPress to what makes for one of the best WordPress blogs.

You can check out some of the top ranking blogs posted below and each one is unique and stands out for the right reasons.

These blogs, should give you a better idea of what makes for a great layout, website functionality and even in selecting the right design, when it comes to your own website.

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow

1. SKT Themes Blog
skt themes
SKT Themes Blog is one of the best blogs that should be followed by a beginners. There are so many things related to the WordPress included in the SKT blog that will provide you information on WordPress in an informative way.

If you have just started your career in WordPress and looking to explore it more then you should definitely start with SKT themes blog. It has huge collections of blogs, themes, and plugins that are really simple to understand and easy to handle.

You can follow their path by accessing their tutorials and articles which are meant for beginners. You will find that it has updated collections of WordPress templates, WordPress tools, coupons for festive season, etc that will help you to explore your skills for developing or designing websites.

SKT blog makes sure to provide you information that is easy to understand and easy to apply by any type of user, even difficult topics will be easy to grasp. Beginners and experienced users will find this blog very helpful while customizing the WordPress website.

2. WPLift:

WP Lift is one of the leading blogs for the simple reason that it provides its users with something useful, information on all things considered to be WordPress. It comes with detailed tutorials on all topics related to WordPress and can almost be said to be a resource site on WordPress.

Since it is rich, informative to most WordPress users, it get more than decent online traffic and sands out for the right reasons. You can also use this website to get information on any WordPress related topics, as well as to get helpful tips from some of the expert bloggers out there.

3. WPBeginner:

If you are new to WordPress, then this is the blog that you need to check out. It provides you with all the helpful hints about WordPress, tips and tricks.

But this is not to mean that the blog, as it is is only for WordPress beginners for even expert developers can learn a lot from this site. The blog has made a name for itself in a short while and currently boasts of a large readership base.

4. WPEka:

This blog certainly seems to have something for everyone; for starters it has attractive offers and coupons that you can avail.

Other than that, it also comes with detailed opinion and analysis on just about everything including detailed reviews of plugins, seo topics, web development topics and just about anything else you can think of. This blog is definitely worth a second look.

5. Winning WP:

If you are planning to get your business established online, then this is the blog you need to check out.The blog gives you helpful hints and tips about WordPress, it also comes with theme and plugin reviews which should enable you to select the best for your website.

It is also a great resource center as it comes with detailed tutorials. If you are new to WordPress and find the whole process a little overwhelming, then this is the website that you need to check out often.

6. WP Explorer:

As the name suggests, this blog enables you to explore all the features and the overall design of WordPress. There is a good reason as to why WPExplorer is one of the best WordPress blogs out there. This blog is a good resource center to all and provides you with all the information that you need.

It stands out on account of its overall design features, as well as the helpful information it provides to its various users. It comes with detailed reviews, tutorials, helpful tips and guides on how to get the best out of WordPress. It also hosts several takeaways and offers that you can avail right away.

7. WPTavern:

If you were looking for a place with all information, then you have arrived at the right blog. It certainly seems to showcase everything, from news to themes, plugins, events and much more. You can also remain updated with everything that’s taking place with regard to the WordPress platform, check out the various help files and more.

It certainly ranks as one of the best, among all the WordPress blogs out there. What’s more, you can also check out the varios ways by which you can improve your website.

8. Chris Lema:
Chris Lema

if you are looking to set up a WordPress blog, then what better way than to check out the blogs of one of the top WP bloggers out there. He has certainly made a name for himself by providing users with helpful tips, information and what’s more, he is also an advisor who provides helpful insights on woothemes, iThemes, WP 101 and more.

He is the one that you need to track for more insight on what sort of a theme you need to choose for your blog, the layout and various other helpful suggestions.

9. WPMU Dev:

if you are a WordPress developer, then you definitely need to check out this blog. It comes with a wonderful blog section, one that provides you with useful information on WordPress along with helpful tips.

The blog serves as a resource section and whether you are a developer or an enthusiast, you should still find valuable information regarding WordPress and how to go about it. What’s more, this blog claims to make you an expert developer in thirty days or so.

10. ManageWP:

If you have an idea of setting up several WordPress blogs, then you’ll need to check this one out. It shows you how you can manage several WordPress sites from just one blog.

Essentially, WP Manage is a tool that allows you to micromanage several websites from just one blog. This tool and blog is certainly useful for those who have set up multiple WordPress websites as it allows you to manage all these from a single dashboard.

11. Elegant themes:
Elegant themes

If you are on the lookout for themes and the latest plugins, then this is one of the blogs that you would definitely need to follow. It provides you with all the info you need on all the latest plugins, themes including tips, and helpful information on the same as well as updates.

12. WP Mayor:
WP Mayor

If you are looking for the latest news, plugins, plugin reviews, and hacks, then you definitely need to check this blog out. The overall design is impressive enough but so is the content.

What makes this blog interesting is the fact that most of the content is contributed by several experts, some of which adds a multicultural hue to the blog in question. You definitely need to add this blog to your family list.

Incidentally, this is a family run blog one that manages to provide its users with lots of helpful info as well as the latest news on WordPress.

13. CodeinWP:

The name sort of gives it all away; the site is filed with tips, tutorials, hacks and nearly everything else you need on WordPress. It shows you how to take advantage of the various tools on WordPress so that your website stands out for the right reasons.

Some of the popular posts have been developed by Daniel Pataki, Adelina Tuca, and Karol K. What makes this blog interesting is that it is multifaceted and comes with just about anything that you can think of. It is certainly an interesting blog to say the least, which is why it must figure on you ‘must read’ list.

14. WP Arena:
WP Arena

WP Arena stands out for all the right reasons and also happens to be one of the top ranking blogs. This blog is nicely designed, aesthetically pleasing and comes with rich content. This is one of the blogs that you would definitely need to ‘follow’.

It comes with a comprehensive collection of various plugin reviews, as well as handy tip and tricks. It also provides you with lot of helpful information on customization and the rest. The blog also contains guides on plugins that you are bound to find quite useful especially if you have just started out your website.

15. WPAll.Club:
WP All club

Think of it as a blog for all seasons for it sure has something of interest that will appeal to any user, be it a beginner or a WordPress expert and even a developer. The blog comes with various guides, tutorials, trips and hacks on nearly all topics on WordPress.

You need to bookmark this blog as it is a worthwhile read. You can also locate good hosting options as well as read the reviews on the latest themes and plugins.

16. Torque:

You can search online for the top WordPress blogs and you will find that Torque’s listed in most of them and with reason The makers behind WP Engine, a WordPress plugin, a managed WordPress hosting, created Torque.

And in no time at all, Torque has managed to gain a steady user base as well as quite a few expert contributors such as Josh Pollack and John Stewart. The blog provides the latest news, updates on anything WordPress related and even features useful categories such as community board, development, business etc.

17. WPKube:

If you are the sort who happens to love detailed ‘how to’ guides, detailed tutorials then this is the blog for you. It comes with good quality content, which have been prepared by enthusiasts.

The contents are rich, descriptive and informative and what’s more, it has been prepped by contributors from all over the world, This blog mainly focuses on development and as a developer, you can definitely learn a lot from this blog.

18. WP Superstars:
WP Superstars

WP Superstars is more of a review website than just a WordPress blog. That being said, this website comes with helpful and detailed information on WordPress.

What’s remarkable about this site is that even though it is primarily a review site, it comes with detailed information on WordPress, its various tools and even provides you with ‘step by step’ directions in the form of helpful guides.

Apart from reviews of various plugins, themes, you can also get the latest news on WordPress. This blog will definitely prove useful to both beginners and experts alike.

19. Elementor:

Elementor is a page builder WordPress plugin but it also comes with a blog that provides you with rich content on all the latest on WordPress. Most of the tips posted here is more to do with how to develop a website from scratch.

The blog also covers design roundups, interviews with bloggers, as well as content on most of the relevant topics. This blog definitely makes for a great read and one that you need to check out right away.

20. WPShout:

WPShout is an interesting blog and one that definitely catches your attention right away with its home page. The blog covers most topics on security, web development as well as security guidelines and detailed tips on how to use WordPress.

It also comes with detailed tutorials that should provide to be handy to most bloggers logging online. By book marking this blog, you should be able to gain helpful insights on WordPress and how to take advantage of various tools.

21. Tuts+:
Tuts Plus

Tuts+ is one of the few blogs that stand out as a resource center for information. It comes with all the handy information that would be useful to both beginners and experts alike.

It is a complete resource as it carries out various tasks. It comes with articles, blog posts, helpful tips which should prove useful to both newbies as well as experts alike.

22. Kinsta’s blog

kinsta blog

Besides providing premium managed WordPress hosting services, Kinsta also stands out with its excellent blog content. Kinsta’s blog is there for all users – beginner and advanced – to help with WordPress-related issues of all kinds.

Whether you need help with maintaining a WordPress site from improving page speed to locking down your site, troubleshooting or boosting sales on your WooCommerce site, you’ll find insightful, detailed content written by experts.

These are some of the top ranking WordPress blogs that you may want to follow, These blogs carry a lot of useful information on WordPress. and will be of great use especially if you happen to be brand new to WordPress.

If you want your website to stand out and get more traffic, then you need to review these blogs, and use the tips posted here to optimize your website better. As a result,you can optimize your blog and make sure that your website features some great content.This will in turn, help you to connect with many and even help grow your audience

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