How we can make use of WordPress as a SaaS Platform

What is SaaS?

SaaS means the software as a service(Saas) is an approach that permits data to access from any other device via the Internet. SaaS provides a host application that allows you to accomplish and serve the application and makes it usable on the market.

SaaS comes under the section of cloud computing. Also, Saas Application is used for important business such as email, sales management, customer relationship management, financial management, human resource management, billing, and collaboration. IT professionals and business users use SaaS applications in a wide limit.

The biggest advantage of a SaaS platform is that you can personalize it as per your choice. you can change the look, feel and functionality of UI, also you can make changes in a particular area like the data field.

Creating software for WordPress as a SaaS Platform is a good idea. As new mechanisms involve there is a more hopeful way to create software for WordPress as a SaaS Platform.

As plugins play an important role in WordPress. The developers are creating more plugins to meet the requirements of the user. Which will increase the performance of the WordPress website to deliver the software service application.

Many users aimed to get plugins from a single website for there website platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc. This is the main reason why most of the developers transforming their WordPress plugin to the SaaS platform.

make use of WordPress as a SaaS Platform

While doing some changes from WordPress to SaaS it permits you to control and scale your company.

Advantages of WordPress as a SaaS Platform

  • Backup Solutions
  • Site Management Tool
  • Site builder
  • Allows to create your own hosting site
  • Content synchronization
  • Provide website analysis
  • manage your time.

Did you know the best example of SaaS is Where user have a authority to make a custom website like they can change color, text, other options, layouts, sections as per there choice.

Also, technical as well as non technical person can use WordPress website as the same way any user can use SaaS service for more effective and easy use. You can find SaaS example at

There are some examples that will help you while creating WordPress as a SaaS platform.

1. Hello Bar
2. RestaurantEngine
3. PressBooks
4. Content Cloud
5. Backup Services
6. Hosted WordPress Solutions
7. Happytables

1. Hello Bar :

Hello Bar is an important optimizing tool that is used for your website to show the correct message at the right time.

Hello Bar add a horizontal message bar to the top of your website homepage which will consist of the message and URL button.

When user visits your website and without taking any action they go back. To minimize this type of problem Hello Bar allows you to show the correct message at the right time when the user just attempting to go back.

In this way, Hello Bar will help you to generate more sales and will get user attention.

2. RestaurantEngine :

RestaurantEngine is another best service that you can use while creating a WordPress as a SaaS. This service is used for small restaurant owners who want to create a website from best free restaurant theme that includes all features like hosting etc.

For some limitations this service is free, then you need to choose a monthly plan. the owner has an authority to choose the design, and other available option to make a nice beautiful website.

3. PressBooks :

PressBooks was discovered in 2011 to make professionl design ebooks using your past content. the book can be shown in different formats like Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, PDF, etc.

In market, there are many plugins that allow you to select the plugin to show the content as per your choice.

4. Content Cloud :

Content Cloud is build using WordPress. Content cloud basically helps to manage the content to engaged the users. You can choose any type of content with the help of this tool. this tool gives you access to the bundle of the world’s best writer, photographer, etc.

Every content has been tested and passed through most expertise writers. Content Cloud tool helps you to manage feedback, briefing, delivery and manage the payment process.

5. Multiple WordPress Site Management Services :

Multiple WordPress Site Management Services helps you to manage different WordPress site at the same location. In which you can install, activate, update the plugin, publish content, clone website all from the same location.

This is the best example of building WordPress as a Saas.

6. Backup services :

All WordPress have access to backup services but to provide more features and user-friendly service Backup Services have been involved. which helps you to backup data offline, can do multiple revision, and can move a site from one domain to another one.

Like VaultPress provides free backup services this is the best example for Backup Service.

7. Hosted WordPress Solutions :

With the help of Hosted WordPress Solution users will able to host there websites.
the hosting solution provides features like best support, more reliable services, best price, etc.

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