What Is WordPress SMTP & WP Mail SMTP?

Have you ever heard about the term WordPress SMTP and WP Mail SMTP? Do you want to know the use of this term and how you can improve your WordPress website with them? If you have a WordPress website, then you can improve it by adding different features and plugins.

In the WordPress website, you can add different things to make your website attractive and unique from other existing ones including emails and WordPress SMTP. Now, if you don’t know anything about SMTP, then read this article till the end.

Here, we will tell you everything about SMTP i.e., Simple Mail Transfer Protocol along with its uses and put some light on WP Mail SMTP. So, let’s get started.

Should The WordPress Run With Default Setting?

The WordPress platform is made with the help of PHP which is a coding language that is used for web development. WordPress’s CMS i.e., Content Management System uses the default program for the benefits like sending emails and core functionality.

WordPress SMTP

With the help of CMS, you can send emails to anyone using the custom address and the website’s domain name which helps in promoting your website by sending the email with your domain name.

However, sometimes the default setting isn’t useful and that’s where WordPress SMTP came to save the day of the users. if you keep sticking to these default settings, then some of your emails might not be delivered properly

Problems Regarding WordPress Admins

Some of the hosting services in WordPress disabled the PHP service so that the customers cannot abuse the services or send spam emails. If you won’t use the PHP mail function, then you can miss out on some of the critical communication like:

  • The signup or email change confirmations
  • Lost the password emails
  • Purchase the confirmation messages
  • Email notification from plugins
  • Update the notification emails

Even if you can use WordPress without sending and receiving the messages but in the long run, it can create problems as the users won’t be able to use their SMTP and other account recovery options.

Problems Regarding Customers

If the customers couldn’t be able to register an account on the website, then you won’t be able to send the transactional emails which result in losing the customers.

Another example is if your firm isn’t sending emails to the workers for submitting their work, then the workers think that the system is not working properly.

This makes the work difficult for the developers as they won’t get enough customers because of these problems.
What Is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)?

WordPress SMTP is a function of WordPress which are configured to deal with emails as the servers don’t fulfill the specific purposes for which they are designed. That’s the main reason, some of the web hosting servers don’t support the email option.

If you work on the SMTP server, then you can enjoy services like:

  • Sending and receiving the emails
  • Relaying the outgoing mail
  • Ensuring a high delivery rate on the website

Many of the email services are free of cost but if you want to send a transactional message, then you have to pay at some level to enjoy the premium levels. Let’s take an example to understand better so that you would know the benefit of WordPress SMTP for your website.

If you send a bulk message on the email to your employees, then it will go to their spam section instead of showing their main inbox. So, if you want those messages to show on their inboxes, then you have to take the services.

Best SMTP Plugins For WordPress

As we discussed above that the WordPress SMTP plugins help your website to send and receive emails from the customers which eventually helps in getting more audience for your website.

If we talk about plugins then most of the plugins offer one or two integration options that provide a variety of email service providers.

If you want to choose the best SMTP plugin that will help you gain more, then here are the best options you can go with to make your website better and make it available for more engagement.

1. WP Mail SMTP

If you go with the free version of WP WordPress SMTP, then you will get around 8 built-in SMTP email provider integration. This SMTP has used over two million websites, WP Mail SMTP is the most popular free SMTP plugin. The popularity is because of the ease of use and fast setup.

The WP Mail SMTP has a setup wizard that helps the customer to understand the plugin easily and links your SMTP provider with WordPress. In the free version of WP Mail SMTP, you will get the benefits like:

  • SendLayer
  • SMTP.com
  • Sendinblue
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • PostMark
  • SparkPost
  • Gmail

On the premium side, you will get more benefits like access to Amazon SES, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365.

2. Post SMTP

Post SMTP involves the advanced features of WordPress SMTP which includes email logs, and fallback mailing so that the delivery of email increases.

It is a powerful WordPress email Plugin that comes with an advanced set of SMTP which enables you to connect to your website with the SMTP provider i.e., OAuth2 or API. On its free version, you will get the things like:

  • Gmail or Google WorkSpace
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • MailChimp Transactional Email
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • SendinBlue

As we tell you that the Post SMTP supports API integration which means that the web host will work faster especially when the web host blocks the unnecessary SMTP ports. It also helps in diagnosing the troubleshooting problems with the SMTP integration.

3. SMTP Mailer

The SMTP mailer is designed to work with any of the email service providers to connect with the SMTP servers. However, the SMTP Mailer doesn’t have built-in support but it helps you to connect the SMTP services with WordPress by entering the contact credentials in the settings. The plugin gives you tools like:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Jetpack
  • Formidable Form Builder

So, it is clear that the SMTP mailer is the best one in the market that goes perfectly with most contact form builders.

4. FluentSMTP

This SMTP helps you connect with multiple email service providers including Amazon SES free of cost. It is a powerful SMTP present for WordPress that helps in connecting with multiple email service providers and is also flexible.

It automatically routes the messages to the appropriate provider by mentioning the email address. In the free plugin, you will get different and native integrations like:

  • Amazon SES
  • Gmail
  • Google Workspace
  • Outlook
  • SendGrid
  • MailGun
  • Sendinblue
  • Pepipost
  • Zoho via
  • SparkPost

The FluentSMTP offers other features like email logs and reporting to keep the recording of the emails that are sent through different users.

After collecting the information about WordPress SMTP, it is clear that the use of SMTP is needed by every WordPress user to enhance their business and to gather more audience.

So, if you want an addition to your WordPress website, then SMTP i.e., Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the best option you got for your website.

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