A Quick Guide of Website URL in WordPress for Beginners

Are you also amazed and unknown when you read or someone mentions URL? This is a widely used acronym on the internet and if you are not into the technical side you will not know about it.

It actually stands for Uniform Resource Locator that takes you to a specific site, page, or post on the internet. It is distinct and has a significant impact on the site’s security and Search Engine Optimization.

Whenever you plan to launch your website there are some important parts in this process. When you execute these steps properly it will help you in numerous ways.

In this quick read, we have covered the three most important segments of a website URL in WordPress for your reference.

Your guide to understanding website URLs (3 key parts)

The Protocol

This can be explained by considering the following URL


The first part of this URL which is HTTPS:// is the one that is usually overlooked. This is the Protocol and is amongst the most important ones.

In order to send and retrieve information, it tells your browser how to communicate with a website’s server. Indirectly, a URL cannot work without its presence.

website URL in WordPress

If you see by the traditional method, most websites use the HTTP which is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. But, in recent years, there is wide adoption of HTTPS which is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

HTTPS does the same thing but it is much more secure as all the data transmitted is in encrypted form.

Hence, if you are a WordPress user you must ensure that your website runs on an HTTPS. A simple encrypt certificate along with a free SSL plugin will do the job for you.

The Domain Name

Let us again refer to the URL for a better understanding of the domain

The domain name is the most identifiable part of a website URL in WordPress. In the above example, it is www.sktthemes.org. For a specific website, a domain name is generally the identifier.

It will enable you to land on the homepage straight away if nothing else is added on the end of it.

Not many will know but a domain name is made up of two smaller parts. The name of the website and the top-level domain (TLD) can be .com, .net, .org, etc. among others at the end.

It will pay off if you carefully select the domain name when you are setting up a new website. It should be clear and easy to remember but at the same time unique and attention-grabbing.

Domain name generators are your ideal go-to place if you are looking to come up with a strong and interesting name.
Your choice of TLD matters significantly and .com is the best option that you can select. This is because .com is the most familiar of all other options and users are usually expecting it.

This also makes it easiest to remember. But depending upon your niche, industry, and target-audience you can select the rest.

The Path

You will need only the protocol and the domain name i.e. https://www.sktthemes.org if you intend to visit our website.

But, each page or file has a separate URL. In this last section, we will explore the path in website URL in WordPress. Let’s consider the following link for reference.


The bold part in the above link of the TLD is known as the path. It redirects the browser to a specific page/post on the website. The extreme last part is sometimes also known as a URL slug.

When you are using WordPress you have significant control over what the path of the URLs will look like.

For each page and post, you can conveniently make changes in the ‘permalinks’ or the individual links. This option is easily discoverable in the Permalinks option in the Settings menu.

Depending upon the changes you make here there will be an impact on the overall website SEO. It will also improvise the content appeal to the potential visitors.

URL is an abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator. A person who belongs to the web world has been heard this technical term at a certain point.

You might have been aware of this term but you will be surprised if you get to know the exact meaning of URL. In short sentences, website URL in WordPress is the web address on the internet but rather than this it has much more stuff to know.

So in this blog, we will try to answer your question that what do you mean by URL of a website.

URL website is one of the topics that have many things to know you can go in deep to learn more about it. Thus, we have tried to make this blog more information that will give you accurate information. So let us get started.

What is a website URL in WordPress?

As stated URL is a web address. It is used to justify at which location your website is situated in the World Wide Web. Consider an example that you are visiting the website https://google.com on the browser.

Thus it will use all the factors that are located and server by your website that is used by Google. Let us see more in detail https://sktthemes.com/blog/what-is-a-website-URL/

This is a URL of a page that will be displayed on the browser
The URL is shattered into different parts i.e. Protocol, domain, and the Path.

  • Https is a protocol
  • Sktthemes.com is a domain
  • What-is-a-website-URL is a path
  • Protocol

The protocol is the first section of a URL. This is one type of language which computer use to communicate with another through the web. You might have seen that the website URL gets loads with HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. There are more protocols but they are unknown for many users such as IMAP and FTP. You might have read about FTP and IMAP several times.


Domain name
All knows about the domain name. it is a small part text that behaves as a nickname of your website on the web. We see one example where you will get the clear meaning of a domain name.

For example, if you want to visit the Google website i.e. google.com you will require to know about its actual IP address which seems like

But this name is very difficult to remember. Because of this problem the web has resolved this problem by giving a simple identification name as www.google.com.

It will send the database when you enter any domain name on the web browsers. The database is known as the domain name system. And it will be getting translated into the IP address to get the contents. Therefore it will go to the DNS when you will enter google.com and it will get translated into

You will know which type of website you are using with the suffix of the domain name. .com means you can target commercial websites, .org means you can target organizations related websites; .edu means educational websites and more. If you want to create your own custom domain name then you must make use of domain name registrar.


Another part of a URL is known as a path. it will indicate the resources which you are using from the website. Resources can be post, file, page, or any other type of content.

A website has so many files from images to HTML files that are needed to load the website with specific content. Thus the path is useful to showcase which part of a website you are seeing.

Additional Components of a website URL in WordPress
The three above mentioned are the main sections of URL plus it has some more components. Some of them are listed below


This will identify and tell you that this domain name is a part of another domain. For example, sktthemes.wordpress.com means sktthemes is the subdomain of wordpress.com.


With the port number, your server will know about the type of services requested. For example for HTTPs port number is 443, for HTTP has port number 80 and FTP uses 21.


To send the additional data to the server ‘?’ string is used. When you search on Google you find this query. For example, if you search for sktthemes in Google the query will get generated like

Here https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf= is the search query.


The identifier which is used to navigate to a specific section on your web page. This is situated at the end of URL sign will look like ‘#’.

We have tried to explain you about the website URL. You will know it clearly when you break down in URL in different parts and try to understand it. Even who do not belong to the technical field would be able to understand it clearly.

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