Website Marketing Data You Must Track on Every WordPress Site

Website marketing data helps the companies to analyze their placement among the websites.

Marketing is essential when it comes to business.

It is a key feature which helps together popularity about the business.

The success of every business lies in the marketing strategies which a company takes.

Marketing helps to boost up sales by promoting your product and services.

It helps to maintain a company’s reputation by engaging the customers.

It helps to build a relationship between the customers and the company by informing the customers about the company’s products or services.

Marketing helps the management personals to make informed decisions.

It acts as an aid to provide insight into the company.

It also helps to create revenue options and maintain relevance about the business.

Positive marketing helps a company to stay ahead of other companies.

Website marketing is using a website for the purpose of marketing. This is very effective in today’s time where everything has come online.

Website marketing takes the help of a website to promote their products and services and side by side to maintain customer relationship.

Website marketing data

Importance of tracking Website marketing data in WordPress

Website marketing data is important as it provides all the necessary data needed by a company about its clients and customers.

You can also see in detail which website pages are not getting any views and which articles are getting extra visits along with what the viewers are doing on your website.

The 10 website marketing data to track on WordPress site:

1. Tracking Marketing campaign Hyperlinks with UTM codes

UTM codes are simple codes which come in small text fragments helping to track URLs by attaching it to the end of URLs.

It helps to determine which elements of your online marketing strategy are most effective by tracking source, medium and campaign name.

The main objective is to keep track of the success of your website and the visitors it has.

It also helps to analyze the users. Each UTM code has a purpose and a concrete objective.

2. Tracking and improving Facebook retargeting campaigns

Facebook is a very popular social media and social networking service in today’s time.

People bond and come to know each other through facebook.

It offers a great channel for retargeting.

Retargeting actually is a form of online advertising which brings back website visitors those who have not converted on their first visit to an online store.

You can post campaigns on facebook and can customize audience retargeting.

You can also add advanced facebook advert monitoring in Google Analytics.

Facebook permits you to show advertisements to individuals who have visited your web site prior.

3. Monitoring the site with Google search console

Google Search Console tools and reports help you to measure your site’s search performance and traffic.

It also helps to fix issues and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Thus, monitoring the site with Google console is quite helpful.

4. Monitoring Google Adwords campaigns

AdWord campaigns contain keywords which are shown in search engine results.

You have to keep in mind that you are showing the right keyword to right persons and are not providing extra for it. The benefits of AdWord campaigns are as follows:

  • Higher CTR (click-through rate)
  • Lower CPC(cost per click)
  • Guaranteed qualified traffic
  • Higher quality score
  • Better paid search engine rankings

5. Tracking Keyword rankings

Keywords are very important when it comes to search engine operation. Keyword ranking analyzes changes in the ranking of keywords over time.

It also helps to understand which keywords are useful and relevant for getting more searches.

Keyword ranking is quintessential when it comes to search engine marketing.

It measures where your site shows up on the search page for any given keyword.

6. Tracking the email for growth, performance, and efficiency

Growth, performance, and efficiency are important for a business to do well and prosper.

Email helps to check which users or customers are interested in the products and services a company is providing.

Email marketing is the most effective way of marketing in today’s time. Now let us come to the benefits of email marketing.

  • Helps to reach a global audience
  • Useful for delivering targeted messages
  • Useful in reaching an already engaged audience
  • It is easy to share
  • Helps to create an instant impact

7. Setting up eCommerce tracking in WordPress with Google Analytics

This property helps to give an insight into the eCommerce engagement of the users i.e. the online buying and selling of goods or services.

It also helps to gain information on the transfer of money and data while doing the transactions.

It allows you to measure the revenue and no. of transactions your websites generate.

8. Tracking user engagement data with Google Analytics

User is very important for a business to run successfully.

Hence, importance is given on user engagement data which helps to understand which feature or which product is valuable to them.

According to website owners, traffic and page views are the most important indicators of a website’s performance.

It is assumed that higher traffic will result in more conversations and sales.

User engagement data helps to show you what the users do when they arrive on a website.

This, in turn, helps to identify patterns of highly engaged user behavior leading to more conversions and sales.

How to add Google analytics in WordPress website? Given in this article.

9. Enabling customer tracking with Google Analytics

Customer is an important factor when it comes to business, without customer business will not grow.

Customer tracking device helps to track new customers as well as old customers.

When a business grows it becomes important to monitor customer service and support.

It will help to track the interactions between companies and their clients.

10. Viewing customer tracking reports in Google Analytics

Customer tracking reports are important as it gives an idea about the customer base a company has and the various products and services utilized by the consumers.

Consumer reports are generated by evaluating individuals’ experience with a service or product.

Website marketing data is hence very useful for a business which wishes to grow.

The data or the pieces of information are collected from the websites through various channels.

Website marketing data helps to understand and analyze the marketing strategies and the effects it has on consumers.

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