Create Compelling Web Stories on WordPress

For WordPress plugins with new web stories, Google has allowed creators to create and publish more convincing and more visually attractive stories.

Let’s see how web stories works?

Web stories come with the full screen and tappable story format to engage wider audiences on the web. With new web stories now the task of creating and publishing web stories has been made much easier for creators.

At the beginning of this year, the beta version of web stories has been introduced. After adding a few features and reader’s feedback now the web stories for WordPress plugin is available to everyone. One can find the plugin for web stories in the WordPress plugin directory

Web Stories on WordPress

Web Stories by Google
Web stories

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Web Stories on WordPress are the open web, free, and visual storytelling format for the web. Now with the captivating animations, and tappable interactions you can build visual narrations very easily.

Now you can provide a better user experience to your customers with fast loading full-screen enhancement. The last updates on this plugin was made a few weeks ago so it will work smoothly on your devices.

It has more than 10,000 active installations till now. WordPress version 5.3 and above are supported. It has been tested upto WordPress version 5.5.1 and comes with the support of PHP version 5.6 and higher.

Advantages of Web Stories:

Web stories

With the Web Stories on WordPress, you can create engaging and beautiful looking content very easily.

The web stories come with premade flexible layout templates, components for adding and sharing follow-on content, standardized UI content, and allow you to enjoy creative flexibility.
It is easy to measure and track your stories.

This plugin comes with the support of bookend capabilities and analytics options that can be used for monetizing and viral sharing.

Because it has a fast loading time you will be able to capture the maximum attention of your visitors.
By diving storytelling, you can engage most of your visitors.

Thus the web stories are becoming the most trendy method to reach current readers.

The features of the web stories editor are:

  • Expressive and appealing page template.
  • Customizable text style presets and colors.
  • Visually rich and inherent dashboard.
  • Easy access to the WordPress media library.
  • Easy drag and drop capabilities.

About Web Stories for WordPress

This plugin comes with a drag and drop interface that helps you to create web stories for your website in just seconds. The plugin also comes with visual editing capabilities which are a very helpful feature for those who are looking to get complete control over their stories.

It is also included with image masking, saved styles & colors, re-envisioned visual media gallery, gradient editing, and other design features.

While designing a story, they collaborated with Coverr, and Unsplash to begin with high quality and rich media. Coverr provides you free stock video and high-quality images from the editor. Whereas Unsplash provides you with an enhanced high-quality photo library in just a single click.

To get started with this plugin it comes with a complete pre-made template. From here you will get complete guidelines and tips for building an impressive web story.

Right away you can download this plugin. In the future, Google is trying to add some more templates to it with the integration of stock media and features.

Additionally, the web stories are open for contributions so that the WordPress community can contribute with them to make it successful by enhancing the product features or code directly.

In plugin directory comments one can share their thoughts that what they want to create with them. One can tag them on Instagram or tweet them.

The web stories by Google have already set the mark for creators as they are able to engage more visitors because of more engaging and visual formats. So let’s wait and watch what this new format can do for WordPress.

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For whom Web stories are available?

Web stories by Google are available for everyone. Even if you are a publisher, site owner, or content creator you can utilize its feature. One should use Web Stories to increase the quality of your content strategy.

By adding web stories you will be able to add a new value to your readers and will give you a chance to achieve your success.

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