How to Utilize Your Old WordPress Posts to Increase Traffic to Your Site?

Have you reached the saturation point of your WordPress website? Do you think the creativity is out of your league now that nothing new is coming up in your mind even when the audience is waiting for you to upload the next content as soon as possible?

Then you have clicked the right blog post because we want to guide you in learning to utilize your old WordPress posts to surprise your readers as well as continue to be the number one in your competitive industry or market.

While this happens, you can continue to conduct a behavioral study in the background by studying the customer/client response and knowing what to upload next when you are done utilizing the content you already have.

Steps to Utilize Your Old WordPress Posts to Increase Traffic

Schedule Your Posts

One of the best strategies to utilize WordPress and the content online is to schedule your posts months in advance. This keeps your website floating even when you are not prepared for the latest content.

Utilize Your Old WordPress Posts to Increase Traffic to Your Site

In short, you need to have a funnel of content prepared for at least a few months, so your audience knows that you’re constantly uploading and updating the content, even if the content has been written by you many weeks or months before the date of posting.

Schedule Your Posts

It gives you ample time on your hands to do proper research and prepare the same funnel of content for another few months or weeks.

On the other hand, while you are writing such predetermined content, you can always add links to the older posts as a referral and increase the audience to watch, read, share, and comment on the existing posts or blogs on your website.

This is one of the most-sorted ways to utilize your old WordPress posts to win the hearts of your readers without letting them know about your current whereabouts.

Choose The Content Which Can Relate To Your Audience/Readers

While you want to make the most use of the WordPress scheduling feature, keep in mind that your content is reliable even after a month.

For that matter, your content should be evergreen, that is, choose a basic topic related to your regular content that wouldn’t or has a languid pace of improvement in the market.

For example, you can always write essential guides on something which is always needed to be read by your readers.

While doing so, the content will be relatable as well as evergreen to increase the importance of your blog and get updated automatically. Moreover, the evergreen content can be related to previous facts and studies.

So, starting a blog with surveys and research is an excellent way to bring in credibility. It also allows your readers whether new ones or loyal ones to trust your website content again, the one currently posted.

This way, you can utilize your old WordPress posts without much hassle, if you have any commitments away from your WordPress website for a while like researching and exploring better fields to come back with fresh content after some time.

Post The Content Which Earlier Failed With Updated Facts & Phrases

Many site owners have been trying this strategy year after year, and so can you. If you are a regular blogger, there will always be a blog post that doesn’t impress your readers much.

But that can also be possible because you had lower traffic back then. So, if you have improved in the fame and the market presence in the years or months after that post, you can try to upload that post again with better format, inputs, and phrases.

In such a way, you get to test if the blog post has piqued certain interest from the past or not. Or else, at least you will get more readers than before, if you have gained momentum in the blogger’s world, especially on WordPress in the recent past.

Learn To Update & Revive Your Old Posts

Another great way to boost your old posts and increase the traffic simultaneously on WordPress is to learn about the SEO plugins and widgets like Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO that can help you do so. With these widgets or add-ons, you can update the hashtags or broken links, which you might have mentioned in your blog post originally.

Doing this will increase the chances of your old WordPress post being crawled by Google’s Search Engine Results Page again. The reason behind doing this is that the algorithms keep updating from Google’s end as well, so it might be highly possible that your WordPress website’s older posts are not getting displayed in the search engine as frequently as they should have been.

It is also a fact because daily thousands of blogs, many related to your field are getting updated and uploaded. In this dynamic market put forward by the digital economy online, it becomes imperative for you to make the best and most economical use of your old posts.

So, whenever you want to utilize your old WordPress posts, make sure you know which widget or add-on to trust for updating the content that was originally written to match the needs of the latest trends on the market.

Share The Old Posts And Let Them Be Recognised Again

Through this step, you can gain the attention of your target audience drastically. All you have to do is be connected to your social media platforms and have confidence in your old posts on the WordPress blog.

You can try this automatically using the widgets available online for scheduled sharing on your social media websites like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Otherwise, for the easiest way to utilize your old WordPress posts, try doing it manually when you have people waiting to get shocked by you if in case you have gained a lot of readership recently.

So, in this case, most of them must not have read your old posts. Nobody has this time until and unless someone shows them the link or they have been prescribed that post through online viral content.

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