Tips for Retaining Website Audience to Maintaining and Growing Sales

Tips for retaining website audience

If you want to maximize the average time, which any user spends on the site then, a lot of tips and tricks are necessary to follow which will help in fulfilling your targets. Having low session duration maximizes the bounce rates, and destroys the conversions.

The amount of time, which people invest in your website shows their views on your website. In case, the users are ignoring your website and not investing much time to check it, then chances are there, that it might require some fixations.

The amount of abandoning visitors maximizes the bounce rate, which helps in reducing the conversions and lastly the profits. If you want to know about retaining website audience you can surely check Google analytics, which helps in giving the exact figures on the average time which a user spends on your website.

A user would be willingly spending more amount of time only if the quality of the content is engaging, and at the same time provides information as well. If the article on the website is long then, the amount of time which users spend will be less than the second, and it requires attention.

Retaining Website Audience

Being a site owner, you must set the goal of forcing the users to stick to your website and check what your website has to offer. Listed below are some of the tips, that you can apply to make your audience stay on your website for longer.

Keep the backgrounds simple

choose background

If by any chance the website crosses the visual nerves of the readers then, retaining website audience becomes tough and they will hardly visit your website again. Incorporating a plain and simple background with a light color allows your content to breathe.

Most of the websites around the web do not go for any kind of fancy decorations or add any kind of harsh background color. This helps in getting more amounts of visitors for the websites thus, helping your website to grow and achieve success.

Give importance to line height and font size

Zeno Font Resizer

Just like it is necessary to maintain the margins and making space around the content, it is also necessary to make space through legibility. Using tools such as the line-height and font size helps in this process.

For example, the WordPress editor helps in making lines, and the texts easy to read. Also, the developers didn’t scrimp on the font size which is quite useful in retaining the website audience.

Improve the design

Every web user on average spends not more than a second before deciding on whether they want to stay or leave. This is quite a short time and you have to design your website accordingly so that, your website can easily convince them to hold on to your website.

One of the most effective ways is simply by cleaning up the website design. Make sure that the most significant and crucial content goes at first as it has the maximum priority.

And design the website so that the users can view the first most important content as soon as they open your website. Making a simple website design helps in retaining website audiences and easy for the users to view it.

Improve the readability of the pages


A lot of websites are present, which doesn’t have the proper design, font size, and background colors, which make it difficult for the viewers to read for the information present on the website.

Therefore, it is necessary to make every single page easily readable on every type of device, especially on mobile. Increase the font size, which is appropriate for easy reading, and also properly sized so that the viewers don’t have to scroll to read the entire information.

Also, if you want to get more traffic, then make sure to break all the huge paragraphs into small chunks since it helps in retaining the website audience. Make different sections, bullets, headings, etc and also try to maintain white space.

Enhance and optimize the images

Optimize User Experience

Make sure that you are optimizing all the images before putting it up on the website since a lot of high-quality images can also be hi-resolution images.

These high-resolution images have greater pixel size and density as well as file size and using them in its original condition impacts upon the speed of the page.

Utilize content upgrades

Website Content and Design

The concept of the content upgrade is a famous technique, which famous bloggers, as well as online marketers, use. Here you most likely provide a chance to get extra content simply by performing any kind of action. The actions involve a lot of different things such as asking to sign up for the mailing list, fill a survey.

Using the content upgrades is also appropriate, as it helps in maximizing user management, maximizes the conversion rates as well.

Include success stories

user generated reviews online

Users take interest in stories, and most importantly they are a lot more interested in knowing about the success stories. These stories can be about you or about someone who has motivated and inspired you since these have huge chances of becoming popular throughout the web.

The reason behind this is just because people take an interest in knowing about the success story of other people. These stories are quite helpful in motivating as well as inspiring.

Know about the analytics

Comprehensive analytics

Before you go for optimizing, make sure to find out the things, that are working for your website and what is not. You can easily get this information and study it from the analytics, which is pre-installed on the site.

A variety of options is present, which helps in applying the analytics in WordPress, but most of the people choose the Google solution. These help in giving all the necessary attention to the contents, that has numerous page views but don’t keep visitors for longer periods.

Significance of internal linking

internal linking

It is crucial to make every single article present on the page has different internal links and people mostly do not prefer websites until they have a proper link. Do not forget to maximize interlink and hyperlinking, if you want to decrease the amount of bounce rate.

Hence, these are some of the significant tips, which can make the audience stay on your website for longer periods, thus increasing the amount of traffic for your website.

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