First Overview of Twenty Twenty-One, WordPress Upcoming Default Theme

First Overview of Twenty Twenty-One

Fashion is a style that goes outdated every 6 months. WordPress theming is also similar to ever-changing fashion. Same as fashion you need to change your website design every six months because web design is unbearable. If not, then it should be freshened up at every year in case of WordPress.

As we recall the past of WordPress we can say that Twenty Twenty is so memorable. Thus it is still a current default theme. Twenty Twenty was released with WordPress model 5.3. Just like its previous version i.e. twenty nineteen, the twenty-twenty template was developed and designed by thinking about Gutenberg functionality.

But there is a huge distinction between both the version. Twenty-twenty was no longer developed from the bottom, it was developed on the previous template.

Twenty-Twenty was created by the default theme design lead of WordPress 5.3 that is Anders Noren upon Chaplin. Chaplin is a developer-friendly and highly featured WordPress theme that permits you to change its color, fonts to match your websites according to your vision.

As per the Anders, this theme is created by considering block editor in mind. Chaplin has a great layout that can be used to create good looking pages and posts. This template is best suitable to create portfolio websites and business websites.

twenty twenty-one

From WordPress repository you can download the Posterity free of cost.

The main ideology behind creating Twenty Twenty was to focus on keywords like clarity, flexibility, and readability.

This template was provided with a single column layout and three pages/post theme. The main aim was to provide freedom to designers and WordPress admins so that in the block editor they can build custom layouts by utilizing the feature of full width and wide alignments for block elements such as images, columns, and group block that was initiated with Gutenberg 5.5.

If you are looking to use twenty twenty for your business or an organization then you can join groups, media, and columns with full or wide alignments to create fully-functional layouts. This will help you to showcase your products and services dynamically.

Still, there are many issues that want to be fixed. Thus, the next upcoming default WordPress theme that is Twenty twenty-One. This template will be launched with the new WordPress version that is 5.6.

As we all love performance and feature accessible on WordPress. Let us check more interesting things that come with upcoming default theme.

We will look out the features of Twenty Twenty-One that would be very helpful for developing a website barring much effort.

Mel Choyce-Dwan announced that the new default theme comes with muted and pastels colors. Thus the colors available at upcoming default theme are refreshing. This template will be more memorable for Arts and fashionable industry.

Default theme’s team are
Mel Choyce-Dwan – Default theme design lead
Carolina Nymark – Default theme development lead
Jessica Kyschik – Default theme wrangler
and volunteers.

For block editor, Twenty Twenty-One is designed as a blank canvas i.e. minimalist design. It is an updated version of Seedlet theme. This is used so that users can create child theming very easily plus they can add global style functionality.

Design Decisions
twenty twenty one

As same as colors, the design is kept very simple. You can say that the block patterns of the theme are truly unique. You can use two shades of gray with a pastel green background for text.

The color palettes are growing in popularity because it has pastels color shades. But instead of this, you can also choose any other color from the color picker as you need.

twenty twenty one Mobile Colors
The patterns that we’re introducing in WordPress 5.5 for Gutenberg. The foundational seedlet template for Twenty Twenty One comes with some fresh patterns. Presently no custom patterns are registered in the theme. Thus the feature is still in process. Some pictures of patterns are given below that are already designed.

twenty twenty-one

In the current situation, the template does not provide the support for the upcoming full site editing feature. The team will start exploring this feature once they release Beta 1 of wordpress 5.6.

How theme’s screenshot will look like?
Actually, the process is still working on, so it is difficult to tell you how the screenshot will look like. Once the milestone is completed of WordPress 5.6 beta 1 you will be able to see the screenshots.

Currently, the full site editing feature is not supported by this theme. Once the beta 1 of WordPress 5.6 is released the team member will be planning to explore additional features.

By clicking on this link you will get the idea of how twenty twenty-one start content will look and feels.

For now, the starter content is using Van Gogh Paintings images but it has been said by Mel Choyce that the place holder images will be replaced soon.

Best Features of Twenty Twenty-One

  • The theme is fast and simple.
  • No extra time needed to load.
  • This theme will be easy to use for different types of websites.
  • It would be very easy to customize or create a child theme.
  • It comes with limited color palettes.
  • Work on black and white color scheme is going on.
  • Unique patterns are designed.
  • You can make your website on your own using this template.


  • WP 5.6 Beta 1- October 20
  • WP 5.6 Beta 4 – November 10
  • WP 5.6 RC 1 – November 17
  • WP 5.6 release – December 8

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