How to Supercharge Your WordPress Themes with Modern E-Commerce Solutions

We are all aware that WordPress is one of the most functional website design packages on the market. Thanks to its rather user friendly nature as well as an ever-increasing number of themes and templates, the options are nearly endless.

This is the main reason why WordPress is still considered to be the go-to package in the event that an individual wishes to build a website from scratch.

While the sheer number of themes is impressive, not all are fashioned around the cutting-edge (and flexible) needs of online retail sales.

Is there any way to bridge such a gap? In order to batter understand the answers to this important question,it is first a good idea to take a look at what goes into choosing a theme based around your discrete needs. We can then examine some of the aspects to avoid if you hope to make a lasting impression upon your customers.

WordPress Themes: How to Make the Best Choice

Functionality should always be your primary concern and this concept revolves around a handful of variables:

– Ease of installation.
– Appearance
– Adaptability

While WordPress offers a number of standard themes. the fact of the matter is that these choices are often “bare bones” when compared to those provided by third-party developers.

Supercharge Your WordPress themes

Still,they are worthwhile options to consider in the beginning; they will provide you with a basic understanding of how WordPress e-commerce functions while still enabling your website to be fully functional.

You should also take into account how malleable the template is in regards to your unique branding. One of the best ways to create an appealing website is to design all pages to exhibit the same flavor and navigational capabilities.

In other words, every page should appear the same and offer the same level of functionality to the user. This is just as true if you need to create new section in the future or in the event that a novel product is being offered. Custom-made themes have been engineered specifically to address these and other issues.

While these are all excellent morsels of advice to keep in mind, we are only looking at one half of the proverbial coin. It is just as important to understand what to avoid when selecting WordPress themes. Let’s quickly examine some signs that the theme being employed is failing to live up to its promises.

Be Careful What You Wish For…

One of the issues with free standard WordPress themes is that they can be laden with bugs and similar issues. Even though they might appear to function fine within the sandbox, they might very well malfunction once placed within a live page.

This is often the case if you have set the WordPress update to “manual” as opposed to “automatic”; coding issues may be present. Some of the most common symptoms can include (but might not be limited to):

– Transactions that fail to properly materialize or are otherwise refused.
– A growing number of client complaints-
– Pages which take an inordinately long time to load
– Options (such as headers or page layouts) that do not visibly change even after being modified within the sandbox.

This is the problem with free WordPress themes. They are free for a reason. While they might represent efficient ways to begin, it is an immutable fact that their functionality is somewhat limited.

This is also why it is much better to choose a theme that has been customized by those who have a good deal of coding experience and who are capable of offering robust levels of customer support in the event that you run into an issue or problem.

We need to keep in mind that some of the pitfalls associated with cookie-cutter WordPress themes can be seen within other sectors as well. One example is the e-commerce provider Magento. While this bundle was considered to be one of the best in the business in the recent past, individuals are now looking for other solutions.

One interesting Magento Enterprise alternative can be seen in the enhanced sense of functionality provided by Shopify Plus. Shopify exhibits many of the same positive hallmarks that were mentioned within the first section of this article.

Whether you are a seasoned WordPress user or you have only recently taken a foray into this community, there are more options and choices at your disposal than ever before.

Selecting the correct theme will provide your site with the functionality and visual appeal that are required in order to attract new clients and maintain loyalty over time. This is why it is always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest themes and templates if you hope to remain one step ahead of the curve.

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