Standard Wordpress Theme goes but Pen It Wordpress Theme arrives

A few months ago Standard Wordpress Theme one of the premium themes in the market from 8bit announced their departure.

We tried hard to replicate their code and structure of their WordPress theme since there is a huge demand for people who want a similar theme.

We didn’t however copy any of the original theme’s code neither did we kept the design same but kept the aesthetics as well as the functionality similar.

We believe we have been trying hard to satisfy each and every client who is purchasing our theme and believe that Standard WordPress theme was a great theme and people of their community would love to have support as well as few people would like to buy similar theme for their own purpose.

Hence presenting before you Pen It Wordpress Theme which is specifically as original standard WordPress theme used to be is targeted towards publishers, authors and writers who want to have a theme for publishing their ebooks or write in a blog style.

ebook author WordPress theme

It is also suitable for monetization purposes as the theme consists of ad zones for placing your own ads.

Standard WordPress theme users although have been contacted by several other WordPress developers we are here not trying to grab their users but trying to have a similar theme into space for users who liked standard WordPress theme and wanted to have something similar for their own website.

Pen It Wordpress theme has been independently coded, and is going to be managed by us (SKT Themes).

We are going to have support, free installation for our new theme and hope you like the new theme.

In case of any queries, doubts, feature requests do contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

So hopefully you will enjoy Pen It theme as much as you enjoyed Standard Wordpress Theme.

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