Split Test Your WordPress Blog to Get the Maximum Conversion

Split test your WordPress blog for A/B Testing or split testing for maximum conversion rates.

WordPress─Unarguably the best CMS platform to start a website and you are still finding it difficult to get the traffic to your website.

Even if you have some of the best content available online, you can’t seem to get the traffic on your website.

In such case, little modification in the title, design and layout of the page, adding suitable plugins, can increase the conversion rate significantly.

But what to modify and how to modify is the big question, and this where A/B split test comes to the rescue.

A/B testing is a fairly new technique and it’s the best way to optimize the design and content of your website.

The testing helps you determine what actions help encourage visitors to perform certain action on a website.

It’s very similar to performing a controlled experiment, a method that can be applied to more than just the web pages, it can be applied to email, advertising campaign, mobile websites, etc.

There are two ways to do the A/B split action, the easier one is using plugins─the best part about WordPress. To make things even easier here are the top 5 plugins you can use to do the A/B Split testing:


1. SES Theme Split
The first thing you do when you sign-up and login into WordPress is to choose the theme, and you will get confused among so many incredible themes and it’s important to choose a good theme.

This plugin allows you to use two different themes, and lets you know which one works more effectively to get the conversion, and you can track the activity of the user with the help of custom segment in Google Analytics.

2. Optimize for A/B Testing
Once you decide you theme, you customize it according to your need and choice, but even then everything is not perfect. Optimizely is a simple way to test what changes can be made to the design elements to get the most positive response.

Even the smallest elements like buttons, menus, colours, text, images, and on top of that you get editor with it with which you can makes immediate changes to the website.

Also with this plugin you get regular updates and graphics about visitors and conversion, very similar to that of Google Analytics. One alternative of Optimizely is Nelio A/B Testing which works equally effectively.

3. Split Testing for WordPress Title
There’s a saying in newspaper industry ‘Great headlines sells paper.’ Indeed it does, according to an online report, split testing your WordPress title can increase your conversion to 122%(Source: brentcouc.com). Now, that is a remarkable difference.

Sometimes as a writer you get stuck between two different titles, and sometimes even more. What split test for titles does is give you a feedback on which title will give you the best response. Even top newspapers like Huffington post uses this method to get the best exposure.

Another amazing feauture about the split test is that it helps you create numerous different titles and randomly displays each title to different user and gather information to what gets the best response, and to avoid getting mixed results, it only displays one title to a person.

4. Max A/B
Another easy to install plugin, this plugin allows user to do A/B split testing among 3 or 4 variation of webpages, the tests are easy to setup and helps determine which page is getting more effective conversion.

The conversion page can be on different completely different website/domain and still work effectively, and there is no limit to the number of A/B test that you can do with Max A/B.

5. Google Content Experiments
It first came out as Google Website Optimizer, to help marketer increase conversion rates, and later some its functionality was added to the Google Analytics and Google Optimizer became Google Content Experiments. It helps the user improve metrics such as bounce rate, revenue, session, etc.

As we know that we use the analytical tools in order to increase the traffic on the site using the contact form, thus we can go a bit experimental.

You can make certain modifications and can come up with the best or the most yielding landing page. To get to know the best performing form, the visitors are redirected on your web page or to the test pages and then Google Experiments will evaluate the best performer amongst them.

Constant application of A/B method using these plugins will help you determine what are the best strategies for the future that can help you gain maximum exposure on web. Although, there are many other plugins as well but these five will help you optimize your website and increase conversions for sure.

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